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Despite what the mainstream media is telling you, sugar is not your enemy. Your body evolved to eat sweet foods. In fact, it’s how our ancestors knew a food growing in the wild was safe to eat and healthy. But your body did not evolve to eat starchy, high carbohydrate sugars from bread, pasta, cereal and other grains. Ever since we were told to eat low fat, this has been the bulk of the our diet. The result has been a modern epidemic of obesity and diabetes. At the same time, we face skyrocketing rates of dementia and Alzheimer’s. Big Pharma has been trying for decades to come up with a pill to cure Alzheimer’s. But there is none. And sadly, a miracle treatment is right under the nose of the medical industry. But they refuse to see it. Research shows a strong link between blood sugar disorders and every stage of dementia. I’m talking about everything from memory loss to mild cognitive impairment to Alzheimer’s. The link is so clear that diabetes is considered a major risk factor for Alzheimer’s. That’s why Alzheimer’s has been called “type 3 diabetes.” You see, just like type 2 diabetes, dementia is a disease of insulin resistance. But it affects the brain. Glucose can’t get into neurons for fuel. But molecules called “ketones” can… Ketones can be used by most cells of the brain to make energy. When insulin resistance block...
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ConclusionWe achieved promising results with this computer-aided diagnosis method that we tried to develop using convolutional neural networks based on transfer learning. This method can help clinicians for the diagnosis of hip osteoarthritis while interpreting plain pelvic radiographs, also provides assistance for a second objective interpretation. It may also reduce the need for advanced imaging methods in the diagnosis of hip osteoarthritis.
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An imaging technique that combines F-18 FDG PET and MRI was able to pinpoint...Read more on AuntMinnie.comRelated Reading: SNMMI 2020: How nuclear medicine handled COVID-19 SNMMI 2020: Medical students key to the specialty's future PET, MRI uncover women's predisposition to Alzheimer's PET/MRI shows inflammation link to mitral valve prolapse Biomarkers on PET, MRI show breast cancer risk
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ConclusionsOsteoporosis medication in women>  80 years in clinical practice likely works, and the magnitude of effect is similar to what was estimated in younger women. The choice between osteoporosis treatment and calcium/vitamin D after fracture in women ≥ 80 years is not random but appears associated with the patient’s health stat us and presence of vertebral fractures, rather than the known risk profile of sustaining a fracture at a high age.
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It is an assumption that different kinds of nutrition, diet, and functional foods might have different positive or negative effects on multiple sclerosis (MS), a neuroinflammatory disease of the central nervous system (CNS). This brief paper involved a study on various kinds of nutrition including salt, fat, dairy, fruit, and vegetables. At the end of this study, appropriate diets were evaluated for MS patients. Based on previous studies both on animal models and on MS patients, excessive dietary salt intake and animal fat had worsening effects on MS patients but fruit and vegetable intake helped the remission of MS and de...
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Probiotics are living microorganisms, which when taken in adequate amount, provide various health benefits by maintaining the balance of bacteria in the intestine. Probiotics are purported to have countless health benefits, some of which include improved digestion, enhanced immunity, prevention of cancer and diabetes. The most common group of probiotics include species of Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium and Enterococcus. In order to work as an effective probiotic, the microbial strain is expected to exhibit certain desirable characteristics like acid and bile tolerance, antimicrobial activity, adhesion to intestinal epithel...
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Conclusion: The detailed research on the patent information presented herein focused on the activity of the compositions containing jackfruit extract and isolated phytochemicals would assist researchers to understand the mechanisms by which the bio-chemicals exert their effect and the overall nutritional benefits. An increase in the number of publications and patents in recent years related to the use of jackfruit for different health conditions clearly emphasizes its therapeutic potential and importance as medicinal food products and cosmetics.
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Constipation is a common public health concern experienced by all individuals during their life affecting the quality of life. In this paper, we aimed to provide an overview of the existing evidence regarding the role of food ingredients, including bran, prune, fig, kiwifruit, and flax-seed in constipation treatment. We searched Scopus, Pub Med, and Science Direct by using the keywords, “laxative foods” and “constipation”, for searching studies assessing laxative food ingredients and their beneficial effects on constipation treatment and/or control. Lifestyle modifications such as increasing dietary...
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Conclusion: This paper fulfills an identified need to study the environmental and political determinants underlying the Portuguese food choices.
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Conclusion: The findings show a high prevalence of disordered eating attitude among high school female students in Al-Madinah city. Younger girls and those of the first scholastic level showed higher disordered eating attitude.
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Conclusion: The results of the present study revealed that the drying method affects the amount of polyphenolic compounds and physicochemical properties.
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