Early reviews of the new Undoctored book

Some early reviews of Undoctored: Why Health Care Has Failed You and How You Can Be Smarter Than Your Doctor are coming in on Amazon. Here’s a sample: DH22: Dr. Davis is hero. Being an MD, I can tell you that the medical profession has unfortunately become an industry. Of course if you get hit by a bus or shot, you need the medical services but regarding treating chronic disease the medical profession falls way short. It is crucial to take responsibility for one’s own health. In general it is all about the diet. The diet is under your complete control I have been on a ketogenic diet for several years and after all my research, it is the way to go. Limit carbs to no more than 50 gms per day and preferably less than 25. As Dr. Davis states to ditch all the grains and carbs except for high fibrous vegetables. Dr. Davis brings to light the fact that the medical industry is about profit. Big pharma is not to be trusted as they very misleadingly claim spectacular results by using relative risk vs. absolute risk. This is clearly seen in the advertising of the statin studies. In my opinion, this is the biggest hoax. Cholesterol is not the culprit. It is sugar/carbs as Dr. Davis states. Big pharma does not spell out all the side effects of which there are many. Forget about the USDA which has given us the food pyramid. It is the exact opposite of what we should be eating. I met a PhD biochemist for the USDA. This man was morbidly obese. Right, we should take advice from h...
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I was recently hired as a consultant to review claims for services provided by about 2 dozen DPMs. The fraud and the abuse are staggering. Most of those involved are young associates in private practices. The practice owners impressed these associates with how much money they can make if they bill as instructed. I have reviewed cases for an initial visit with unilateral heel pain. The patient ended up with BILATERAL xrays, ultrasound and fluoroscopy all for “comparison”. Patients... Fraud
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Today, The Department of Justice issued an announcement that was “the first ever criminal action against an EHR vendor.” Criminal action The core of the criminal action was something inevitable:  the tension between better health and better profit.  Here’s what I saw … all of which caused me to be not-so-surprised today when the news broke. In 2008 I was the CMIO at Allscripts.  Much of my work was focused on how our customers could use our products to improve the health of our patients.  We implemented clinical practice guidelines in the software as a way to help clinical teams...
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Scleroderma patients treated with filler injections of hyaluronic acid and platelet-rich plasma realized improvements in skin atrophy and quality of life.Arthritis Research &Therapy
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This article discusses the assessment and treatment of patients with LBP, including nonpharmacologic and pharmacologic approaches.
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A study evaluating the effectiveness of the widely used ‘ Daily Mile ’ intervention in schools to tackle childhood obesity has found that the benefits are small, and may be greater in girls than boys.
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Publication date: Available online 26 January 2020Source: Neuroscience LettersAuthor(s): Nishant Rao, Yen-Ting Chen, Regan Ramirez, John Tran, Sheng Li, Pranav J. ParikhAbstractPrimary somatosensory cortex (S1) is involved in pain processing and thus its suppression using neuromodulatory techniques such as continuous theta burst stimulation (cTBS) might be a potential pain management strategy in patients with neuropathic pain. cTBS over S1 is known to elevate pain threshold in young adults. However, the time course of this after-effect is unknown. Furthermore, the effect of cTBS over S1 on pain threshold might be confounde...
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High blood pressure is the silent killer. It puts people at risk for heart attacks, strokes, vascular disease, kidney failure. It is basically really bad to have longstanding, undertreated high blood pressure. But it is also harmful to be told you have high blood pressure when you don’t, and to be treated for high blood […]Find jobs at  Careers by KevinMD.com.  Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now.  Learn more.
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CONCLUSIONS: An unprecedented strong association between rheumatological manifestations and HPA-3 polymorphism, possibly predisposing women to complications during the disease course, was observed.
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In this report, we present a case of ADEM associated with optic neuritis presenting alongside two potential triggering factors: chikungunya virus infection and yellow fever immunization.
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