Stroke Rehab Technology Aims To Speed Healing

Watching someone who has suffered a stroke try to perform everyday actions such as walking down the sidewalk or even bringing a cup to their lips can serve as a sobering reminder of how fragile full and robust health is, and also serves as an inspiration for those dedicated to improving the lives of those patients. Steven Plymale, recently named CEO of Toronto-based MyndTec, said his reaction to watching videos of patients using the company's MyndMove functional electrical stimulation (FES) rehabilitation system was one of the reasons he joined MyndTec. "They are very compelling," Plymale said of the demonstration videos,  "and, to be honest with you, were one of the visceral reasons why I took this job. It really is technology we have to get out there." MyndMove's potential market just increased exponentially with recent 510(k) marketing clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Plymale said MyndTec has already sent several units of the MyndMove system—which uses an eight-channel electrode array programmable with more than 30 protocols to specifically target muscles in the arm—to a partner institution in the U.S. for a pilot. "Meanwhile, we have had lots of facilities reach out once they heard of the FDA clearance actively trying to get us to work with them both in terms of further research and also in the commercial setting," Plymale said. The MyndMove technology, which received Health Canada approval for clinical u...
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ConclusionsThis multicenter clinical trial describes excellent 5-year outcomes and durable exclusion of blunt thoracic aortic injury using a novel stent graft system. TEVAR with this endograft appears to be a safe and effective treatment option for patients with BTAI.
Source: The Annals of Thoracic Surgery - Category: Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery Source Type: research
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We describe our planned development efforts to build advanced analytic tools to guide home-based rehabilitation and our proposed randomized trial to evaluate effectiveness and implementation of this approach.
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The determinants of cardiac output (CO) during exercise, i.e., stroke volume (SV) and heart rate (HR), could differ in Paralympic athletes (PAthl) with spinal cord injury (SCI) with respect to PAthl with locomotor impairments caused by different health conditions (HC). The purposes of the present study were the comparisons of two groups of PAthl, one with SCI and one with either amputation (AMP) or post poliomyelitis syndrome (PM), assessing the: (1) peak cardiorespiratory responses and determinants (SV and HR) of CO during maximal and submaximal arm cranking exercise (ACE), respectively; (2) correlations between peak oxyg...
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CONCLUSIONS: We are the first to demonstrate the consistent production of cell-derived, yet cell-free secretome as a biological medicinal product. The results from this study provide the basis for selecting appropriate quality control parameters for GMP-compliant production of therapeutic cell secretomes and pave the way for future clinical trials employing secretomes in tissue regenerative medicine. PMID: 31900195 [PubMed - in process]
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cute;csei L Abstract Neuropathic pain is a chronic secondary pain condition, which is a consequence of peripheral or central nervous (somatosensory) system lesions or diseases. It is a devastating condition, which affects around 7% of the general population. Numerous etiological factors contribute to the development of chronic neuropathic pain. It can originate from the peripheral part of the nervous system such as in the case of trigeminal or postherpetic neuralgia, peripheral nerve injury, painful polyneuropathies, or radiculopathies. Central chronic neuropathic pain can develop as a result of spinal cord or bra...
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This report discusses how a number of currently incurable diseases might be treated by advances developed as the result of current ongoing research on monkeys. The diseases discussed include Parkinson's disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, spinal cord injury, peripheral neuropathy, and stroke. Finally, the report discusses the devastating effect the animal...
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Conclusions This article highlights the important issues about the sEMG control method and accentuates the weaknesses associated with this type of control to assist researchers in overcoming problems that impede sEMG-controlled robotic devices to be feasible and practical tools for people afflicted with hand impairment.
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Abstract Neurologic conditions such as stroke and traumatic brain injury are challenging conditions to study in humans. Animal models are necessary to uncover disease processes and develop novel therapies. When attempting to model these or other neurologic diseases, the accompanying anesthesia and analgesia create variables that are not part of the onset of the clinical disease in the human population but are critical components of the postinjury care both in humans and animals. To maximize model validity, researchers must consider whether the disease process or a novel therapy is being studied. Damage to the neur...
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This study aimed to describe experience of a specific protocol for endovascular aortic repair in patients with MFS. METHODS: All MFS patients treated by aortic endovascular repair between February 2015 and August 2018 were included prospectively. The following rules were applied: (i) excluding stent grafts with bare stents and barbs, (ii) proximal landing in a pre-existing graft, or (iii) minimising proximal oversizing when landing in the proximal native aorta (
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