An Upbeat Mood May Boost Your Flu Shot ’ s Effectiveness

Older people who are in a good mood when they get a flu shot have a better immune response.
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It wasn’t greed, or curiosity, that made Li Rusheng grab his shotgun and enter Shitou Cave. It was about survival. During Mao-era collectivization of the early 1970s, food was so scarce in the emerald valleys of southwestern China’s Yunnan province that farmers like Li could expect to eat meat only once a year–if they were lucky. So, craving protein, Li and his friends would sneak into the cave to hunt the creatures they could hear squeaking and fluttering inside: bats. Li would creep into the gloom and fire blindly at the vaulted ceiling, picking up any quarry that fell to the ground, while his companion...
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AbstractInfluenza A viruses evolve rapidly to escape host immunity. In swine, this viral evolution has resulted in the emergence of multiple H1 and H3 influenza A virus (IAV) lineages in the United States (US) pig populations. The heterologous prime-boost vaccination strategy is a promising way to deal with diverse IAV infection in multiple animal models. However, whether or not this vaccination strategy is applicable to US swine to impart immunity against infection from North American strains of IAV is still unknown. We performed a vaccination-challenge study to evaluate the protective efficacy of using multivalent inacti...
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TWiV reviews a new H1N1 swine influenza virus from China with pandemic potential, Ad5 vectored SARS-CoV-2 oral vaccine candidate, Operation Warp Speed vaccine candidates, FDA guidance on vaccine approval, and answer listener email. Click arrow to playDownload TWiV 634 (72 MB .mp3, 120 min)Subscribe (free): iTunes, Google Podcasts, RSS, email Become a patron of TWiV! Show notes at
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Publication date: Available online 19 May 2020Source: Veterinary MicrobiologyAuthor(s): Bao-Yang Ruan, Yun Yao, Shuai-Yong Wang, Xiao-Qian Gong, Xiao-Min Liu, Qi Wang, Ling-Xue Yu, Shi-Qiang Zhu, Juan Wang, Tong-Ling Shan, Yan-Jun Zhou, Wu Tong, Hao Zheng, Guo-Xin Li, Fei Gao, Ning Kong, Hai Yu, Guang-Zhi Tong
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This article originally appeared on The Bulwark here. The post The False Choice Between Science And Economics appeared first on The Health Care Blog.
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Thomas A. FireyAmong the criticisms President Trump has received over his handling of COVID-19, one is that he ’s playing politics with disaster aid. TheDenver Post recently charged that he “is treating life‐​saving medical equipment as emoluments he can dole out as favors to loyalists.” Michigan Gov.Gretchen Whitmer has claimed that “vendors are being told not to send stuff here to Michigan.” Trump himself has said the governors “have to treat us well also” in order to get what they need.So far, evidence of actual favoritism is mixed. A Washington Post review of federal d...
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Computational vaccinology includes epitope mapping, antigen selection, and immunogen design using computational tools. Tools that facilitate the in silico prediction of immune response to biothreats, emerging infectious diseases, and cancers can accelerate the design of novel and next generation vaccines and their delivery to the clinic. Over the past 20 years, vaccinologists, bioinformatics experts, and advanced programmers based in Providence, Rhode Island, USA have advanced the development of an integrated toolkit for vaccine design called iVAX, that is secure and user-accessible by internet. This integrated set of immu...
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The risks, so far, seem no greater than for anyone else, but the research is thin and only applies to later stage of pregnancy.
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The World Health Organization (WHO) on March 11 declared COVID-19 a pandemic, pointing to the over 118,000 cases of the coronavirus illness in over 110 countries and territories around the world and the sustained risk of further global spread. “This is not just a public health crisis, it is a crisis that will touch every sector,” said Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO director-general, at a media briefing. “So every sector and every individual must be involved in the fights.” An epidemic refers to an uptick in the spread of a disease within a specific community. By contrast, the WHO defines a pand...
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He once blamed vaccines for autism. Now he ’s demanding the quick development of one for the coronavirus, but shows limited understanding of the science.
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