Cognitive enhancement at the edge: The US Navy tests neuro-priming and other non-pharmacological aids to boost cognition and performance

— Super SEALs: Elite Units Pursue Brain-Stimulating Technologies ( “At a conference near Washington, D.C., in February, the commander of all Navy special operations units made an unusual request to industry: Develop and demonstrate technologies that offer “cognitive enhancement” capabilities to boost his elite forces’ mental and physical performance…he has his eye on a number of technologies, including pharmaceutical aids. But the results of one breakthrough involving the direct application of electrical stimulation to the brain have particularly caught his eye. “Earlier this year, Naval Special Warfare units, working with DIUx, began a specific cognitive enhancement project with a small group of volunteers to test and evaluate achieving higher performance through the use of neuro-stimulation technology,” Capt. Jason Salata, a spokesman for the command, said in a statement… The company that makes the brain-stimulating device — a headset that could be mistaken for a pair of Beats by Dre headphones — is Halo Neuroscience…Although some experts have warned that the full long-term side effects of using neuro-priming to improve performance may not be known, Wingeier said lab tests have repeatedly proven that the product, which is commercially available in a sport configuration, is safe. The most useful proven performance aids are much lower-tech than transcranial direct-current brain stimulatio...
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Conclusion: Our results do not support the hypothesis that switching to RPV improves cognitive function in patient under stable treatment with EFV. Nonetheless, improvements in neuropsychiatric symptoms, sleep quality and self-perceived cognition were observed.
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This study seeks to understand whether people substitute between recreational cannabis and conventional over-the-counter (OTC) sleep medications. UPC-level grocery store scanner data in a multivariable panel regression design were used to compare the change in the monthly market share of sleep aids with varying dispensary-based recreational cannabis access (existence, sales, and count) in Colorado counties between 12/2013 and 12/2014. We measured annually-differenced market shares for sleep aids as a portion of the overall OTC medication market, thus accounting for store-level demand shifts in OTC medication markets and se...
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Insomnia can be a disruptive condition that affects your entire life. When you aren’t able to sleep at night, it can negatively impact issues in almost every area of your life and well-being. If you are taking sleeping pills or are thinking about starting to take sleeping pills, make sure you know as much as possible about all the sleeping pill side effects. What Are Sleeping Pills and How Do They Work? Sleeping pills are used to treat insomnia. According to the National Sleep Foundation, insomnia is described as difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, even when a person has the chance to do so. People with ins...
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A relaxing way to reorganise memory, which aids problem-solving. → Support PsyBlog for just $4 per month. Enables access to articles marked (M) and removes ads. → Explore PsyBlog's ebooks, all written by Dr Jeremy Dean: Accept Yourself: How to feel a profound sense of warmth and self-compassion The Anxiety Plan: 42 Strategies For Worry, Phobias, OCD and Panic Spark: 17 Steps That Will Boost Your Motivation For Anything Activate: How To Find Joy Again By Changing What You Do
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THIS WEEK'S TOP TOPICSOver-the-counter sleep aidsYou've followed the usual tips for getting enough sleep -- sleeping on a regular schedule, avoiding caffeine and daytime naps, exercising regularly, avoiding lighted screens before bed, and managing stress. Still, a good night's sleep remains elusive. Is it time for an over-the-counter sleep aid? They can be effective for [...]
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Conclusion SD remain frequent in HIV-HCV coinfected patients and are associated with a series of modifiable behavioural risk factors. Independent of HCV cure, improved screening and comprehensive management of alcohol use, physical and psychological self-reported symptoms and depression are essential in this population. Closer investigation of these risk factors of SDs may both increase sleep quality and indirectly improve patients’ clinical outcomes.
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Conclusions: According to patient report, insomnia may be under-detected during pregnancy. When insomnia is recognized, treatment recommendations do not match clinical practice guidelines or women's preferences for receiving cognitive behavior therapy for insomnia. Taken together with previous research on the prevalence and consequences of prenatal insomnia, these findings suggest the need for an increased focus on the importance of sleep during pregnancy. PMID: 31694403 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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Basner Aircraft noise can disturb the sleep of residents living near airports. To investigate potential effects of aircraft noise on sleep, recruitment surveys for a pilot field study were mailed to households around Atlanta International Airport. Survey items included questions about sleep quality, sleep disturbance by noise, noise annoyance, coping behaviors, and health. Of 3159 deliverable surveys, 319 were returned (10.1%). Calculated outdoor nighttime aircraft noise (Lnight) was significantly associated with lower sleep quality (poor or fair; odds ratio (OR) = 1.04/decibel (dB); p < 0.05), trouble falling ...
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Our nervous system plays a central role in how we sense things in our environment, and modulating the signals that pass through our nerves can manipulate our brain in various ways. Neuromodulation is commonly used for pain relief and is being researc...
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Fibromyalgia (FM) is a prevalent syndrome, characterised by chronic widespread pain, fatigue, and impaired sleep, that is challenging to diagnose and difficult to treat. The microbiomes of 77 women with FM and that of 79 control participants were compared using 16S rRNA gene amplification and whole-genome sequencing. When comparing FM patients with unrelated controls using differential abundance analysis, significant differences were revealed in several bacterial taxa. Variance in the composition of the microbiomes was explained by FM-related variables more than by any other innate or environmental variable and correlated ...
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