Skewing the aim of targeted cancer therapies

(Georgia Institute of Technology) The aim of targeted gene-based cancer therapies could often be skewed from the start. A widespread concept about how cells produce proteins proved incorrect 62 percent of the time in a new study in ovarian cancer cells on the relationship between RNA and protein levels.
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Abstract HER2 is a member of epidermal factor receptor (EGFR) family which is overexpressed in breast cancer, ovarian cancer and gastric cancer. Development of new binders for cancer cell surface receptors and expressing them at the surface of exosomes would be a great approach in targeted cancer therapy. We found a high affinity scFv against HER2 using ribosome display with the approach of applying it as a targeting moiety at the surface of exosomes by fusion to lysosomal associated membrane protein 2B (LAMP2B). We also provide some structural information about the ribosome display selected scFv (scFv HFS2) throu...
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Abstract Sorcin (Soluble resistance related calcium binding protein) is a small soluble penta EF family (PEF) of calcium (Ca2+) binding protein (22,000 Da). It has been reported to play crucial roles in the regulation of calcium homeostasis, apoptosis, vesicle trafficking, cancer development, and multidrug resistance (MDR). Overexpression of sorcin has been reported to be associated with different cancers such as breast cancer, colorectal cancer, gastric cancer, leukemia, lung cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer, ovarian cancer, etc. Essentially, expression of sorcin has been found to be elevated in cancer cells as comp...
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Abstract TP53 is the most frequently mutated gene in human cancer and thus an attractive target for novel cancer therapy. Several compounds that can reactive mutant p53 protein have been identified. APR-246 is currently being tested in a phase II clinical trial in high-grade serous ovarian cancer. We have used RNA-seq analysis to study the effects of APR-246 on gene expression in human breast cancer cell lines. Although the effect of APR-246 on gene expression was largely cell line dependent, six genes were upregulated across all three cell lines studied, i.e., TRIM16, SLC7A11, TXNRD1, SRXN1, LOC344887, and SLC7A1...
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Abstract Anoikis-resistance is a critical step in cancer progression, especially during the process of metastasis. During this phase, the cancer phenotype that causes cell survival in detachment conditions, drug resistance, and epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EMT) is altered. Inhibition of anoikis-resistance can potentially be the molecular target in cancer therapy. Alpha-mangostin, an active compound in Garcinia mangostana, has been reported for its cell-death induction and its chemosensitizing and anti-metastatic properties in many cancer cell types, such as ovarian cancer, lung cancer, and hepatocellular ...
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This study sought to evaluate the prevalence of menopausal symptoms in a population of reproductive-aged women remote from cancer therapy compared to a group of healthy similar-aged controls, and to a cohort of late reproductive-aged (LR) controls.
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This study sought to model factors associated with the rate of recovery of measures of ovarian reserve (OR) after cancer therapy.
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LOS ANGELES– Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C), a division of the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF), is proud to announce that the Hollywood community is rallying together yet again to support the sixth biennial televised fundraising special. CBS will donate one hour of commercial-free primetime to broadcast the event on Friday, Sept. 7  from 8:00 – 9:00 PM ET/PT (7:00 – 8:00 PM CT). Mahershala Ali, Kathy Bates, Katie Couric, Jennifer Garner, Tony Hale, Marg Helgenberger, Ed Helms, Ken Jeong, Marlee Matlin, Matthew McConaughey, Maria Menounos, Jillian Michaels, Trevor Noah, Dak Prescott, Italia Ricci, ...
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Conclusion: Our findings are supportive of the potential role of Lt-OATP1B3 in cancer cells.
Source: Drug Metabolism Letters - Category: Drugs & Pharmacology Source Type: research
In this study, we linked the anti-HER2 single-chain variable fragment 4D5 scFv and the endoplasmic reticulum-targeting peptide KDEL to the C-terminal of the RTA to construct immunotoxin RTA-4D5-KDEL. In vitro experiments showed that the anticancer effect of RTA-4D5-KDEL towards ovarian cancer cells SKOV-3 increased 440-fold and 28-fold relative to RTA and RTA-4D5, respectively. RTA-4D5-KDEL had a strong inhibitory effect on HER2-overexpressing SKOV-3 cells and caused little damage to normal HEK-293 cells and H460 lung cancer cells. Immunofluorescence experiments showed that the immunotoxin RTA-4D5 could specifically bind t...
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Conclusion: Our results have led to new insights into the essential role of YWHAZ in the regulation of tumourigenesis, stem-like traits, and drug resistance in ovarian cancer, thereby helping to identify a potential target for ovarian cancer therapy.Cell Physiol Biochem 2018;49:53 –64
Source: Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry - Category: Cytology Source Type: research
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