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Asbestos Type Has No Effect on Mesothelioma Latency Period

New research from scientists in Germany sheds more light on the unusually long latency period associated with mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases. The study, published earlier this year in the European Respiratory Journal, is the first to track the presence of asbestos fibers in lung tissue over time. Mesothelioma has one of the longest latency periods of any cancer. It typically takes anywhere from 20 to 50 years after a person’s initial exposure to asbestos before symptoms arise. Using the German Mesothelioma Register, researchers at Ruhr-University Bochum discovered the volume of asbestos fibers in tissue does not decrease over time, regardless of the type of asbestos involved. Specifically, the concentration of chrysotile — the most common of the six types of asbestos — remained stable over time, despite some previous studies suggesting it may be easier for the body to rid itself of that particular type of the naturally occurring mineral. “Our results show that asbestos continues to be demonstrable in human lungs, that also chrysotile can be identified after many years, and that there is no significant reduction of asbestos fibre concentrations in lung tissues over time after exposure cessation,” lead researcher Inke Sabine Feder wrote in the study. “The unique benefit of the data presented here is to have a measured starting point of the asbestos fibre burden of the human lung tissue to compare later findings with.&rd...
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Two Canadian government agencies are sponsoring legislation that will prohibit the import, use and sale of asbestos and products containing the cancer-causing mineral. The proposed Prohibition of Asbestos and Asbestos Products Regulations, sponsored by Environment and Climate Change Canada and Health Canada, comes more than a year after the Canadian government promised a comprehensive ban on asbestos by 2018. Additional amendments to the existing Export of Substances on the Export Control List Regulations (ESECLR) would restrict the export of all forms of asbestos, going beyond Canada’s commitment under the Rotterdam...
Source: Asbestos and Mesothelioma News - Category: Environmental Health Authors: Tags: asbestos ban in canada Catherine McKenna Environment and Climate Change Canada Export of Substances on the Export Control List Regulations Health Canada Jesse Todd Kathleen Ruff Prohibition of Asbestos and Asbestos Products Regulations Rig Source Type: news
Asbestos exposure results in a spectrum of respiratory diseases. Both mesothelioma and lung cancer are directly associated with exposure to asbestos usually after a long latency period, whereas other noncancerous diseases such as asbestosis result in crippling debility. Nonetheless, asbestos has proven to be a useful and valued mineral for thousands of years. In this review, the history, diagnosis, and societal costs of asbestos use are explored.
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CONCLUSIONS: The overall strength of the evidence gathered in this review is low and there is a lack of available evidence to support the use of radical multimodality therapy in routine clinical practice (particularly as one trial suggests greater harm). Given the added cost of multimodality treatment and the possible increase in risk of adverse effects, the lack of evidence of their effectiveness probably means that these interventions should currently be limited to clinical trials alone. PMID: 29309720 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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The brutal winter storms affecting most of the U.S. bring more dangers than just freezing temperatures and icy roads. Snow, freezing rain and weather forecasts in the single digits can also affect building materials containing deadly asbestos. For example, a Massachusetts elementary school remains closed after a pipe burst over the holiday break and damaged asbestos ceiling tiles. Fitchburg Public Schools Superintendent Andre Ravenelle said Crocker Elementary School will be closed until at least Friday as the building undergoes remedial work. “We are working with the appropriate agencies and licensed experts to remed...
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A research team led by thoracic surgeon Dr. Raja Flores has identified Libby amphibole asbestos disease for the first time as the puzzling killer that continues to threaten innocent victims exposed to one variety of asbestos. This progressive pulmonary disease involves lamellar pleural thickening (LPT) that has a suffocating effect on the lungs. Diagnostic signals are unusual when compared to more common asbestos-related diseases, making it difficult to identify early by traditional means. The CT and pulmonary function abnormalities look different. “It’s a process that kills people before cancer does, before lu...
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Review checkpoint blockade, immunotoxin, oncolytic viral, and adoptive cell therapies for malignant mesothelioma.Translational Lung Cancer Research
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A California jury recently awarded $22 million to the estate of a man exposed to asbestos-containing talc that was used in paint manufacturing, expanding the liability of those supplying the toxic ingredient. Plaintiff Richard Booker, who worked as a paint maker throughout his career, died of mesothelioma in 2016. The lawsuit claimed Booker was exposed to asbestos while working for Dexter Midland Chemical Co. and Walter N. Boysen Paint Co. The lucrative award includes $4.6 million in punitive damages, along with the initial judgement of $17.57 million for malice on the part of Vanderbilt Minerals and Imerys Talc America In...
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National children’s retailer Claire’s has issued a recall of nine makeup products after reports surfaced they may contain cancer-causing asbestos fibers. An inquiry from a Rhode Island-based mother sparked the recall. Curious about what was in her 6-year-old daughter’s glitter makeup, Kristi Warner sent samples to an independent lab in North Carolina for testing. The makeup contained traces of tremolite asbestos, according to Warner. Tremolite is not used commercially, but can be found as a contaminant in talc, a common ingredient in cosmetics. Inhaling or ingesting any form of asbestos can lead to seri...
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Much of the current burden of long-latency respiratory disease (LLRD) in Great Britain is attributed to historical asbestos exposure. However, continuing exposure to other agents, notably silica, also contributes to disease burden. The aim of this study was to investigate the incidence of work-related LLRD reported by chest physicians in Great Britain, including variations by age, gender, occupation and suspected agent. LLRD incidence and incidence rate ratios by occupation were estimated (1996–2014). Mesothelioma cases by occupation were compared with proportional mortality ratios. Cases were predominantly in men (9...
Source: European Respiratory Journal - Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Tags: Epidemiology, occupational and environmental lung disease Original Articles: Occupational lung disease Source Type: research
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