Tetra N-heterocyclic carbene dinuclear silver(I) complexes as potential anticancer agents: Synthesis and in  vitro anticancer studies

Publication date: 15 December 2017 Source:Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, Volume 853 Author(s): Tabinda Fatima, Rosenani A. Haque, Muhammad Adnan Iqbal, Ashfaq Ahmad, Loiy Elsir Ahmed Hassan, Mohamad Taleb-Agha, Mohamed B. Khadeer Ahamed, A.M.S. Abdul Majid, Mohd. R. Razali Present study involves the synthesis and characterization of a newly designed tetrakis benzimidazolium salts, 1–5 and their respective tetra N-heterocyclic carbene (NHC) dinuclear silver(I) complexes, 6–10 with different terminal substituents that constructed from either cyclopentyl, benzyl, n-butyl, 2-methylene benzonitrile or n-decyl. These well characterized compounds were then tested for anticancer potential by determining their IC50 values and antiproliferative activity on HCT116, MCF-7 and HeLa cancer cell lines. Anticancer potential of these compounds was then determined by evaluating the mode of cytotoxicity of these novel compounds. Among the synthesized compounds, the proligand 5 and silver(I)-NHC complex, 10 having n-decyl substitution show selective antiproliferation activity against human colon cancer cell lines (HCT-116). All the complexes 6–10 and proligand 5 show moderate and strong antiproliferative activity against breast cancer and cervical cancer possibly by inhibiting colony formation and migration of cancer cells.
Source: Journal of Organometallic Chemistry - Category: Chemistry Source Type: research

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A growing number of studies have shown that long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) play an important role in tumor development and progression and are key molecules affecting tumor progression. The lncRNA Wilms tumor 1 antisense RNA (WT1-AS) is specifically expressed in various malignant tumors. In particular, WT1-AS expression is upregulated in colon cancer and breast cancer but is significantly downregulated in cervical cancer, liver cancer, and kidney cancer. The level of WT1-AS expression is closely related to the size, stage, and patient survival rate of these cancers. In this article, we review the modes of action, expressio...
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Synlett DOI: 10.1055/s-0039-1690781 In this work, 21 novel (1,4-disubstituted 1,2,3-triazole)-dihydropyrimidinone (1,2,3-trzl-DHPM) type hybrids were synthesized and characterized. These were divided into two types: hybrids A (5 in total) containing the dihydropyrimidinone heterocyclic ring decorated with a 1,4-disubstituted 1,2,3-triazole in the C-5 position [these compounds were accessed by a multicomponent copper(I)-catalyzed azide alkyne cycloaddition (CuAAC) (or click)–Biginelli reactions with satisfactory yields (39–57%)] and hybrids B (16 in total) containing two 1,2,3-triazole units in the C-5 and C-6 m...
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Breakthrough treatments for lung cancer and melanoma have driven down cancer mortality overall — and from 2016 to 2017 spurred the largest-ever decline.
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In conclusion, significant antitumor activity and weak toxicity were recorded for this hybrid compound, characterizing it as a potential anticancer compound.
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Conclusion: Since stage-specific survival is similar in Kuwait and the US, late stage at diagnosis is likely to be a major contributing factor to the overall lower survival in Kuwait than in the US. Increasing public awareness of cancer risk factors and symptoms and investment in early detection will be vital to reduce the proportion of patients diagnosed at a late stage and to improve survival. PMID: 31662756 [PubMed]
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CONCLUSION: The specific tumor profile in DS warrants an adapted screening program for breast, colon, cervical and testicular neoplasia. PMID: 31605815 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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Abstract Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) remains the most effective treatment for menopausal symptoms and has been shown to prevent bone loss and fracture. The progestogen is added to provide endometrial protection in women with an intact uterus. After the publication of the initial WHI (Women's Health Initiative) results in 2002 reporting an overall increased risk of breast cancer, many women discontinued HRT. Despite the re-analysis of the results by subgroups of patients and updates with extended follow-up, much controversy remains, which we will analyze later in the text. Different types of estrogen or proge...
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We presented the expressions of each member in miR-200 family in 15 types of cancer by boxplot, and analyzed the correlation among the members of miR-200 family by Spearman method. Different subgroup analyses were then performed based on the correlation among the members of miR-200 family, and the publication bias was assessed using the funnel plot of the Egger bias indicator test. RESULTS: Of 36 articles, including 15 tumor types and 4644 patients were included to perform meta-analysis. It was found that miR-200 family members can be used as independent protective factors in patients with various tumors but the miR-2...
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(Northwestern University) Many of the deadliest or most common cancers get the least amount of nonprofit research funding, reports a new Northwestern Medicine study. 'Embarrassing' or stigmatized cancers, like lung and liver, are underfunded. Colon, endometrial, liver and bile duct, cervical, ovarian, pancreatic and lung cancers were all poorly funded compared to how common they are and how many deaths they cause, the study found. In contrast, breast cancer, leukemia, lymphoma and pediatric cancers were all well-funded, respective to their impact on society.
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Martins Leticia M. Estevinho A marked decrease in human cancers, including breast cancer, bone cancer, and cervical cancer, has been linked to the consumption of vegetable and fruit, and the corresponding chemoprotective effect has been associated with the presence of several active molecules, such as kaempferol. Kaempferol is a major flavonoid aglycone found in many natural products, such as beans, bee pollen, broccoli, cabbage, capers, cauliflower, chia seeds, chives, cumin, moringa leaves, endive, fennel, and garlic. Kaempferol displays several pharmacological properties, among them antimicrobial, anti-inflammator...
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