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Heart attack - THIS could lower risk even if you have high blood pressure

HEART attacks - which are caused when blood supply to the heart is temporarily reduced or cut off - are usually caused by high cholesterol and high blood pressure.
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Authors: Refaat H, Sany D, Mohab A, Ezzat H Abstract Patients undergoing dialysis are at high risk for cardiovascular disease (CVD). Mortality differences between peritoneal dialysis (PD) and hemodialysis (HD) are widely debated. The question of whether dialysis modality affects the risk for CVD remains to be addressed.In the present study, we evaluated the influence of hemodialysis (HD) and peritoneal dialysis (PD) on survival and the risk of developing de novo CVD. Our observational prospective study enrolled 157 end-stage renal disease patients on HD or PD for 12 months. Patients with a history of malignancy, ch...
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In 2011, when she was 64, Umpun, from Thailand ’s northern Angthong Municipality, was diagnosed with high levels of cholesterol and the dietary fat triglyceride. This raised the threat of suffering from a cardiovascular disease, Thailand’s – and the world’s – leading cause of death, including of people aged under 70. “My doctor advised me to start physical activity and change my diet, and after I started exercising I later found that my triglycerides and cholesterol level had decreased,” says Umpun, now 70 and a village health volunteer. “I enjoyed very much this physical act...
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I was really excited to see a recent headline that said heart doctors should discuss herbal medicines with their patients. The recommendation came from a study in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.1 I thought this was a real breakthrough. I thought it meant cardiologists had finally seen the light… Boy, was I wrong… The article said doctors should learn about herbal medicines so they could STOP their patients from using them. You see, supplement use is at an all-time high. About 70% of Americans take them. That’s a lot of people. And Big Pharma would love to capture that market. So they...
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This study featured two independent experiments. The first established the safety of administering a therapeutic gene delivery vector, BNP116, created from an inactivated virus over three months, into 48 pigs without heart failure through the coronary arteries via catheterization using echocardiography. The second experiment examined the efficacy of the treatment in 13 pigs with severe heart failure induced by mitral regurgitation. Six pigs received the gene and 7 received a saline solution. The researchers determined that the gene therapy was safe and significantly reversed heart failure by 25 percent in the left v...
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Conclusion: Our work provides a simple risk-scoring system for sudden death prediction in hypertension, using individual data from six randomized controlled trials of antihypertensive treatments. HYSUD score could help assessing a hypertensive individual's risk of sudden death and optimizing preventive therapeutic strategies for these patients.
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Conclusions There remain opportunities for improving prevention in patients at risk for cardiovascular events. Our study identified certain patient subgroups that may benefit from interventions to enhance medication adherence, particularly by minimizing treatment gaps and discontinuation of statin therapy within the first year of treatment.
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It seems to be a requirement that any review of what is known of the mechanisms of vascular aging must include a quote from Thomas Sydenham. You might compare the open access here with another noted earlier in the month, both of which feature that same quoted remark. Vascular aging is indeed an important component of age-related mortality, but we should expect two near future rejuvenation therapies to greatly improve matters, more so than has been possible through the medical advances of past decades, such as the introduction of statins. Senescent cells and cross-links both contribute to vascular stiffness and chron...
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In this study, researchers put some numbers to the correlation, and improve on previous attempts to rule out wealth and other effects as significant contributing causes. A study finds that a Chinese policy is unintentionally causing people in northern China to live 3.1 years less than people in the south, due to air pollution concentrations that are 46 percent higher. These findings imply that every additional 10 micrograms per cubic meter of particulate matter pollution reduces life expectancy by 0.6 years. The elevated mortality is entirely due to an increase in cardiorespiratory deaths, indicating that air poll...
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Background: Although thyroid hormone (TH) has important effects on lipid metabolism, the relationship between TH and statin responsiveness has never been investigated. We hypothesized that TH plays an important role in statin responsiveness in AMI patients.Methods: Consecutive 1091 hospitalized AMI patients in Fuwai hospital were enrolled. The study population was divided into three groups based on the intensity of statin treatment: low (n=221), moderate (n=712) and high (n=158). Lipid levels were measured after statin therapy lasting for 10-14 days. We explored the association between TH, lipid levels and achievement of l...
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