Vitamin B3 found in Marmite not proven to prevent miscarriage

Conclusion This early-stage laboratory research has pinpointed two potential genes that might be responsible for some miscarriages and birth defects. As well as identifying a problem, the researchers also managed to find a solution: the effect of these genes can be combatted by increasing vitamin B3 intake. But treating a very specific and uncommon cause of birth defects in mice is certainly not a sure-fire solution to "significantly reduce the number of miscarriages and birth defects around the world". We need future research to see if the same effect would happen in humans. Also, three of the four children included in the study were the offspring of parents who were related by blood. This might mean that the type of genetic mutations studied in this research are more specific to the children of parents who are related. A vitamin B3 supplement might have less of an effect on other types of mutations, but we can't say at this stage. Overall, it seems like upping vitamin B3 intake in mothers who are deficient might have the potential to help prevent miscarriage and congenital malformations. Testing vitamin B3 levels in pregnant women or women trying to get pregnant to see if they're deficient would identify those who might benefit the most. And eating more foods like Marmite, meats like turkey and chicken, and vegetables like mushrooms and green peas could be one way to get more vitamin B3. Long-term high-dose vitamin B3 supplements should be avoided as this ...
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Authors: López-Sánchez GN, Dóminguez-Pérez M, Uribe M, Nuño-Lámbarri N Abstract Acute-on-chronic liver failure (ACLF) is a life-threatening condition characterized by a rapid deterioration of previously well-compensated chronic liver diseases. One of the main obstacles in ACLF is the lack of knowledge of the pathogenesis and specific broad-spectrum treatments. An excessive systemic inflammatory response has been proposed to explain the pathogenesis of ACLF; this hypothesis involves stellate cells, which are implicated in many liver homeostatic functions that include vitamin...
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This article discusses the medications used to treat AIBD prior to conception, during pregnancy, and while breastfeeding, as well as highlights those that are contraindicated. The preferred approach to management in these patients is also discussed. Additionally, we present the available information regarding neonates of mothers with a diagnosis of AIBD, including the likelihood, identification, and management of neonatal blistering and the effects from medication exposure in utero. PMID: 31195784 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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CONCLUSIONS: Our intervention was effective, by significantly improving the participants' knowledge and by inducing significant behavioral changes. Improving the formulation of alcoholic hand rubs may be a key factor to encourage their use. Coexisting non-occupational risk behaviors are just as important in the prevention of CHE. PMID: 31195780 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
Source: Giornale Italiano di Dermatologia e Venereologia - Category: Dermatology Tags: G Ital Dermatol Venereol Source Type: research
Publication date: Available online 15 June 2019Source: Journal of Health EconomicsAuthor(s): Daniel KuehnleAbstractStudies examining the introduction of pictorial warnings on cigarette packages provide inconclusive evidence due to small samples and methodological issues. We use individual-level panel data from Australia to examine the association between pictorial warnings and smoking behaviour – prevalence, quitting, initiating and relapsing. The pictorial warnings were accompanied by a reference to a smoking cessation helpline and supportive television commercials. Applying an event study framework, we show that th...
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Conclusion: The major potential biomarkers in maternal urine associated with CHD were 4-hydroxybenzeneacetic acid, 5-trimethylsilyloxy-n-valeric acid, propanedioic acid, hydracrylic acid, and uric acid, respectively. These results indicated that the short chain fatty acids (SCFAs) and aromatic amino acid metabolism may be relevant with CHD. PMID: 31198782 [PubMed - in process]
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When consumed by women before and during pregnancy, folic acid, a B vitamin, may help prevent neural tube defects (NTDs).
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Si compra productos importados comercializados como “suplementos dietéticos” y productos medicinales de venta libre, tenga cuidado. Abundan las estafas de fraude a la salud, particularmente en tiendas internacionales o étnicas, mercados de pulgas, mercados de intercambio y en Internet.
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In this study, pregnancy medical records of women were analyzed. Data related to questionnaires which had been provided during hospital stays for nutritional consumption were gathered. Demographic characteristics and health outcomes of mothers and their children were recorded. Correlations of health outcomes with maternal nutrition were tested with respect to Z-scores at 95% confidence level. RESULTS Based on the health outcomes of mothers and their children, the study divided participants into 2 groups. The first group was mothers and their children with good health outcomes (live births with weighing ≥2.5 kg; the GHO ...
Source: Medical Science Monitor - Category: Research Tags: Med Sci Monit Source Type: research has certainly made a name for himself in the music world storming the charts with his band, Black Eyed Peas. The music legend discusses his scary discovery when a constant ring in his head turned out to be tinnitus.
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This study was undertaken to evaluate the antimicrobial resistance patterns of toxigenic C. difficile isolates cultured from diarrhoeal stool samples of hospitalised patients with suspected CDI in three tertiary care hospitals in Tehran, Iran.MethodsTwo hundred and fifty diarrhoeal stool samples were investigated by toxigenic culture using cycloserine-cefoxitin-fructose agar and the VERO cell line. Antimicrobial susceptibility to metronidazole, vancomycin, clindamycin, tetracycline, and moxifloxacin was performed by disk diffusion and Etest methods on Brucella Blood Agar supplemented with hemin and vitamin K.ResultsThirty-...
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