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Manual tactile sensation, digital radiograph, and multidetector computed tomography: An in vitro study.

Conclusion: Working length measurement with MDCT scan and other two conventional methods does not show significant difference in measurement. Use of newer 3D imaging technique is useful in root canal treatment for measuring working length.
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Authors: Schepers T, Misselyn D Abstract Calcaneal fractures are amongst the most complex injuries known to man. Their intricate anatomy and extensive damage after trauma make them difficult to understand and treat. Most surgeons specialized in foot and ankle trauma agree that in most patients surgical managements yields the best result. Functional outcome is largely dependent on preventing complications and restoring anatomy. Reconstruction of height and suntalar joint congruency for example are both associated with improved outcome. Over the years insight in the complex (patho-)anatomy has increased. First by con...
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Abstract The purpose of this study was to evaluate the dosimetric impact of including the patient table in Monte Carlo CT dose estimates for both spiral scans and scan projection radiographs (SPR). CT scan acquisitions were simulated for a Siemens SOMATOM Force scanner (Siemens Healthineers, Forchheim, Germany) with and without a patient table present. An adult male, an adult female and a pediatric female voxelized phantom were simulated. The simulated scans included tube voltages of 80 and 120 kVp. Spiral scans simulated without a patient table resulted in effective doses that were overestimated by approximately ...
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ConclusionThe incidence of delayed union of the pubis and ischium at one year after PAO according to CT scans was higher than that based on X-ray imaging. CT scans are useful in patients with some symptoms at the osteotomy site.Level of Evidence: Level III.
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In conclusion, the “tree‐in‐bud” pattern should be considered as a differential diagnosis for radiographic soft tissue opaque nodules in feline lungs. Based on lesion localization and presence or suspicion of a concomitant bronchial disease for cats in this sample, authors propose that the CT “tree‐in‐bud” pattern described in humans is also a characteristic of bronchial or bronchiolar plugging and bronchial disease in cats.
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There are times when clinical examinations, radiographs, and computed tomography scans do not provide sufficient information to know whether a scaphoid fracture or scaphoid bone graft has united, partially united, or not united. When this problem arises, arthroscopic examination of the scaphoid fracture or scaphoid bone graft provides additional information to solve the problem and plan further management in an evidence-based manner. The indications for the use of arthroscopy and surgical technique are described.
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Conclusions Our results suggest that digital image enhancement does not improve software-assisted vertebral fracture detection by CT scout.
Source: European Journal of Radiology - Category: Radiology Source Type: research
A 76-year-old man was referred to the emergency department after a week of dysphagia, odynophagia, change in voice, and an abnormal soft tissue neck radiograph at an urgent care office. He reported no fevers or chills, he was afebrile, and his vital signs were normal. On examination his breath was fetid, his voice was muffled, and the external neck and oropharynx were unremarkable. A computed tomography scan of the neck was performed in the emergency department (Figures  1 and 2). The patient's oropharynx and larynx were anesthetized to confirm the diagnosis by videolaryngoscopy (Figure 3).
Source: The Journal of Emergency Medicine - Category: Emergency Medicine Authors: Tags: Visual Diagnosis in Emergency Medicine Source Type: research
CONCLUSION: Although the Brooker Classification for HTO is a widely used quantitative and qualitative assessment tool given its simplicity and familiarity, it possesses several limitations. Utilization of other radiographic modalities, such as computed tomography, and orthogonal projections may reduce ambiguities from using the HTO system. Development of a classification method that can appropriately correspond to clinical outcomes such as functional capabilities versus further HTO development is warranted. Advances in knowledge: The present study critically evaluated the Brooker Classification system, and identified areas...
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ConclusionsThe zygomatic hexagonal implants ’ protocol guarantees barrier function, biomechanical stability, load distribution, and preventing fatigue bone/implant interface, which allows distributing of the forces through the pillars, anterior masticatory load reduction, and correcting the skeletal class III type which occurs in patients w ith severe resorption.
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Conclusion: We found no significant differences in the prevalence of SRCs among patients with AAA and controls. Our findings suggest that the presence of SRCs is not a risk factor or a marker for AAA.Resumo Objetivo: Avaliar uma poss ível associação entre presença de cistos renais simples (CRS) e aneurisma aórtico abdominal (AAA). Método: Em um estudo de caso versus controle com sujeitos com idade> 50 anos, avaliamos a preval ência de CRS detectados por tomografia computadorizada (TC). Comparamos os achados de 91 pacientes consecutivos com AAA oriundos da Divisão de...
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