New treatment for endometriosis on the horizon

Let’s face it: managing your period is a hassle. There’s the cramping, the bloating, the bleeding, and the feeling a little cranky. Not to mention the need to remember to have tampons and ibuprofen on hand. There may also be the bad timing of a special occasion or a tropical vacation that complicates things further. But as aggravating as all this may be, for most women it’s just that: an aggravation, a nuisance that’s pretty easily dealt with. But for about one in 10 women, their period, the week leading up to their period, and in some cases their entire month can be filled with severe cramps and pelvic pain that significantly affect their quality of life. A normal menstrual period for these women brings very painful cramps, chronic pelvic pain, and painful sex. If you are one of the women who experiences these monthly symptoms, there is a good chance you suffer from endometriosis. Here’s what endometriosis is The lining of your uterus (the endometrium) builds up and sheds during your monthly menstrual cycle in response to your changing hormone levels. Endometriosis occurs when this tissue is found outside the uterus, typically on other structures in your pelvis including your ovaries. Although this endometrial tissue is in the wrong place, it acts exactly as if it were in the uterus where it belongs. So it, too, responds to changes in hormones. It builds up and then sheds and bleeds. This causes inflammation and sometimes scarring of the lining ...
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ConclusionsBoth the surgical treatments, SLAP repair and the biceps tenodesis, are efficacious in pain alleviation and recovery of shoulder function. But, compared with SLAP repair, biceps tenodesis showed higher rate of patient satisfaction and return to preinjury sports participation.The translational potential of this articleImpart better understanding regarding discrepancies in the outcomes between biceps tenodesis and SLAP repair in treating patients with isolated Type II SLAP lesions.
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BEST supplements for skin: Skin conditions can cause pain and discomfort for those that suffer them, but while topical creams are usually recommended as treatment, they don ’t always work for everyone. Some experts say a particular supplement can help relieve symptoms of psoriasis.
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Conclusion: The multispot laser required fewer applications with more spots delivered to compensate for lower fluency, showing similar patient tolerance to single-spot laser. Both groups maintained the initial visual acuities and CRTs; about 50% of cases had vitreomacular interface changes and improved macular edema, with similar angiographic improvements after 12 months.Ophthalmologica
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Authors: Di Sarno R, Raffone A, Saccone G Abstract Different strategies have been adopted for prevention of spontaneous preterm birth, including use of progestogens. So far, five randomized trials have been published evaluating the efficacy of progestogens in women with PPROM, including a total of 425 partipants. All the five trials enrolled pregnant women with singleton pregnancies randomized between 20 and 34 weeks of gestation. In four trials women were randomized to either weekly intramuscular 250 mg 17α-hydroxyprogesterone-caproate or placebo, while Mirzaei et al. was a three arms trials in which women r...
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Authors: Nasioudis D, Doulaveris G, Kanninen TT Abstract Hyperlipidemia is a known cause of atherosclerosis and directly contributes to the current epidemic in cardio-vascular disease. Pregnancy is typified by an increase in serum levels of total cholesterol and triglycerides pushed by the rise in estrogen, progesterone and lactogen. Mobilization of stored fat depots in late pregnancy may provide a reservoir of fatty acids for fetal growth and placental tissue steroid synthesis. This physiologic increase in lipids performs an essential role during pregnancy; however, elevated levels of lipids in predisposed women o...
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CONCLUSIONS: Management of pregnant women with cancer should be performed in specialized cancer centers and all cases should be discussed with a multidisciplinary approach. In the present review, we discuss the current recommendations for the management of pregnancies complicated by cancer and neonatal outcomes. PMID: 30318875 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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Authors: Seravalli V, Di Tommaso M, Petraglia F Abstract The main challenges in pregnancies affected by fetal growth restriction consist in identifying signs of disease progression and determining the appropriate timing of delivery. The risk of continuing the pregnancy must be balanced with the risk of prematurity, which depends on gestational age. To allow appropriate monitoring of the growth-restricted fetus, several surveillance tests are available. These include ultrasound Doppler velocimetry of feto-placental vessels, cardiotocography, and amniotic fluid evaluation. It is well known that the combination of tes...
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Authors: Witkin SS, Nasioudis D, Leizer J, Minis E, Boester A, Forney LJ Abstract Histone deacetylase (HDAC) influences the acetylation status of histones at gene promotor loci, providing an epigenetic mechanism that regulates gene expression. We determined if variations in the composition of the vaginal microbiome in pregnant women were associated with alterations in the level of HDAC1 in vaginal epithelial cells and whether this influenced the concentration of compounds present in vaginal fluid. Vaginal epithelial cells were obtained from 150 women in their first trimester of pregnancy, lysed and assayed for HDAC...
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Authors: Muzii L, Di Tucci C, Di Feliciantonio M, Galati G, Marchetti C, Perniola G, Pecorini F, Benedetti Panici P Abstract Endometriosis, in spite of decades of research on the topic, remains a mysterious and elusive disease. Both in the fields of diagnosis and treatment, many issues remain unresolved, and the scientific community strives in trying to find universal criteria for diagnosis, and algorithms of treatment that may be universally applied. Recently, there has been a shift away from the view of the need of invasive diagnosis and therapy with the universal use of laparoscopy. Today the diagnosis of endome...
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CONCLUSIONS: The potential consequences of adenomyosis during pregnancy are difficult to evaluate because, now, there are few data available concerning adenomyosis and major obstetrical complications and because the study populations of those studies were small. Our results suggest that women with adenomyosis have needed of a prenatal management in a tertiary center. PMID: 30318871 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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