Whooping Cough (Pertussis) Whooping Cough (Pertussis)

Outbreaks of whooping cough are on the rise in the US. Review the diagnosis, prevention, and optimal treatment of this potentially serious respiratory infection in this article.U.S. Pharmacist
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US health officials are bracing for an outbreak of whooping cough, an infectious disease that is rarely serious in adults but can be deadly in infants and children who haven't had all vaccines.
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The only thing worse than getting the flu is catching it after you’ve gotten a flu shot. It’s been a terrible year for outbreaks — the worst in almost a decade. Contributing to that is the high failure rate of this year’s vaccine. The current shot is just 25 percent effective against the H3N2 virus, this season’s most-often-identified strain by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The experts say, with enough time and money, they can do a lot better. “There has to be a wholesale change to how we make the flu vaccine,” said Amesh Adalja, senior scholar at Johns Hopkins Ce...
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Follow me on Twitter @RobShmerling This is the time of year when it’s important to think about flu vaccinations. And there’s good reason for that! The flu causes thousands of preventable hospitalizations and deaths each year. But what about other vaccinations? Do you think of them as something for kids? You aren’t alone. And it’s true, a number of vaccinations are recommended for young children as well as preteens and teenagers. These vaccinations have provided an enormous benefit to public health by preventing diseases that were common and sometimes deadly in the past, including polio, rubella, and...
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Health department says about 1,000 people in the community had close contact with someone who has the highly contagious respiratory disease
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Conclusion The message is clear, as far as governments are concerned: the more often something is repeated, the more likely the public will believe it. Or, in the words of Joseph Goebbels, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” [8]   References https://learning.blogs.nytimes.com…history-and-biology-of-vaccines/ http://www.ukcolumn.org/article/magic-madness-governments-nlp-assault-our-minds https://thenib.com/vaccines-work-here-are-the-facts-5de3d0f9ffd0 https://www.popsci.com/16-african-countries-have-overtaken-us-measles-vaccinations https:...
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Publication date: Available online 2 November 2017 Source:Journal of Health Economics Author(s): Emily Oster Parental fear of vaccines has limited vaccination rates in the United States. I test whether disease outbreaks increase vaccination using a new dataset of county-level disease and vaccination data. I find that pertussis (whooping cough) outbreaks in a county decrease the share of unvaccinated children entering kindergarten. These responses do not reflect changes in the future disease risk. I argue that these facts are best fit by a model in which individuals are both myopic and irrational. This suggests that better...
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In addition to different injuries, infections are the most common reason for giving up training altogether or reducing its volume and intensity, as well as a lack of opportunities to participate in sports competitions. Nowadays, a slow but constant re ‑ emergence of pertussis, especially among teenagers and young adults, including athletes, can be observed. This paper describes an outbreak of pertussis among professional Polish shooters, focusing on the transmission of Bordetella pertussis infection between members of the national team, its influence on performance capacity and adverse event analysis. From 9 June, 2015 t...
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Southern Alberta is seeing a surge in cases of pertussis, or whooping cough, and a health official says it’s directly related to low immunization rates in some areas.
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This study describes an outbreak of B. parapertussis in Southeastern Minnesota and the United States (US) in 2014. This was a retrospective analysis of Mayo Clinic and Mayo Medical Laboratories patients who tested positive for B. parapertussis from 2012 to 2014. The medical records of Mayo Clinic patients who tested positive in 2014 were reviewed for demographic information, presenting symptoms, disease course, and vaccination history. In Southeast Minnesota, 81% of the 31 patients who tested positive for B. parapertussis in 2014 were found to be positive from October through December. Their mean age was 5.9 years. Five re...
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