Book Review: Heal Your Mind, Heal Your Life

Occasional negative thoughts are a common feature of the human experience. While they can sometimes be justified, purposeful, and helpful in identifying pain and avoiding dangerous situations, they can also be irrational, keeping us trapped in a downward spiral of fear, avoidance, and eventually depression and anxiety. To change how we feel, says Corinne Coe in her new book, Heal Your Mind, Heal Your Life, we have to start with how we think. “Based on my clinical experience in treating people with mental illness, the key to overcoming psychological conditions such as depression and anxiety is to treat at the cognition level rather than the emotion or physical level,” writes Coe. It is the fear that results from irrational or catastrophic thinking, Coe contends, that causes us to avoid situations, feel trapped, and exist in an unfulfilled life. Over time, our fear response becomes more and more exaggerated, resulting in the release of larger amounts of adrenaline, which then affects as many as sixty different hormones in the body. Especially when fear is unjustified, we remain a victim to it, learning only to avoid those situations that may trigger fear. As a result, we become trapped in our comfort zone. “Irrational/unrealistic fear of dealing with challenging people and situation(s), and of interacting with others, and the external environment, will result in an unfulfilled, dissatisfied life,” writes Coe. The difference between people who overre...
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ConclusionsThe associated factors of SD in Chinese Han WWE are multifactorial. The WWE have higher levels of anxiety, poor family economic status, and poor medication adherence. Medical professionals should not only better control seizures but also evaluate and improve patients' sexual function so as to improve the quality of life of WWE.
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My second foray into Suboxone treatment has evolved in a way I had not expected, but I think I have stumbled onto something profound. Almost six months into our in-house clinic’s existence, I have found myself prescribing and adjusting treatment for about half of my medication-assisted treatment (MAT) patients for co-occurring anxiety, depression, bipolar disease and ADHD as well as restless leg syndrome, asthma, and various infectious diseases. Years ago, working in a mental health clinic, we had strict rules to defer everything to each patient’s primary care provider that wasn’t strictly related to Subo...
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ConclusionMigraine was an important comorbidity associated with greater severities of pain symptoms during long-term follow-up. Migraine treatment should be integrated into the treatment of depression to improve pain symptoms and quality of life in the pain dimension.
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This study is especially thought-provoking, given that more and more people are taking medications with depression or suicidal thoughts as possible side effects. The CDC just released updated data showing a troubling recent rise in suicide rates, and that 54% of those who die from suicide do not have a known mental health disorder, so this is an important public health issue. That said, it is important to note: in this study, people who used these medications were more likely to be widowed and have chronic health problems, both of which are associated with a higher risk of depression. And many (but not all) of these medica...
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Conclusions: Since there was a homogeneous distribution among the groups in terms of both cancer treatment and pain management, we directly related the deterioration of the patients' quality of life to NP.
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CONCLUSIONS Preoperative mental distress measured with the HADS affects long-term outcome in surgically treated patients with cervical radiculopathy. PMID: 30004317 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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By DONNA SHIELDS   I’ve been a proponent of marijuana legalization since I heard about it in high school.  I lived in the UK in the 1970s when it was not easily available! So I was a legalization proponent before I’d ever touched the stuff. Nearly four decades later, it’s legal in many states, Canada and Uruguay and most — but by no means all — of the drug war hysteria is recognized for the idiocy it is. But while anyone who’s got stone and had the munchies knows that pot is a good appetite enhancer and antiemetic, there are now a bunch of claims being made about can...
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Various types of therapies have proven to be useful in alcohol and drug rehab programs, but music therapy is a tool that many individuals seeking treatment may not understand fully. Studies have shown that music therapy provides significant healing, emotionally, physically, and mentally, and it may end up being an important aspect of your own substance abuse treatment. What Is Music Therapy? Music therapy is very different from music in the form of entertainment. It is a clinical and evidence-based therapeutic practice that utilizes music to accomplish goals within an individual’s therapy program.1 Each client&rsquo...
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ConclusionAge and depression level were preoperative predictors influencing satisfaction after CTR.Levels of evidenceIV
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Publication date: July 2018Source: Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior, Volume 170Author(s): K.R. Methuku, X. Li, R. Cerne, S.D. Gleason, J.M. Schkeryantz, V.V.N.P.B. Tiruveedhula, L.K. Golani, G. Li, M.M. Poe, Md.T. Rahman, J.M. Cook, J.L. Fisher, J.M. WitkinAbstractData from transgenic animals and novel pharmacological agents has realigned scientific scrutiny on the therapeutic potential of positive allosteric modulators (PAMs) of α2/3-containing GABAA receptors. Evidence for analgesic, anticonvulsant, and anxiolytic activity of α2/3-selective PAMs has been presented along with the clinical potential for a...
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