Pediatric Liver Transplant for Teen Hockey Player

Treatment TermsChildren's healthLiver transplant CategoriesAdvanced treatments Sub-Title Rare Liver Condition Discovered After Fall During Hockey Game Author Burgetta Wheeler Overview Colby Heath was a growing teenage boy, so his penchant for sleep didn't concern his mother. Nor did his occasional nosebleeds. Yet, as Colby's family now knows, those were clues that something was horribly wrong. Hero Imageskating_on_thin_ice_3.jpg Preview Image Content Blocks CTA HeaderLiver Transplants at Duke CTA LinkLearn more Section Features Call To Action Header Playing Hockey was Risk Factor for Congenital Liver Abnormality Content“He went from being a seemingly healthy kid who plays hockey to a kid who needs aliver transplant in a very short span of time, ” said Megan Butler, MD, a  hepatologist who treated Colby atDuke Children ’s Hospital.In fact, it was playing hockey that likely saved Colby ’s life. During a game early in 2015, a body check sent Colby to the ice, where he alarmingly remained. He couldn't  feel his legs, he said. Taken to an emergency department, he eventually regained sensation and walked out of the hospital that night.At his hockey evaluations that fall, however, he reported that he was still having occasional numbness in his legs. His parents, Naomi and Brian Askew of Apex, North Carolina, both emergency department nurses, immediately had him evaluated at a Wake County hospital.Tests ...
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Publication date: Available online 16 October 2018Source: European Journal of Surgical OncologyAuthor(s): Stefan Stremitzer, Robert P. Jones, Leonard M. Quinn, Stephen W. Fenwick, Rafael Diaz-Nieto, Graeme J. Poston, Hassan Z. MalikAbstractBackgroundLiver transplantation in patients with unresectable early-stage (
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Authors: Olcese U Abstract The scientific study of the neural correlates of consciousness (NCC) has long relied on comparing conditions in which consciousness is normally present with others in which it is impaired. Brain lesions offer a unique opportunity to understand which anatomical networks are needed to sustain consciousness, but provide limited insights on the patterns of neural activity that can support conscious processing. Non-REM sleep, on the other hand, has long epitomized the typical case of a non-conscious yet fully active brain. Consequently, the differences in neural activity existing between wakef...
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Authors: Bosman C, Aldunate N Abstract Wakefulness and sleep are two qualitatively different behavioral states. The mechanisms underlying these behavioral states can be traced back to the coordinated functioning of cortical microcircuits. The stereotypical activity of cortical microcircuits during wakefulness and sleep shapes a cortical state, defined as an organized neuronal network functioning across time. Cortical microcircuits are conformed by pyramidal cells and several interneurons, organized into a six-layer structure that contains well defined connections across excitatory and inhibitory cells. In this orga...
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Authors: Bjorness TE, Booth V, Poe GR Abstract The theta rhythm during waking has been associated with voluntary motor activity and learning processes involving the hippocampus. Theta also occurs continuously during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep where it likely serves memory consolidation. Theta amplitude builds across wakefulness and is the best indicator of the homeostatic need for non-REM (NREM) sleep. Although REM sleep is homeostatically regulated independently of NREM sleep, the drivers of REM sleep regulation are under debate. The dynamics of theta within REM sleep bouts have not been thoroughly explored. W...
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Authors: Voss U, Klimke A Abstract REM sleep is a state of desynchronized electrophysiological activity of the brain. It is usually accompanied by mental activity characterized by a succession of complex visual experiences commonly referred to as dreaming. Although REM sleep and dreaming are not implicitly conjoined, when they co-occur, they have a very distinct phenomenology, as, typically, the dream plot is bizarre and incohesive which is mirrored in heightened brain activation coupled with strongly attenuated coherence levels. At the same time, owing to increased limbic system activity, REM sleep dreams are high...
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In conclusion, SRIs are much more common than might have been expected, manifest in several forms and appear to be part of normal, healthy sleep. Importantly, the strong link of SRIs with sleep mentation suggests they result from some form of higher-order information processing during sleep, rather than being (fully) secondary to general restorative effects of sleep. Finally, our findings show that a large portion of the sampled population is aware of sleep's benefits for real life problem solving and experiences such benefits on a regular basis. PMID: 30324605 [PubMed - in process]
Source: Archives Italiennes de Biologie - Category: Neuroscience Tags: Arch Ital Biol Source Type: research
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