Tinnitus with a normal audiogram: Role of high-frequency sensitivity and reanalysis of brainstem-response measures to avoid audiometric over-matching.

Tinnitus with a normal audiogram: Role of high-frequency sensitivity and reanalysis of brainstem-response measures to avoid audiometric over-matching. Hear Res. 2017 Oct 14;: Authors: Guest H, Munro KJ, Plack CJ PMID: 29056432 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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Conclusions: This study confirms that otosclerosis is an early adult onset disease that is more prevalent in women than men with a large minority of patients having a family history of otosclerosis. We report new evidence to support a relationship between pregnancy and otosclerosis progression in a proportion of women. In addition, this is the first study to identify differences in severity between familial and non-familial cases of otosclerosis, highlighting the possibility that more than one etiology may be involved.
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The objective of the study was to assess the effect of carotid and vertebral artery stenosis on the function of the hearing and equilibrium organ on the basis of diagnostic audiological examinations including pure-tone threshold audiometry, impedance audiometry, otoacoustic emission tests and brainstem auditory evoked potential tests. The study was conducted in 63 patients (32 males, 31 females) aged 45 –75 years, presenting with carotid and vertebral artery stenosis and treated at the Vascular Surgery Clinic of the University Clinical Hospital in Wrocław. Patients were stratified into two subgroups according to the...
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ConclusionCYG could apparently release the tinnitus symptoms in the patients with chronic nephritis. This study might give more clinical evidence for Cistanche in the treatment of tinnitus and give a new treatment method for the patients with tinnitus.
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Conclusions: Blast-related otologic injuries have a significant impact on morbidity. Comprehensive otologic evaluation and state-of-the-art treatment may lead to a significant improvement in symptoms and hearing loss.
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ConclusionsStatistical analysis shows that STS is a brief but robust tool well-suited to clinical practice. A feature of STS is that it takes into account the impact of tinnitus on the patient ’s psychological (emotional, cognitive) and functional domains as well as their ability to cope with tinnitus-related distress.
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Conclusion Based on the results of the current study, we can conclude that the participants improved both the auditory perception and the tinnitus handicap. [...] Thieme Revinter Publicações Ltda Rio de Janeiro, BrazilArticle in Thieme eJournals: Table of contents  |  Abstract  |  open access Full text
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We present a case of a mid-sized vestibular schwannoma (T3b according to the Hannover classification) that was resected through a retrosigmoid transmeatal approach in semi-sitting position under endoscopic assistance. The patient is a 52-year-old male with acute loss of functional hearing on the right side. Audiometry confirmed a loss of up to 60 dB and lost speech discrimination, there were no associated symptoms such as tinnitus or vertigo. This 2D video demonstrates positioning, OR set-up, anatomical and surgical nuances of the skull base approach and the operative technique for microdissection of the tumor from the cri...
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Conclusions: Patients with FMS have high levels of oxidative stress markers (GPx, NO, and MDA), highly frequent audiological symptoms with high hearing frequencies in audiometry, independent of disease severity.
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ConclusionClassifying persistent tinnitus as pure tone or noise, present in high or low frequency and establishing its different characteristics allow us to know its peculiarities and the effects of this symptom in patients’ lives.ResumoIntroduçãoO zumbido é um sintoma de difícil tratamento, com respostas diferentes nos pacientes. É classificado de formas diversas, de acordo com a origem ou doenças associadas.ObjetivoPropor uma classificação única e mensurável do zumbido persistente, por meio da sua percepção como sons da natureza ou ...
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Objective: Evaluate the relationship between objective audiometric and vestibular tests and patient symptoms in superior canal dehiscence (SCD) syndrome. Study Design: Retrospective chart review. Setting: Tertiary care center. Patients: Ninety-eight patients with SCD, preoperative threshold audiograms, cervical vestibular evoked myogenic potential (cVEMP) thresholds, and computed tomography (CT) imaging were included. Clinical reports were reviewed for self-reported SCD symptoms. Twenty-five patients completed the Hearing Handicap Inventory (HHI), Dizziness Handicap Inventory (DHI), Autophony Index (AI), and the...
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