Poster 23: Measuring the Effect of Patient and Caregiver Education on Preventing UTI and the Inappropriate Treatment of Catheter-Associated Bacteriuria in the Outpatient Spinal Cord Injury Population

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In conclusion, taller body height at the entry to adulthood, supposed to be a marker of early-life environment, is associated with lower risk of dementia diagnosis later in life. The association persisted when adjusted for educational level and intelligence test scores in young adulthood, suggesting that height is not just acting as an indicator of cognitive reserve. A Comparison of Biological Age Measurement Approaches Researchers here assess the performance of a range of approaches to measuring biological...
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Authors: Fogarty MJ, Sieck GC Abstract Introduction: Neuromotor control of diaphragm muscle and the recovery of diaphragm activity following spinal cord injury has been narrowly focused on ventilation. By contrast, the understanding of neuromotor control for non-ventilatory expulsive/straining maneuvers (including coughing, defecation and parturition) is relatively impoverished. This variety of behaviours is achieved via the recruitment of the diverse array of motor units that comprise the diaphragm muscle.Areas covered: The neuromotor control of ventilatory and non-ventilatory behaviors in health and in the contex...
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ConclusionOur results demonstrate that either Endomorphin-1 or CGRP receptor antagonist is able to decrease the neuropathic pain after SCI but combination therapy by a CGRP receptor antagonist and Endomorphin-1 did not make any further reduction in pain sensation.
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CONCLUSION: We conclude that CEUS has the spatial and temporal sensitivity and resolution to visualize local tissue perfusion and vessel architecture, which maybe useful clinically to determine injury extent and severity in patients with SCI. PMID: 32074323 [PubMed - in process]
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Journal of Neurotrauma, Ahead of Print.
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Spinal Cord, Published online: 21 February 2020; doi:10.1038/s41393-020-0439-1The effects of 10,000 voluntary contractions over 8 weeks on the strength of very weak muscles in people with spinal cord injury: a randomised controlled trial
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Glial signals are known to inhibit axonal regeneration and functional recovery after mammalian central nervous system trauma, including spinal cord injury. Such signals include membrane-associated proteins of the oligodendrocyte plasma membrane and astrocyte-derived, matrix-associated proteins. Here, using cell lines and primary cortical neuron cultures, recombinant protein expression, immunoprecipitation and immunoblot assays, transmission EM of exosomes, and axon regeneration assays, we explored the secretion and activity of the myelin-associated neurite outgrowth inhibitor Nogo-A and observed exosomal release of a 24-kD...
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The protein Nogo-A has been widely studied for its role in inhibiting axonal regeneration following injury to the central nervous system, but the mechanism by which the membrane-bound Nogo-A is presented intercellularly is not fully understood. New research suggests that a highly inhibitory fragment of Nogo-A is generated by the amyloid precursor protein protease BACE1 and presented on the membranes of exosomes following spinal cord injury. This finding represents a new mode through which Nogo-A may exert its effects in the central nervous system.
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ConclusionsDespite published reports showing benefit for pain control in patients with BPA, the overall low quality, retrospective evidence included in this review highlights the need for a rigorous prospective study to further address this indication.
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Ventilators are used by patients who lose lung function due to complications from a variety of diseases such as spinal cord injuries, COPD, stroke, pneumonia, and ALS. In addition to dealing with a debilitating situation, patients tend to be hooked t...
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