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Impeachment for " Impulsive, Ignorant Incompetence " ?

In Sunday ’s episode of “Reality-Show Presidency,” we found out what happens when the president and the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee“stop being polite… and start getting real.” After President Trump blasted him in a series of tweets early Sunday, Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) shot back: Senator Corker is hardly the only highly placed Republican to express grave doubts about Trump ’s stability and competence. Daniel Drezner has assembled a list—now at 115 items and counting—of news stories in which the president’s own aides or political allies talk about him as if he ’s a “toddler.” But since Corker’s not running for reelection, he felt free to go on the record: Trump “concerns me,” Corker said inan interview later that day, “he would have to concern anyone who cares about our nation.” His recklessness and lack of emotional discipline could, Corker said, put us “on the path to World War III.”In Corker ’s account, it’s an open secret that our 45th president is a walking constitutional crisis. Is there a constitutional remedy?The conventional wisdom says no: we have impeachment if the president turns out to be a crook, and the 25th Amendment if he falls into a coma —but for anything in between “felon” and “vegetable,” tough luck. When he introduced his article of impeachment against President T...
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(Nationwide Children's Hospital) The study found that there were more than 156,000 calls to US Poison Control Centers regarding exposures to attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) medications among children and adolescents 19 years of age and younger from January 2000 through December 2014, averaging 200 calls each week or 29 calls per day.
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(Michigan Medicine - University of Michigan) Few parents are using some simple strategies to protect kids from food poisoning outside the home, such as at a potluck or restaurant, according to a new report from C.S. Mott Children's Hospital National Poll on Children's Health at the University of Michigan.
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CONCLUSION: The current research status of palliative care in Mainland China remains at an early stage with minimal palliative care services used. Although several knowledge gaps were identified, the first step, which should be addressed, is assessing the palliative care needs. An appropriate and ongoing needs assessment could provide important information for constructing comprehensive education and training programs of palliative care, identifying prognostic factors of timely palliative care referral, and developing evidence-based and tailored palliative care services. PMID: 29774777 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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One of the biggest dementia care problems we face is problems with bowel movements and constipation.By Bob DeMarcoAlzheimer's Reading RoomYesterday was a crappy day. More succinctly, a poop agita day.It started with Dotty repeatedly telling me she had to poop.A few minutes after I got Dotty out of bed she kept saying, I want to get back in bed. Why? She had to poop and couldn't do it. Six times in a little over an hour up down - no poop.Coping with DementiaKeep in mind this entails:getting Dotty out of bed and into the wheelchair, out of the wheelchair and on to the toilet, off the toilet and into the wheelchair, out of th...
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A 55-year-old right-handed man presented with a history of rapidly progressive apathy and behavior changes, speech loss, bladder and bowel incontinence, and gait loss in the previous month. He had been diagnosed with depression 7 months before and tried to commit suicide with carbon monoxide poisoning 2 months before, needing treatment in a hyperbaric chamber, with a good recovery. He had no history of other comorbidities and an unremarkable family history. At the first neurologic evaluation at our department, he presented with marked apathy and mutism, pseudobulbar affect, marked frontal release signs, generalized rigidit...
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LITFL • Life in the Fast Lane Medical Blog LITFL • Life in the Fast Lane Medical Blog - Emergency medicine and critical care medical education blog Just when you thought your brain could unwind on a Friday, you realise that it would rather be challenged with some good old fashioned medical trivia FFFF…introducing Funtabulously Frivolous Friday Five 198. Question 1 The BBC ran an article on sexist adverts. Drug companies were not immune to providing sexist ads as well. What was the substance advertised below with the title “You can’t set her free. But you can help her feel less anxious.&rd...
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Conclusion Doctors often assure parents that vaccines are safe, using phrases like “one in a million” and “rare” to describe adverse reactions. Yet, with sad stories like RD’s, thousands of adverse events reported to VAERS, and the creation of a special court for vaccine injuries, informed parents know those vaccine safety claims are simply not true. If you have not already done so, please consider the overall safety of vaccinations. A federal program has awarded billions of dollars, through an arduous, emotionally painful process, to people whose family members have suffered injury or death a...
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The post My abdominal hysterectomy nightmare – Fiona’s story appeared first on Hysterectomy Association. I am 48 years old with 4 children. I have always been fortunate to have nice normal periods but this changed around 3 years ago when they became heavy with clotting and dragging pain. I didn’t take too much notice and it wasn’t as debilitating as some other women’s stories that I have read. Around the same time, sexual intercourse became uncomfortable moving towards painful and then extremely painful. I also had stress incontinence so avoided my previously active aerobic lifestyle as I had ...
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Abstract Carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning is common, but it has rarely been reported to cause ischemic colitis. In this case, a 34-year-old female with depression presented to an emergency department after a period of unconsciousness, with urinary and bowel incontinence, following exposure to car exhaust. Her carboxyhemoglobin level was 23%. She had metabolic acidosis. She was transferred to our facility for hyperbaric oxygen treatment, where she had intractable nausea/vomiting with abdominal pain and bright-red bleeding per rectum. She exhibited lower abdominal tenderness and hypoactive bowel sounds. Vital signs we...
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CONCLUSION: Although the efficacy of HBOT in DNS patients is still needed to be evaluated in large clinical study, these data suggest that HBOT may be the choice to improve DNS efficiently and shorten the duration of suffering with favorable outcome. PMID: 26179838 [PubMed - in process]
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