Statins side effects 'have been overstated', says study

Conclusion This is a complex study that provides a plausible explanation for the difference in reports of adverse effects of statins in RCTs and observational studies, some of which have suggested as many as 1 in 5 people get side effects from statins. However, we need to be aware of some limitations and unanswered questions: When people knew they were taking statins, they were more likely to report muscle pain than those not taking statins. But they were less likely to report muscle pain than in the first phase of the study, when they didn't know whether they were taking statins or placebo. We don't know why this is. Almost everyone in the study was white European (95%) and male (81%). We don't know if the results hold true for people in other ethnic groups or women. Because people weren't prompted to report concerns about specific adverse events or side effects, it's possible these may have been underestimated. Also, the study only looked at one statin, and at a dose lower than those often used today. The unanswered questions mean there may be other explanations for the differences in reporting of adverse effects, other than the "nocebo" effect. NHS guidelines say doctors should consider offering statins to people who have had a prior heart attack or stroke, or to people with a 10% or higher risk of having a heart attack or stroke in the next 10 years. Statins need to be used with caution in people with a history of liver disease. There's also a very ra...
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New J. Chem., 2019, Advance Article DOI: 10.1039/C8NJ05613G, PaperAtanu Panja, Sumit Ghosh, Kumaresh Ghosh Cholesterol appended sulfonyl-hydrazone derivative1 was designed and synthesized as a supramolecular gelator for anionic sensing and dye adsorption. Gelator1 forms a strong gel in DMSO –H2O and the morphology of the xerogel shows a tiny rod-like fibrous network. The gel of1 shows a selective response toward CN− and F− ions causing gel-to-sol transformation. The gel of1 acts as an efficient matrix for adsorption and removal of anionic dyes such as erythrosine B and uranine from water. To cite this art...
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Authors: Ye MB, Chen YL, Wang Q, An J, Ye F, Jing P Abstract OBJECTIVES: Stroke is a common condition after a transient ischemic attack (TIA) or minor ischemic stroke (IS). Adding clopidogrel to aspirin may yield more beneficial outcomes than aspirin mono-therapy; meanwhile, the risk of bleeding in the acute phase remains poorly understood. Therefore, there is increasing emphasis on the risks and benefits of clopidogrel with aspirin compared with aspirin mono-therapy in an effort to treat TIA/IS. DESIGN: We searched several electronic databases, including PubMed, Cochrane, and Embase, to identify eligible rando...
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CONCLUSION: Arterial hypertension and elevated diastolic blood pressure are associated with a risk for AS requiring surgery in subjects below 60 years of age. Strict blood pressure control in this group is strongly advocated to avoid other cardiovascular diseases correlated to hypertension. If hypertension and elevated diastolic blood pressure are risk factors for developing AS requiring surgery need further investigations. Notably, elevated fasting glucose levels were related to AS requiring surgery in older adults without concomitant CAD. PMID: 31109205 [PubMed - in process]
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Authors: Trivino A, Gumireddy A, Meng F, Prasad D, Chauhan H Abstract The major goal of this research was to successfully formulate solid dispersion (SD) of the poorly soluble anticancer drug flutamide (FLT) using various hydrophilic polymers. Furthermore, to get more insight into SD, solid-state studies (miscibility and molecular interaction) were correlated with solution study (precipitation inhibition, dissolution). Hydrophilic polymers like PVP K90, HPMC, Eudragit EPO, and PEG 8000 were used at different drug-to-polymer w/w ratios. Solid-state miscibility studies were carried out using modulated differential sc...
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Ulnar-sided carpometacarpal (CMC) joint fracture dislocations are relatively uncommon, frequently associated with fractures of the metacarpal base and/or hamate, and often sustained by young male individuals secondary to striking a hard object. The complexity of ulnar-sided CMC fracture dislocations necessitates careful restitution of anatomic alignment and joint congruency for mobility and stability. Miniaturization of the external fixation device has allowed application to the hand. Spanning external fixation utilizes the principles of “ligamentotaxis”—indirect reduction through distraction forces of ca...
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CONCLUSIONS: Current literature show similar risks for bacterial pathogens. Studies are limited for viral and parasitic pathogens. The evaluated risk-factors for PI-IBS varied among the included studies and the existing evidence is insufficient to identify pathogen-specific risk factors. PMID: 31112663 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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So my MCAT was logged in for May 31st, but my genius self decided to play basketball yesterday and rolled my ankle yesterday. I have a fracture in the tarsal dome and my ankle is bruised up and swollen like a ball so I'm guessing ligament damage as well. I am in a lot of pain and can't even concentrate on studying because of my foot, I was thinking of moving my test to June 15th just to give me time to readjust. Would this be to late for the cycle? Any help appreciated!!
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The Care Quality Commission has observed improvements to culture at an accident and emergency department at the centre of a major bullying scandal.
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Lisfranc ligament injuries are not so common and often overlooked. If missed, they can cause long-term disability and pain. The treatment of these injuries are still controversial and very little is known about which types of injury can be treated without surgery. Successful surgical management of these injuries is predicated on anatomic reduction and stable fixation. Open reduction and internal fixation remains the standard treatment, although ligament reconstruction has emerged as a viable option for certain types of tarsometatarsal joint injuries. This paper describes the authors’ approach to treat Lisfranc’...
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Ankle sprains are one of the most common injuries in foot and ankle, and the superior fascicle of the anterior talofibular ligament (ATFL) frequently is injured as a consequence. Patients with isolated rupture of ATFL’s superior fascicle can sustain a subtle ankle instability or ankle microinstability. Patients with symptomatic ankle microinstability may describe a subjective feeling of ankle instability, recurrent symptomatic ankle sprains, chronic anterolateral pain or a combination of any of them. When conservative management fails, anatomic all-inside ATFL’s superior fascicle repair under direct arthroscopi...
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