Why Did I Feel So Bad?

I have good days and bad days. Little changes, like a poor night's sleep, can cause me problems for a few days. I realize that. Forgetting medication can really mess me up. Last winter I had a horrible cold and forgot to take my Lyrica for a few days. Then I started feeling even worse - the Lyrica hangover.... But then I figured it out and went back on it and felt better instantly.I have been feeling bad off and on all week but mostly with in reason. Until yesterday. I woke up achy and sore. I didn't sleep well because I couldn't get comfortable. I had a throbbing headache. My hands were really sore on Friday - I couldn't knit because they hurt so much. By 9am yesterday, I decided I was spending the day in bed.Then I found out my brother, his girlfriend and dog were coming for the weekend so I had to motivate. My brother has a standing invitation to come visit any time with or without kids, dog, girlfriend. Our guest room, a/k/a our finished basement is where people stay with a dog free overflow upstairs in a guestroom and the pull out couch in the livingroom. Before that text message, the basement was a disaster. All my knitting and weaving stuff was everywhere in piles, being sorted, finished, etc. So I had to motivate.While motivating and cleaning, I realized that all my problems were pain. My pain is primarily controlled by a 7 day pain patch that I change weekly. I realized I had no idea when I had last changed my pain patch which probably means it was more than a week. ...
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Conclusions: Valoctocogene roxaparvovec was found to be cost-saving-on average by about $6.8 million per patient-and more effective than prophylactic therapy for treatment of hemophilia A. The comparative benefit of gene therapy was observed across a broad range of simulated patients that were representative of the real-world severe hemophilia A population. PMID: 31971453 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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CONCLUSIONS: High YES1 cytoplasmic expression in EOC patient tissue is significantly correlated with favorable prognosis. Patients with high YES1 expression tend to be sensitive to platinum-based chemotherapy. PMID: 31970720 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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Eleven genes have been identified that increase the lifetime risk of developing ovarian cancer. The cumulative cancer risk of ovarian cancer varies with the mutation type and age. Ovarian cancer risk management options include surgical risk reduction with salpingo-oophorectomy and a newer step-wise approach with interval salpingectomy and delayed oophorectomy. Women should be counseled on the pros and cons of hysterectomy in the setting of reducing the risk of other cancers; eliminating the risk of endometrial cancer in Lynch Syndrome, potential risk of serous/serous-like endometrial cancer in BRCA1 carriers, and eliminati...
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Treatment for patients with advanced ovarian cancer includes a combination of platinum-based chemotherapy and maximally cytoreductive surgery. The 2 options for initial treatment include upfront surgery followed by adjuvant chemotherapy or neoadjuvant chemotherapy followed by interval surgery. Deciding between which approach is a on the basis of several factors: (1) resectability of disease; (2) patient factors such as age, albumin, and body mass index; (3) patient wishes; and (4) overall functional status. Research is needed to further refine these approaches and create a patient-focused treatment plan which includes nove...
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