Capsaicin protects cortical neurons against ischemia/reperfusion injury via down-regulating NMDA receptors.

Capsaicin protects cortical neurons against ischemia/reperfusion injury via down-regulating NMDA receptors. Exp Neurol. 2017 May 04;: Authors: Huang M, Cheng G, Tan H, Qin R, Zou Y, Wang Y, Zhang Y Abstract Capsaicin, the ingredient responsible for the pungent taste of hot chili peppers, is widely used in the study and management of pain. Recently, its neuroprotective effect has been described in multiple studies. Herein, we investigated the underlying mechanisms for the neuroprotective effect of capsaicin. Direct injection of capsaicin (1 or 3nmol) into the peri-infarct area reduced the infarct volume and improved neurological behavioral scoring and motor coordination function in the middle cerebral artery occlusion (MCAO)/reperfusion model in rats. The time window of the protective effect of capsaicin was within 1h after reperfusion, when excitotoxicity is the main reason of cell death. In cultured cortical neurons, administration of capsaicin attenuated glutamate-induced excitotoxic injury. With respect to the mechanisms of the neuroprotective effect of capsaicin, reduced calcium influx after glutamate stimulation was observed following capsaicin pretreatment in cortical neurons. Trpv1 knock-out abolished the inhibitory effect of capsaicin on glutamate-induced calcium influx and subsequent neuronal death. Reduced expression of GluN1 and GluN2B, subunits of NMDA receptor, was examined after capsaicin treatment in cortical neurons. In summary, our studi...
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CONCLUSION: Dental caries was highly prevalent among this population and urgent action is required to reduce the population burden of this disease. Malnutrition, which was not measured for this study, is highly prevalent among children in Timor-Leste and could explain the high caries rates in this population. The effect of malnutrition on dental caries and vice-versa needs further investigation. Programs and policies are urgently needed for oral health promotion and also the prevention and management of dental caries in Timorese children. These strategies should also address the urgent need for emergency dental services ai...
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Conclusions: Self-management and rehabilitation of fibromyalgia it is not only about learning to manage the symptoms but also about the struggle to find coherence in life through re-constructing gender identity that is acceptable both for the individual and for the community. PMID: 31607231 [PubMed - in process]
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Publication date: Available online 15 October 2019Source: Medicina Intensiva (English Edition)Author(s): L. Alcázar Sánchez-Elvira, S. Bacian Martínez, L. del Toro Gil, V. Gómez TelloAbstractPatient care after major head and neck surgery has changed in recent years. Tumors are the most common reasons for this type of surgery, though it is also used to treat benign conditions.Recent advances in equipment and surgical techniques have improved the postoperative course in this field, allowing early recovery, less pain and infection, a shorter hospital stay, and even better aesthetic results. This is...
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AbstractNutritional support is a crucial issue in Acute Pancreatitis (AP) management. Recommendations on nutrition in AP are still not completely translated in the clinical practice. We aimed to compare and evaluate the effects of parenteral nutrition (PN) vs oral/enteral nutrition (EN) on several clinical and economic outcomes in AP. This is a retrospective monocentric study conducted in a tertiary care center for pancreatic diseases. The primary outcomes were length of hospital stay (LOS) and associated costs. The secondary outcomes were the use and cost of antibiotics and fluid therapy, and the complication ’s rat...
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ConclusionsAlmost one quarter of study participants were not actively engaged in their spine care. Key barriers likely to influence uptake of SMS among patients were identified and used to inform the design of a theory-based KT intervention to increase their participation level. The proposed multi-component KT intervention may be an effective strategy to optimize the quality of spine pain care and improve patients ’ health-outcomes.
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Publication date: Available online 15 October 2019Source: The American Journal of SurgeryAuthor(s): Aldo Fafaj, Luciano Tastaldi, Hemasat Alkhatib, Samuel Zolin, Diya Alaedeen, Clayton Petro, Ajita S. Prabhu, Steven Rosenblatt, Michael J. Rosen, David M. KrpataABSTRACTBackgroundChronic postoperative inguinodynia is a challenging long-term complication after inguinal hernia repair. Surgery may be an option for patients who are refractory to non-operative measures. We aim to evaluate the short-term outcomes of surgical treatment for chronic inguinodynia at our institution.MethodsConsecutive patients undergoing surgical treat...
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ConclusionsNonthermal techniques are as effective as standard TA in the first year and, in some studies, may be associated with less procedural pain. These data suggest that NTA offers an alternative and safe means to treat superficial venous disease. There is, however, a need for further powered trials with larger numbers of patients and longer follow-up to definitively examine this hypothesis.
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Authors: Aoun J, Hattar L, Dgaily K, Wong G, Bhat T Abstract Introduction: Transradial cardiac catheterization (TRA) was introduced in 1989 and has been universally used as an alternative approach to the traditional transfermoral access (TFA). Complications of TRA include asymptomatic and less likely symptomatic radial artery occlusion, nonocclusive radial artery injury, radial artery spasm, radial arterial perforation, radial artery pseudoaneurysm, arteriovenous fistula, granuloma formation, access-site bleeding, nerve damage, complex regional pain syndrome along with other rare complications. Areas covered: A lit...
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ConclusionsBoth classical opioid receptors and TLR4 participate in morphine-induced suppression of NK cell cytotoxic activity. These studies have important implications for maintenance of immune function during management of cancer pain.
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