Zika associated Guillain-Barre syndrome in the United States (P2.327)

Conclusions:Zika can induce GBS after a brief viral illness. Neuropathy can be a mixture of demyelinating and axonal. Dysautonomia may also be present including severe dysphagia, orthostatics and retention.Zika RNA has a short detection window in serum and CSF making a diagnosis time sensitive. Serological assays using IgM and IgG cross-react with other flaviviruses making them unable to differentiate between recent Zika exposure and cross reactivity with Dengue and Chikungunya. Our pt likely had prior exposure to Dengue, being from an endemic area. Prior Dengue exposure may possibly modulate the response to Zika via antibody dependent enhancement or via unknown immune mechanisms.Disclosure: Dr. Tantillo has nothing to disclose. Dr. Sclar has nothing to disclose. Dr. Vasa has nothing to disclose. Dr. Shin has nothing to disclose. Dr. Sivak has nothing to disclose.
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