Activity trackers: Can they really help you get fit?

This study follows another one from the University of Pittsburgh that found less weight loss among young adults who used fitness trackers compared to those who didn’t. What’s next? As technology evolves and research provides more information about what works (and what doesn’t), I think we’ll see a new generation of devices that are more customized to individual needs and medical conditions. For example, a person with diabetes might monitor physical activity to provide information about how to coordinate insulin injections and meals. In addition, activity trackers can do more than simply spit out information about how active you’ve been. A good example comes from another recent study in which activity trackers were incorporated into a competitive game, complete with signed commitments to specific activity goals, an elaborate point system, and reliance on team cooperation and rewards. The study found that those using game-based activity trackers were more active and achieved activity goals more often than those using activity trackers without the game. The study lasted only 12 weeks and improvements waned somewhat after it ended, so the long-term impact of such a program is uncertain. Physical activity trackers have quickly become a multimillion-dollar product category. I don’t see them going away any time soon. But, to actually get people moving and have a positive impact on health, we’ll probably need to use them in more innovative wa...
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(Image source: WHO) There are two key differences between the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 and 5G technology. One has spread across the globe, the other has barely rolled out in most countries and in some cases not at all. That hasn’t stopped conspiracy theorists from conflating the two however. Thanks to a combination of scam artists, the reach of social media, ignorant celebrities and influencers, and general public frustration and confusion, a strange theory has emerged in the months since the global COVID-19 pandemic started. Allegedly, 5G is the culprit behind the pandemic. Citing a lot of ...
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Reconstruction of large soft tissue defects around the knee can be challenging because of its unique location.1 These defects often occur following trauma, oncologic resection, chronic infection, or contracture release of burns. Selection of reliable recipient vessels is essential for successful microvascular free tissue transfer around the knee but can be complex due to unique vascular anatomy around the knee.1,2 In addition, selection of recipient vessels can be further complicated when patients have vascular trauma, a large zone of injury, or previous irradiation in addition to common risk factors such as obesity and diabetes.
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The healing power of ultraviolet light (UV) has flown under the radar for decades. Yet, it’s one of the most powerful detoxifying agents known to man. It kills bacteria and viruses and can be used in a clinical setting. The therapeutic benefits of light have been known for millennia. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, believed light was essential to balance the body and emotions. And there is good reason why, during the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918, medics discovered that severely ill patients had hugely better recovery rates when they were nursed outside and had regular exposure to sunlight.1 You see, UV r...
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There’s no faster way to purify your body of viruses, bacteria and fungi — and at the same time ramp up your immune system — than a 125-year-old “cure” banned by the FDA. I’m talking about ozone therapy — and it’s not just good for cleansing your body. You see, ozone — a special “energized” kind of oxygen — can help heal almost any condition. Despite being banned by the FDA back in the 1940s, after more than 60 years of successful use, ozone therapy has saved millions of lives in countries where it has become a commonplace medical treatment. In count...
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AbstractChronic wounds may lead to the development of various pathological conditions such as diabetic foot ulcers and pressure sores. The current study evaluated wound healing and anti-inflammatory potentials of methanolic extract ofEphedra ciliata using series of in vivo models. Methanolic extract ofEphedra ciliata was prepared by maceration (Ec.Me). Qualitative and quantitative (HPLC) phytochemical and metal analyses were conducted to explore the chemical and metal profiles ofEc.Me. Safety profile (behavioural)  and, antimicrobial, antioxidant, wound healing, anti-inflammatory and anti-angiogenic potentials ofEc.Me...
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Gentell Honey Hydrogel 2"x2" Saturated Gauze- A hydrating wound dressing containing hydrogel and honey (100% Leptospermum honey), Model Number:GEN-11230 - Product Usage: Use Gentell Honey Hydrogel on wounds with little or no exudate, diabetic skin ulcers, venous stasis ulcers, first and second-degree burns, post-surgical incisions, cuts and abrasions.
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Preliminary data from China suggest that people with diabetes and other preexisting conditions are more likely to experience serious complications and death from COVID-19 than people without diabetes and other conditions. But COVID-19 and the coronavirus that causes it are new, and researchers are still investigating how they impact immunity. We also know that if a person has diabetes and gets influenza or another infection, they can experience worse health outcomes. The question is why. High blood sugars can interfere with white blood cells’ ability to fight infection. So there’s a possibility that people with...
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In conclusion, this study confirmed the claimed use of the plant against anxiety in Turkish folk medicine.
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CONCLUSION: Both treatment regimens are effective for the treatment of mild center-involving diabetic macular edema: fixed treatment appears more suitable minimizing treatment time and reducing the possible errors due to wrong titration in the switch from continuous to micropulse mode. PMID: 32290705 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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(Joslin Diabetes Center) Researchers in the lab of Joslin's Yu-Hua Tseng, PhD, a Senior Investigator in the Section on Integrative Physiology and Metabolism at Joslin Diabetes Center, have discovered an unexpected biological pathway by which brown fat cells can translate energy into heat.
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