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This is the patient’s eight admission over the course of two weeks. The patient is a heroin abuser and has bacteremia and endocarditis. Their heart valve is failing and they are in and out of congestive heart failure. Every day, dozens of medical professionals converge on the patient to give treatment and advice. And every day after hearing that advice, the patient leaves the hospital against medical advice and goes to use IV drugs. They wind up back in the hospital out of fear or panic, or they are brought back in after overdosing by the police. The cycle continues. In this common daily scenario, it is very easy as a provider to lose hope. We are doing our absolute best to treat patients who, many times, do not want or refuse our help. In the throws of their addiction, these patients are focused only on the next high —regardless if that costs them their lives. Continue reading ... Your patients are rating you online: How to respond. Manage your online reputation: A social media guide. Find out how.
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Oncobiome at the Forefront of a Novel Molecular Mechanism to Understand the Microbiome and Cancer. Adv Exp Med Biol. 2019;1168:147-156 Authors: Astudillo-de la Vega H, Alonso-Luna O, Ali-Pérez J, López-Camarillo C, Ruiz-Garcia E Abstract The microbiome comprises all the genetic material within a microbiota, that represents tenfold higher than that of our cells. The microbiota it includes a wide variety of microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, protozoans, fungi, and archaea, and this ecosystem is personalized in any body space of every individual. Balanced microbial communities ca...
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DISCUSSION: ED utilization after outpatient hand surgery is low, with postoperative pain being the most common cause of an ED visit at all time points. Nearly 98% of patients presenting to the ED for postoperative pain are subsequently discharged home. LEVEL OF EVIDENCE: Level III, Retrospective Cohort. PMID: 31714419 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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" We want to be that helping hand to quit, whether it's smoking, whether it's vaping, whether it's alcohol — or even harder addictions like opioid addiction. "
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Researchers at Hannover Medical School said people addicted to buying things, particularly online, are more likely to show signs of depression or anxiety as well as facing financial troubles.
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Juul has been accused of getting teenagers hooked on vaping. New Penn State research reveals exactly how much nicotine they deliver, and that they earn they same score for addiction as cigarettes do.
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Condition:   Major Depressive Disorder Interventions:   Drug: Escitalopram;   Drug: Brexpiprazole Sponsors:   University Health Network, Toronto;   St. Michael's Hospital, Toronto;   Baycrest;   Centre for Addiction and Mental Health;   McMaster University;   Queen's University;   University of Ottawa;   University of British Columbia;   University of Calgary;   McGill Univ ersity;   Dalhousie University;   University&nbs...
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Condition:   Aortic Valve Insufficiency Interventions:   Diagnostic Test: Physical examination;   Diagnostic Test: The Ross Classification for Heart Failure in Children;   Diagnostic Test: The Aristotle score;   Other: Assessment of administered specific therapy;   Diagnostic Test: Multispiral computed tomography/3D echocardiography;   Dia gnostic Test: Transthoracic and transesophageal echocardiography;   Diagnostic Test: 12-lead electrocardiogram Sponsor:   National Medical Research Center for Children's Health, Russi...
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A new study from New York University School of Medicine has found that cannabis use disorder was 36 percent higher among adults in states where recreational marijuana is legal.
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It’s one of the goals of digital medicine: you wear a device on your wrist that constantly monitors aspects of your health, and if anything is off, it sends you an alert. That’s your cue to connect with your doctor or get a more thorough checkup to head off any potentially serious problems down the road. That’s the idea behind the Heart app on the Apple Watch, which can monitor heart pulse patterns, and detect abnormalities, which could indicate a condition called atrial fibrillation, or AFib. The irregular heart beats characteristic of AFib could lead to stroke, blood clots and heart failure. Researcher...
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Patients with heart failure from methamphetamine abuse tend to be worse off than others with HF, clinically and by echocardiography. But meds work just as well if the meth abuse stops, a study suggests.Medscape Medical News
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