The Sweet Way to Heal Your Wounds

We enjoy outdoor activities. My family will be coming over this year and I will fire up the grill for a delicious BBQ grass-fed beef. We’ll play games like badminton and horseshoes. Now while these games can be fun, they can lead to cuts and bruises. I want to aim you with an unconventional solution for those wounds.  For years now, sugar’s been a dirty word. It’s been blamed for everything from obesity, heart disease and diabetes to tooth decay and acne. But there’s something they don’t know.  Sugar’s better for you than all those artificial sweeteners and substitutes out there today… especially the ones you’ll find in so-called “diet” products. In one study of nearly 2,600 people, those who drank diet sodas had a 47% higher body mass index (BMI) than those who didn’t, and their risk of obesity was doubled.1 I’m always suspicious of things that aren’t natural. But there’s another reason you should keep sugar on your shelf. Did you know that sugar can heal your cuts, scrapes, burns and even large wounds without leaving a scar? It kills germs and repairs tissue better than any antiseptic or disinfectant on the market.2 Long before all these Johnny-Come-Lately naysayers started telling you how bad it was for you, sugar was valued as an antiseptic. For more than 4,000 years, since ancient Egyptian times, people have known about sugar’s miraculous properties. But it fell out o...
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Study Objectives:Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is associated with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and related advanced fibrosis. We studied the treatment of OSA with continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) in a population with NAFLD.Methods:Using an institutional database (2010–2014), we identified patients with NAFLD and OSA and studied changes in serum aminotransferases before and after CPAP use. We defined suspected NAFLD (sNAFLD) as serum alanine aminotransferase (ALT)> 30 U/L for men and> 19 U/L for women in the absence of known causes of chronic liver disease. The aspartate aminotransferase (A...
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Conclusions:In a middle-aged population-based cohort, the prevalence of a RERA index≥ 5 events/h was low (3.8%) and was not associated with negative clinical outcomes when using the currently recommended scoring criteria of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.Citation:Ogna A, Tobback N, Andries D, Preisig M, Vollenweider P, Waeber G, Marques-Vidal P, Rubio JH, Heinzer R. Prevalence and clinical significance of respiratory effort-related arousals in the general population.J Clin Sleep Med. 2018;14(8):1339–1345.
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Study Objectives:Mounting evidence indicates that sleep disturbance contributes to the increased risk for cardiometabolic diseases. Obesity and underweight are also closely linked to cardiometabolic risk. Thus, the objective of this study was to examine the association between sleep duration, quality, and body mass index (BMI) categories.Methods:Using data from a cohort of 107,718 Korean individuals (63,421 men and 44,297 women), we conducted cross-sectional analysis with sex subgroup analysis. Sleep duration was classified into 3 groups—short ( 9 hours)—and Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI) score was used ...
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We describe an 8-year-old male with a pathogenicUNC80 mutation, intellectual disability, hypotonia and epilepsy with severe central sleep apnea (213.5 events/h) on polysomnography (PSG). We also describe a 20-month-old female with aKCNJ11 mutation, neonatal diabetes and developmental delay who had severe central sleep apnea (131.1 events/h). Both patients had irregular respiratory patterns during sleep and wakefulness and were placed on empiric bilevel positive airway pressure therapy, which was well tolerated with resolution of abnormal respiratory control and hypercapnia. Patients withUNC80 andKCNJ11 gene mutations may h...
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In conclusion, we have demonstrated AE has benefits to regulate DPP-4 and GLP-1R, to reduce oxidative stress and renal fibrosis, with resultant to improve renal function and prevent diabetic renal damage. Taken together, F2 could be more promising to be developed as adjuvant for diabetic nephropathy.Graphical abstract
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Publication date: Available online 14 August 2018Source: Journal of Food and Drug AnalysisAuthor(s): Bo Yuan, Danyue Zhao, Ruoyuan Du, Dushyant Kshatriya, Nicholas T. Bello, James E. Simon, Qingli WuAbstractRaspberry ketone (RK) is the characteristic aromatic compound in raspberry (Rubus idaeus L.) with wide applications as food additive and anti-obesity agent. However, quantification of RK has presented difficulties in MS detection and reliable LC-MS method for RK analysis in literature is in limit to date. In order to facilitate quality control of raspberry derived products and RK metabolomics study, this study aimed to ...
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Ondrej Slaby, Andrew McDowell, Holger Br üggemann, Assaf Raz, Sibel Demir-Deviren, Tony Freemont, Peter Lambert, Manu N. Capoor
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Conclusions Bariatric surgery was significantly associated with an elevated risk of MDD. PMID: 30101619 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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Capillary Biomedical Inc. has raised $2.9 million in a seed funding that will help it bring its diabetes management technology to market. The round was led by the Cove Fund with participation by a syndicate of Angel Groups and accredited investors. Irvine, California-based Capillary Biomedical said it plans to use the funds for clinical studies to support regulatory clearance and preparation for commercial launch in 2019. CapBio i s developing a novel infusion set for use with insulin pumps for…
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In this study, we investigate the potential phosphorylation-induced structural changes for DNA polymerase β using molecular dynamics simulations. The simulations show drastic conformational changes of the polymerase structure as a result of S44 phosphorylation. Phosphorylation-induced conformational changes transform the closed (active) enzyme structure into an open one. Further analysis of the results points to a key hydrogen bond and newly formed salt bridges as potential drivers of these structural fluctuations. The changes observed with S55/44 and S55 phosphorylation were less dramatic and the integrity of the H-b...
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