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St. Martin ’s Residents Are Struggling With Desperate Conditions in the Wake of Hurricane Irma

(PHILIPSBURG, St. Martin) — Dominga Tejera picked her way around fallen palm trees rotting in mud as she returned home after a nine-hour workday as a hospital janitor on a Caribbean island that until recently seemed like paradise. She collapsed into a small plastic chair that has served as a makeshift bed since Hurricane Irma ripped the roof from her home as it pummeled St. Martin as a Category 5 storm. “It’s sad when you come home to this,” she said as she began to cry. “You try to stay strong in public, but once inside, you break.” Hundreds of people across an island shared by Dutch St. Martin and French St. Martin are trying to rebuild the lives they had before the hurricane hit, celebrating little things like a rare evening breeze that clears the stifling air amid a widespread power outage and laughing as a radio announcer cheerfully announces, “The dentist is open!” But many like Tejera are struggling to maintain a semblance of the life they had before Irma as they fight off hunger and thirst. “There’s no food here. There’s no water here,” said 70-year-old Germania Perez. Help was making it to the island, from the Dutch and French governments, other nations and private organizations. A French military ship with supplies was due to arrive Tuesday, coinciding with a visit by French President Emmanuel Macron. Hundreds of tourists are still trying to leave the island, with dozens lining up outside the P...
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Don ’t hate me, but I’m a really good sleeper and usually get a solid eight hours. I rarely wake up in the night and I don’t use an alarm clock to get me up, writes PROFESSOR RICHARD WISEMAN.
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Abstract Background: Obesity, systemic arterial hypertension (SAH) and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) are closely related. Up to 70% of patients with OSA may be asymptomatic, and there is evidence that these patients have cardiovascular disease, especially nocturnal SAH. Objectives: The aim of this study was to evaluate 24-hour blood pressure circadian variation in asymptomatic, obese individuals with moderate-to-severe OSA and compare it with that in individuals with mild OSA or without OSA. Methods: Eighty-six obese subjects aged between 30 and 55 years (BMI 30-39 kg/m2), with casual blood pressure
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Abstract: Chronic pain following median sternotomy is common after cardiac surgery. If left untreated, chronic sternal pain can reduce quality of life, affecting sleep, mood, activity level, and overall satisfaction. This has a significant societal effect given the large number of cardiac surgeries annually. Although a number of pathophysiologic processes and risk factors are assumed to contribute, the exact cause and major risk factors remain unknown. Moreover, the treatment of chronic poststernotomy pain is often inadequate, relying on opioids and other medications that provide minimal benefit to the patient and have sig...
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Background: Saline nasal irrigation is labelled as an add-on treatment in patients with allergic rhinitis (AR). The primary aim of this study was to compare the efficacy of 21-day use of buffered hypertonic saline (BHS) versus normal saline solution (NSS) on reducing nasal symptoms in children with seasonal AR (SAR). Comparing their efficacy on nasal cytology counts (NCC), quality of life, and sleep quality was the secondary aim.Methods: In this 21-day,open-label, randomized controlled study, 36 SAR children (aged 6-13 years) with a Total 5 Symptom Score (T5SS) ≥5 received twice-daily BHS or NSS delivered through a nasa...
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Online CBT for insomnia effectively treats the sleep disorder and also dramatically reduces the subsequent occurrence of psychotic symptoms, including paranoia and hallucinations.Medscape Medical News
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While poor sleep has long been seen as a symptom of trauma and anxiety, the findings from Rutgers University show short and erratic shut-eye could also be a trigger for fear.
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I am exhausted. I have been too busy. I can't keep up with my last few days.My husband came home from his business trip on Thursday night late. I stayed up to wait for him so I didn't get enough sleep. Friday he took the day off and we went to the grocery store, the library, PT, and more. Friday night my brother and his girlfriend showed up - after I went to bed so I got up and talked to them for a bit. Saturday I had a craft show and we left the house at 7am. I wasn't home until 530 and then we went to my parents for dinner. Sunday I had a craft show and we left the house at 8am. I got home at 5pm. Then we went out to din...
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OBJECTIVE: Firehouse alarms are so loud they cause a systemic response, similar to the flight-or-flight response. The purpose of the study was to reduce firehouse environmental stimuli to improve sleep quality and, thus, reduce cardiac burden. METH...
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PURPOSE: To analyze differences in sleep quality and duration by athletic status and sex, and to examine the association between physical activity (PA) recommendation and sleep in adolescents. METHODS: A total of 267 adolescents [13.9 (0.3) y] from...
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We report a case of firing a loaded gun during sleep in a geriatric patient with undiagnosed major sleep disorders and multiple risk factors for sleep violence. Polysomnographic findings, diagnostic challenges, and forensic implications in this un...
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