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A retrospective analysis of mathieu and tip urethroplasty techniques for distal hypospadias repair; A 20 year experience.

In this study, the records of 492 consecutive patients that had undergone an operation for distal hypospadias in the urology clinic of Ankara between May 1990 and December 2010 using either Mathieu or TIPU surgical techniques were reviewed retrospectively. The patients who had glanular, coronal, and subcoronal meatus, were accepted as distal hypospadias cases. Among the 492 examined medical records, it was revealed that 331 and 161 surgical interventions were performed by using the Mathieu urethroplasty technique (Group-1) and TIP urethroplasty technique (Group-2), respectively. Group-1 was divided into two subgroups; namely Group-1a (patients with primary hypospadias) and Group-1b (patients with previous hypospadias operation). Likewise, Group-2 was divided into two subgroups; namely group-2a and group-2b. The patients' ages, number of previously urethroplasty operations, localization of the external urethral meatus prior to the operation, chordee state, length of the newly formed urethra, whether urinary diversion was done or not, post-operative complications and data regarding the follow-up period were evaluated, and the effects of these variables on the surgical outcome were investigated via statistical analyses. The primary objective of this study is to identify the changes in the application rate of two surgical techniques in distal hypospadias repair over the a 20 year period, and the secondary objectives are to compare the most popular two surgical repair techniques f...
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Conclusions: Under energy balance conditions, REE increased 22 h after both moderate-intensity and high-intensity exercise. Exercise-induced muscle damage/repair and increased sympathetic tone may contribute to increased REE, whereas uncoupled phosphorylation does not. These results suggest that moderate- to high-intensity exercise may be valuable for increasing energy expenditure for at least 22 h after the exercise.
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Hormesis is a near ubiquitous phenomenon in living organisms and their component parts: a little damage, a short or mild exposure to damaging circumstances, can result in a net benefit to health and longevity. Cells respond to damage or stress by increasing their self-repair efforts for some period of time, maintaining their function more effectively than would otherwise have been the case. At the high level, the outcomes of hormesis have been measured for a wide variety of stresses and systems, from individual cells to entire organisms. At the low level of specific biochemical processes and interaction of components insid...
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In this issue ofJAMA Facial Plastic Surgery, Christophel et al assess the value of a novel facial trauma simulation course given to 30 residents from 2 institutions. During this 1-day course, an impactor delivered a measurable force to create facial fractures in fresh frozen cadaver heads, which were then scanned with high-resolution computed tomography. Using each specimen ’s unique findings, a pair of trainees formulated and presented their theoretical treatment plan, which included airway management, fracture type, surgical approach, and type of fracture repair. Finally, the authors measured the improvement in the...
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Key Points Percutaneous mitral valve repair for symptomatic severe mitral regurgitation has rapidly evolved as a viable therapeutic option for high‐surgical risk patients. Both randomized clinical studies as well as real world registry data have demonstrated significant improvement in severity of MR and clinical outcomes. In carefully selected patients with severely reduced left ventricular systolic function and severe symptomatic MR, Mitraclip therapy seems to show promise.
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Conclusion: Hemodialysis intensity did not predict changes in either macro- or microvascular parameters. Inflammation mediated through the IL-8 pathway predicted microvascular injury while Flt-1, a potential marker of angiogenesis and endothelial repair, might have a significant protective role. Further understanding of these pathways will be necessary to improve dialysis outcomes.Kidney Blood Press Res 2017;42:905 –918
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This study aimed to evaluate the anticancer activity of CEP in p53 mutant versus p53 wild-type colorectal cancer cells and determine its underlying mechanisms of action. Our results showed that CEP induced colorectal cancer cell death in a concentration-dependent manner. Remarkably, CEP was more effective in controlling the growth of the p53 mutant colorectal cancer cell lines, HT‑29 and SW-620, than the p53 wild-type colorectal cancer cell lines, COLO‑205 and HCT-116. Further studies on the underlying mechanisms revealed that CEP could induce cell cycle arrest and apoptosis in both HT‑29 and COLO‑205 cells. Treatm...
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Should James Clement's name remain well-known in association any of the present day work on human longevity, one would hope it will be as one of the pioneers to first organize trials of senolytic therapies in humans, via his Betterhumans organization. This is far from the only research interest of this citizen scientist, however, and in past years he has put in a great deal of time and effort to expand what is known of the genetics and biochemistry of supercentenarians, rare individuals who survive past the age of 110. That is the focus of the article here. For my part I think that the genetics of supercentenarians ...
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The Cartiva implant (Cartiva, Alpharetta, GA) is an exciting option in dramatically diminishing patient symptoms in advanced stages of hallux rigidus as well as allowing continued joint motion. The procedure does not burn many bridges in case a future revision to an arthrodesis is necessary. This advantage is in contradistinction to other current implants whereby more bone resection is required for implant placement.
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