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How to Support a Family Member Struggling with Anxiety

Anxiety is a novel concept in society. Millions of people all over the world struggle with symptoms related to anxiety every day. This common ailment is characterized by uneasiness, uncertainty, obsessive thinking, palpitations, and panic. I can be abrupt and overwhelming, resulting in a feeling of lacking control. However you can support a family member struggling with anxiety. In my entire career as a counselor, I have come across different individuals from diverse backgrounds who tried all means of medication, therapy, meditation, acupuncture, etc. Different treatment options work differently for everyone. With my experience in the field, I firmly believe that the procedure listed below will be helpful in eradicating anxiety. Steer Away from Judgement I would encourage you to stop and think before making a judgmental comment to your family member or spouse about their anxiety symptoms. Anxiety causes negative and irrational thoughts, which can result in harsh self-criticism, so you do not need to fuel the fire! This is the time to show love and care. Make genuine comments to praise their abilities, no matter how frustrated you are or helpless you feel. You may not be able to fix your loved one’s anxiety, that is a battle they will have to fight with your support. Journal: Writing Down the Obvious The first and fundamental principle in overcoming anxiety is by allowing the person to write out certain details that prompt the...
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BackgroundThe essential physical role, visibility and social importance of the hands place a major psychological burden on patients with hand eczema. ObjectivesThe aim of this study was to identify the psychological, social and clinical characteristics of patients with hand eczema, in particular the prevalences of depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, and comorbidities. Materials and methodsData on patients with hand eczema were analysed from a large European multicentre study conducted with dermatology outpatients from 13 countries. Groups of patients and controls were compared to analyse the psychological burden of han...
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ConclusionsIn gynaecological cancer survivors, DT may perform fairly well as a first stage screening tool for distress, but a second stage is likely needed due to a high number of false positives. DT and HADS scores may predict the number of supportive conversations needed in an individualised intervention in gynaecological cancer survivors.
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ConclusionAYA patients make up a small number of overall referrals to an IO consultation, presenting with a low to moderate symptom burden. Physical CIM interventions such as yoga and pilates are of greater interest to the AYA population, suggesting the importance of making such interventions available in cancer programs serving this population.
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The pressure of an intense physical race combined with methodical target shooting gives biathletes a unique perspective on coping with stress.
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Loneliness and attitude towards aloneness have been shown to be associated to depression, anxiety, and other psychiatric disorders in adolescents and they may also increase the vulnerability to Non-Suicidal Self-Injury (NSSI). Therefore, the present study investigated the association between lifetime prevalence and functions of NSSI, parent- and peer-related loneliness, and attitude towards aloneness (positive and negative). Data regarding NSSI, loneliness, and attitude towards aloneness were collected from a sample of 401 high school students from three different high schools located in the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium....
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Conclusions: Online blogs are a rich source of qualitative data that can give unique insight into issues faced by cancer survivors. Bloggers’ accounts confirmed that PCF is a complex issue that can be a significant source of frustration in their everyday lives. This study highlighted that bloggers with PCF appear to have some coping strategies and understanding of PCF, yet these are not always consistent with current medical and psychological knowledge. Implications for Practice: This study has demonstrated that blogs can offer valuable information to existing knowledge of cancer survivors’ experiences and...
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Conclusions: The review revealed key areas of psychosocial concerns among young AA survivors including ongoing anxiety/depression, cognitive changes, and relationships. Identified gaps include paucity of research with young AA survivors and their residual psychosocial concerns. Implications for Practice: Review findings indicate a need to increase survivorship research on young AA survivors. Researchers, clinicians, and young AA survivors must partner in efforts to understand psychosocial concerns and translate findings into clinical practice (ie, use of psychosocial distress tools, distress de-escalation protocols, a...
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This study aimed to determine the knowledge, attitudes, and practices of Turkish oncology nurses regarding CAM. A descriptive cross-sectional survey of 127 participants was conducted in Ankara, Turkey. A semistructured questionnaire including characteristics, knowledge, attitudes, and practices of oncology nurses toward CAM was administered to participants. We found that more than half of nurses (54.0%) surveyed had no information on CAM modalities. Most oncology nurses (81.1%) used audiovisual media sources to obtain CAM information. Many nurses (81.3%) reported not using any CAM in cancer care, and only 26.8% recommended...
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Publication date: 23 March 2018 Source:Neuroscience Letters, Volume 670 Author(s): Atsushi Toyoda, Hikari Shimonishi, Mizuho Sato, Kento Usuda, Natsuki Ohsawa, Kentaro Nagaoka Diverse commercially available feeds are used in animal studies according to the purpose of the studies. We sought to understand the relationship between feed ingredients and their effects on animal physiology and behaviors. Here, we investigated how male laboratory mice (C57BL/6J (“B6”) mice) were affected by chronic feeding with two commercially available diets, a non-purified diet (MF) and a semi-purified diet (AIN-93G). In B6 mice, b...
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