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A retrospective analysis of mathieu and tip urethroplasty techniques for distal hypospadias repair; A 20 year experience.

In this study, the records of 492 consecutive patients that had undergone an operation for distal hypospadias in the urology clinic of Ankara between May 1990 and December 2010 using either Mathieu or TIPU surgical techniques were reviewed retrospectively. The patients who had glanular, coronal, and subcoronal meatus, were accepted as distal hypospadias cases. Among the 492 examined medical records, it was revealed that 331 and 161 surgical interventions were performed by using the Mathieu urethroplasty technique (Group-1) and TIP urethroplasty technique (Group-2), respectively. Group-1 was divided into two subgroups; namely Group-1a (patients with primary hypospadias) and Group-1b (patients with previous hypospadias operation). Likewise, Group-2 was divided into two subgroups; namely group-2a and group-2b. The patients' ages, number of previously urethroplasty operations, localization of the external urethral meatus prior to the operation, chordee state, length of the newly formed urethra, whether urinary diversion was done or not, post-operative complications and data regarding the follow-up period were evaluated, and the effects of these variables on the surgical outcome were investigated via statistical analyses. The primary objective of this study is to identify the changes in the application rate of two surgical techniques in distal hypospadias repair over the a 20 year period, and the secondary objectives are to compare the most popular two surgical repair techniques f...
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Abstract Large infected bone defects, often resulting from high energy traumas, are difficult to treat due to their variability in complexity and location. Standard treatment for infected bone defects begins with a protocol that includes a series of debridements in conjunction with an extended course of systemic antibiotics. Only after the infection has been eliminated will repair of the defect commence, typically with implantation of autologous bone. To address some of the shortcomings of the standard treatment methods, such as serial procedures, limited grafting material, and the need for a second surgical site for autol...
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In the decade since the militant group Hamas waged civil war with its rival Fatah political party, the stateless Palestinians have been left without a unified voice on the world stage. Now, that might be about to change. Over the weekend Hamas took a step toward unity by agreeing to elections in Gaza and the West Bank, raising the prospect of reunification after ten years of squabbling and violence. Few think the political split is over for good, but Hamas’ move reflects a desire by the group to come in from the cold — and creates a chance to ease the plight of the 1.8 million Palestinians living under an Israe...
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ConclusionOur results provide further evidence that radiomics MR features could predict MGMT methylation status in preoperative GBM. Multiple imaging modalities together can yield putative noninvasive biomarkers for the identification of MGMT.Level of Evidence: 4Technical Efficacy: Stage 2 J. Magn. Reson. Imaging 2017.
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A major risk factor for the development of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is increasing age, but the reason behind this association has not been identified. It is thought that the changes in endocytosis seen in AD patients are causal for this condition. Thus, we hypothesized that the increased risk of developing AD associated with ageing may be because of changes in endocytosis. We investigated using Western blotting whether the expression of endocytic proteins involved in clathrin-mediated and clathrin-independent endocytosis are altered by increasing age in a mouse model of amyloid pathology. We used mice transgenic for ...
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This study builds upon our previous work by exploring whether exercise modulates PFC function, specifically DA levels and DA receptor expression in the 1-methyl-4-phenyl-1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridine (MPTP)-mouse model of DA depletion. We found that exercise restores PFC DA levels, reverses the MPTP-induced increase in DA-D1R and decrease in DA-D4R, and exerts differential effects on D2Rs. The modest effect of exercise in PFC function may suggest that other types of exercise, such as those that are more skill based, would be required to target these cognitive behavioral circuits.
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Peripheral nerve injury therapy in the clinic remains less than satisfactory. The gold standard of treatment for long peripheral nerve defects is autologous nerve grafts; however, numerous clinical complications are associated with this treatment. As tissue engineering has developed, tissue-engineered nerve grafts (TENGs) have shown potential applications as alternatives to autologous nerve grafts. To verify the important role of the biomimetic pathway of fascicle design in TENGs, we designed an animal model to study the role of the precise matching of fascicles in the effectiveness of nerve function recovery. 24 Sprague-D...
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I recently blew a tire while out on a bike ride; I must have hit a rock or something. I looked up bike repair shops on Yelp
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Funded by the SENS Research Foundation and allied philanthropists, the researchers at the Spiegel Lab are working on the tools needed to build the means to remove glucosepane cross-links from aged tissue. Like clearance of senescent cells, this is one of the more promising near-term approaches to rejuvenation therapies because it is just the single, narrow problem, rather an enormous range of compounds and mechanisms grouped into a category, as is the case for amyloids, lipofusin, and other forms of damaging metabolic waste. It should be possible to develop and deploy working approaches to glucosepane cross-link breaking i...
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This article reviews the presentations and discussions from the 2017 CHPCA Meeting in order to disseminate this knowledge and accelerate new biological understandings and advances in the treatment of patients with metastatic prostate cancer.
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(University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston) Researchers at McGovern Medical School at UTHealth have discovered a way to turn neutrophils from toxic to helpful after a hemorrhagic stroke.
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