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Book Review: Heal Your Mind, Heal Your Life

Occasional negative thoughts are a common feature of the human experience. While they can sometimes be justified, purposeful, and helpful in identifying pain and avoiding dangerous situations, they can also be irrational, keeping us trapped in a downward spiral of fear, avoidance, and eventually depression and anxiety. To change how we feel, says Corinne Coe in her new book, Heal Your Mind, Heal Your Life, we have to start with how we think. “Based on my clinical experience in treating people with mental illness, the key to overcoming psychological conditions such as depression and anxiety is to treat at the cognition level rather than the emotion or physical level,” writes Coe. It is the fear that results from irrational or catastrophic thinking, Coe contends, that causes us to avoid situations, feel trapped, and exist in an unfulfilled life. Over time, our fear response becomes more and more exaggerated, resulting in the release of larger amounts of adrenaline, which then affects as many as sixty different hormones in the body. Especially when fear is unjustified, we remain a victim to it, learning only to avoid those situations that may trigger fear. As a result, we become trapped in our comfort zone. “Irrational/unrealistic fear of dealing with challenging people and situation(s), and of interacting with others, and the external environment, will result in an unfulfilled, dissatisfied life,” writes Coe. The difference between people who overre...
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CONCLUSION: The study enrolled patients who were admitted for pain treatment, and the sampling group was small. However, this is the first study to investigate the effects of the awareness of cancer diagnosis on pain and its management. PMID: 29039150 [PubMed - in process]
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Publication date: 2017 Source:International Review of Neurobiology, Volume 136 Author(s): Jesse R. Schank, Markus Heilig Substance P (SP) is an 11-amino acid neuropeptide of the tachykinin family that preferentially activates the neurokinin-1 receptor (NK1R). First isolated 85 years ago and sequenced 40 years later, SP has been extensively studied. Early studies identified a role for SP and the NK1R in contraction of intestinal smooth muscle, central pain processing, and neurogenic inflammation. An FDA-approved NK1R antagonist, aprepitant, is used clinically for the treatment of chemotherapy-induced nausea, as the NK1R in...
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Abstract This educational review presents an overview of opioid use disorder, misuse and overdose among adolescents, and the clinical implications for anesthesiologists. It provides definitions, discusses the epidemiology worldwide, (focusing on North America), and emphasizes the clinical implications of patients with chronic opioid exposure, including perioperative pain management, as well as opioid overdose and prolonged use of opioids after acute exposure. In the USA, opioid use disorder and negative outcomes related to opioids rose dramatically from 1999-2010; concomitantly heroin use and fatal overdoses have ...
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Abstract OBJECTIVE: To examine whether sleep disturbance differs by headache diagnosis in a pediatric sample, and whether this effect remains when other factors affecting sleep are included. BACKGROUND: Primary headache disorders can be severe and disabling, impacting a child's functioning and quality of life. Many children and adolescents with chronic headaches also experience sleep difficulties, and there is likely a bidirectional relationship between headaches and sleep difficulties. Sleep problems may intensify functional and developmental difficulties in youth with chronic headaches. Despite this, resear...
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Conclusions The RDFS presents good validity and reliability and can be used in clinical and research settings in Iran.
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Conclusions: Findings suggest patient experience-based value sets are not stable (ie, context such as timing matters). However, the knowledge that lower values are assigned to health states postsurgery compared with presurgery may be useful for the patient-doctor decision-making process.
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There are many things in life we can’t control—everything from tiny annoyances to tragedies. We can’t control if our grandmother gets cancer and passes away. We can’t control if we get cancer. We can’t control what others think, say or do. We can’t control what others think of us. We can’t control who our loved ones hang out with. We can’t control who we work with or who’s in charge. We can’t control Mother Nature, or today’s traffic. But, of course, we can control our reactions to all the things we can’t control. I’m sure you’ve heard that...
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Discussion In the US during 2011, ~60,000 youth were incarcerated at some time in a correctional facility. Boys are detained more than girls (86% vs 14% respectively in the US, 95% male in the United Kingdom in 2014) but girls have more health issues. There are racial and ethnic differences with 38-40% of detainees being black, 23% being Hispanic/Latino and 32% being white, and 5% other. For detained youth, 5% are for violent crimes, 22% for non-violent property crimes and the majority of the rest are for non-violent offices such as substance use. The average length of detainment is 3-4 months and unfortunately the rates o...
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CONCLUSION: Health-related quality of life and subjective health status differ according to handgrip strength. Therefore, handgrip strength should be addressed to improve quality of life in elderly individuals. Elderly individuals require exercise education and adequate nutritional intake to increase handgrip strength. PMID: 29035098 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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Publication date: November 2017 Source:Journal of Clinical Neuroscience, Volume 45 Author(s): YunPing Li, Weimin Dai, JianMin Zhang Living with an untreated unruptured intracranial aneurysm(UIA) is stressful, this study was aimed to assess the influence of UIA treatment (surgery clipping and endovascular coiling) on behavior such as anxiety and depression, as well as QoL. A series of 296 UIA patients (including 162 treated and 134 untreated) were analyzed. Postal questionnaires were sent to these patients, included Self-Rating Anxiety Scale (SAS), Self-Rating Depression Scale(SDS) and Short Form-36(SF-36). In total, 198 (...
Source: Journal of Clinical Neuroscience - Category: Neuroscience Source Type: research
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