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16 Dead as Strong Typhoon Floods Macau, Southern China

HONG KONG (AP) — The most powerful typhoon to hit the southern Chinese region in more than half a century left at least 16 dead as a sudden deluge swamped the gambling hub of Macau, submerging streets and stranding residents. Macau said Thursday that eight people were killed in the former Portuguese colony, including two men found overnight in a submerged parking garage. Another 153 were injured amid extensive flooding, power outages, and the smashing of doors and windows by high winds and driving rain. "It's a calamity, the losses are high and a lot of buildings need repair," said Macau lawmaker Jose Pereira Coutinho, adding that he heard from many people who still had no water or electricity a day after Typhoon Hato tore across the 30-square kilometer (19-square mile) territory. Coutinho said the flooding was at its worst in the older parts of the city's downtown, where narrow lanes date back from Macau's time as a Portuguese colony for more than four centuries. "People were just swimming, they cried for help. There were no boats. The water came so suddenly," said Coutinho, who slammed the city government for having "reacted so slowly and so badly." Casinos downtown "were either closed or barely operating," while some resorts in the newer Cotai district were in better shape but operating without air conditioning, Union Gaming Research analyst Grant Govertsen said in a report. The chief executive of Macau's local gove...
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Conclusion: Patients with SIRT1-expressing NSCLC had superior responses to chemotherapy and longer survival durations than those with SIRT1-negative cancer.Oncology
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Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) stimulation, as a prospective, noninvasive, and safe physical therapy strategy to accelerate bone repair has received tremendous attention in recent decades. Physical PEMF stimulation initiates the signaling cascades, which effectively promote osteogenesis and angiogenesis in an orchestrated spatiotemporal manner and ultimately enhance the self-repair capability of bone tissues. Considerable research progresses have been made in exploring the underlying cellular and subcellular mechanisms of PEMF promotion effect in bone repair. Moreover, the promotion effect has shown strikingly positiv...
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Terumo is launching in Europe its RelayPro Thoracic Stent-Graft System, initially being released to a limited set of institutions with wider availability expected soon. The device is designed to allow patients with narrower access vessels to benefit ...
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Authors: Miao C, Xiong Y, Zhang G, Chang J Abstract Many studies have shown that microRNAs (miRNAs) play important roles in the development of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF). The purpose of this review is to systematically summarize the recent advance of miRNAs in the pathology of IPF, highlighting the new research progress and their pathophysiological implication. Recent studies have shown that miRNAs differentially expressed in blood and lung tissue from IPF patients are closely related to the occurrence of IPF disease, which may be IPF diagnostic markers and prognostic indicators. Furthermore, studies have ...
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Authors: Dull AB, Wilsker D, Hollingshead M, Mazcko C, Annunziata CM, LeBlanc AK, Doroshow JH, Kinders RJ, Parchment RE Abstract DNA double strand breaks (DSBs) induced by cancer therapeutic agents can lead to DNA damage repair or persistent DNA damage, which can induce apoptotic cell death; however, apoptosis also induces DSBs independent of genotoxic insult. γH2AX is an established biomarker for DSBs but cannot distinguish between these mechanisms. Activated cleaved caspase-3 (CC3) promotes apoptosis by enhancing nuclear condensation, DNA fragmentation, and plasma membrane blebbing. Here, we describe an imm...
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In conclusion, inherent racial disparities appear to be present in the molecular profile of EC, which could have potential implications on clinical management. PMID: 29682207 [PubMed]
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Conclusions: ATM/RB1 mutations may be a biomarker of poor prognosis in unselected UC patients and may correlate with higher mutational load. Further studies are required to determine factors that can further stratify prognosis and evaluate predictive role of ATM/RB1 mutation status to immunotherapy and platinum-based chemotherapy. PMID: 29682192 [PubMed]
Source: Oncotarget - Category: Cancer & Oncology Tags: Oncotarget Source Type: research
Authors: Levin M, Stark M, Assaraf YG Abstract Histone methylation is regulated to shape the epigenome by modulating DNA compaction, thus playing central roles in fundamental chromatin-based processes including transcriptional regulation, DNA repair and cell proliferation. Histone methylation is erased by demethylases including the well-established KDM4 subfamily members, however, little is known about their dimerization capacity and its impact on their demethylase activity. Using the powerful bimolecular fluorescence complementation technique, we herein show the in situ formation of human KDM4A and KDM4C homodimer...
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First generation stem cell therapies largely achieve their results through brief signaling changes, not through any lasting work on the part of the transplanted cells. Those cells in fact die quite rapidly, but the signals they secrete while still alive change the behavior of native cells. This produces benefits such as reduced inflammation or improved regenerative capacity. Given this, why not deliver the signals instead of the cells? It could in principle be an easier, less complex task. Much of cell signaling involves the exchange of extracellular vesicles, tiny membrane-bound packages of molecules. Numerous groups are ...
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We read the article “Efficiency and Safety of Autologous Fat Grafts in Reconstructing Skull Base Defects After Resection of Skull Base Meningiomas”1 with great interest. In the study, the authors suggested reconstructing skull base defects by applying autologous free fat graft. After operation, a patient experience d complications of pneumocephalus and underwent 2 revision surgeries to repair the defect. Recently, we encountered a patient who underwent surgical removal of the right vestibular schwannoma, and pneumocephalus was also found after obtaining follow-up magnetic resonance imaging.
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