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​Trial fail for Cambridge-based Sage casts doubt on lead drug

Sage Therapeutics reported Tuesday morning that its drug to treat a severe and life-threatening form of epilepsy failed to meet the main goal of a late-stage trial. As of 6:50 a.m. Tuesday, Sage's shares were down 24 percent. If the drop holds until stocks open at 9:30 it would shave nearly $1 billion off the company's market capitalization. Cambridge-based Sage (Nasdaq: SAGE), which had 135 employees as of February, was testing its lead drug, called rexanol one, plus the current standard treatments…
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Authors: Lee CA, Chin LS, Li L Abstract Hypertonia is a neurological dysfunction associated with a number of central nervous system disorders, including cerebral palsy, Parkinson's disease, dystonia, and epilepsy. Genetic studies have identified a homozygous truncation mutation in Trak1 that causes hypertonia in mice. Moreover, elevated Trak1 protein expression is associated with several types of cancers and variants in Trak1 are linked to childhood absence epilepsy in humans. Despite the importance of Trak1 in health and disease, the mechanisms of Trak1 action remain unclear and the pathogenic effects of Trak1 mut...
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Epilepsy is a common but hidden disorder, leading to stigma in everyday life. Despite stigma being widely researched, little is known about the impact of stigma for people with epilepsy within a sports and exercise setting. Using constructionist grounded t...
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(Wiley) In a study published in Epilepsia, young people taking anti-epileptic drugs experienced elevated rates of bone fractures and had reductions in tibial bone mineral density and lower limb muscle force.
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In this study, the latest research findings regarding the structure, type, distribution, and function of VGSCs in the nervous system and their relationship to neurological diseases, such as epilepsy, neuropathic pain, brain tumors, neural trauma, and multiple sclerosis, are reviewed in detail. PMID: 28922053 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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Authors: Chen YC, Zhu GY, Wang X, Shi L, Du TT, Liu DF, Liu YY, Jiang Y, Zhang X, Zhang JG Abstract Objective The therapeutic efficacy of anterior thalamic nuclei deep brain stimulation (ATN-DBS) against seizures has been largely accepted; however, the effects of ATN-DBS on disruption of the blood-brain barrier (BBB), albumin extravasation, inflammation and apoptosis still remain unclear. Methods Rats were distributed into four treatment groups: physiological saline (PS, N = 12), kainic acid (KA, N = 12), KA-sham-DBS (N = 12) and KA-DBS (N = 12). Seizures were monitored using...
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The Synechococcus elongatus COG0325 gene pipY functionally interacts with the nitrogen regulatory gene pipX. As a first step toward a molecular understanding of such interactions, we characterized PipY. This 221‐residue protein is monomeric and hosts pyridoxal phosphate (PLP), binding it with limited affinity and losing it upon incubation with D‐cycloserine. PipY crystal structures with and without PLP reveal a single‐domain monomer folded as the TIM barrel of type‐III fold PLP enzymes, with PLP highly exposed, fitting a role for PipY in PLP homeostasis. The mobile PLP phosphate‐anchoring C‐terminal helix might...
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AbstractNeurocysticercosis is the most common helminth infection of nervous system in humans caused by the encysted larvae ofTaenia solium. It is a major cause of epilepsy in tropical areas and the most common cause of focal-onset seizures in North Indian children. Children with neurocysticercosis have pleomorphic manifestations depending on the location, number and viability of the cysts and host response. In endemic areas, neurocysticercosis should be clinically suspected in any child with recent-onset seizures, headache or focal motor deficits where there is no other suggestion of an underlying neurological disorder. Di...
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Conclusion: Early recognition of the electroclinical phenotype by using aEEG may direct genetic testing and a precision medicine approach with sodium channel blockers in neonates withKCNQ2 mutations.Neonatology 2017;112:387-393
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Abstract Nestin is expressed in immature neuroepithelial and progenitor cell types and transiently upregulated in proliferative neuroglial cells responding to acute brain injury, including following seizures. In 36 temporal lobe (TLobe) specimens from patients with TLobe epilepsy (age range 8–60 years) we studied the number, distribution and morphology of nestin‐expressing cells (NEC) in the pes, hippocampus body, parahippocampal gyrus, amygdala, temporal cortex and pole compared with post mortem control tissues from 26 cases (age range 12 gestational weeks to 76 years). The proliferative fraction of NEC was evalua...
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Conclusion: LCM combined with retigabine possesses a beneficial preclinical profile (benefit index ranged from 2.07 to 2.50) and this 2-drug combination is worth recommending as treatment plan to patients with pharmacoresistant epilepsy.Pharmacology 2018;101:22-28
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