You Don't Have To 'Cherish Every Moment' To Appreciate Your Children

After a particularly exhausting few weeks with her kids, a U.K. mom of two shared some honest thoughts about sharing the “grittier” side of parenthood. On Sunday, Yvette Lamb of Nottingham posted a photo of herself with her 3-year-old and 1-year-old sons on the Facebook page for her blog, Big Trouble In Little Nappies. In the caption, she offered a message about appreciating the gifts of her children while also being honest about the reality. Lamb opened her post with a disclaimer that she was operating on “half a glass of wine, little sleep” and feeling emotional about her baby’s first birthday. “But there’s something I need to say,” she wrote. “We are so lucky to be parents. We are so privileged. And life really is very precious,” she wrote. That evening, Lamb’s younger son woke up crying. After holding him and soothing him back to sleep, she wound up in a slightly awkward position with one hand trapped under his chest.  As she felt his heart beating, the mom remembered seeing it “flickering” during an ultrasound while she was pregnant. “The same heart that beat inside of me, cocooned against mine all those months,” Lamb wrote. “This same heart beats and grows and loves every single day. This heart, with its arrival, filled ours up to bursting point.” Reflecting on this joy, she added that it is “sad,” “heartbreaking” an...
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Publication date: Available online 18 July 2018Source: PeptidesAuthor(s): Sevil Arabaci Tamer, Alper Yildirim, M. Kutay köroğlu, Özge Çevik, Feriha Ercan, Berrak Ç. YeğenAbstractTesticular torsion causes ischemia-reperfusion injury and an increased risk of infertility. Nesfatin-1 is a novel peptide with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-apoptotic properties. In the present study, we aimed to investigate the putative beneficial effects of nesfatin-1 on oxidative injury and impaired testicular function induced by testis torsion. Under anesthesia, male Sprague-Dawley rats (180-230 g; n = ...
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Six nurses who work at a medical center in Winston-Salem, North Carolina are sharing a serendipitous connection. All of them are pregnant and they found out within months of each other. Dana Jacobson, co-host of "CBS This Morning Saturday," reports.
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CONCLUSIONSCounseling can help HIV-infected individuals make informed choices about childbearing and safer-conception methods; however, a controlled clinical trial is needed to determine whether clients use such methods correctly and to assess rates of pregnancy and transmission. Policymakers need to consider including safer-conception counseling as part of routine HIV care.
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This study tested sexual abuse as a unique predictor of subsequent adolescent sexual behaviors, pregnancy, and motherhood when in company with other types of maltreatment (physical abuse, neglect) and alternative behavioral, family, and contextual risk fac...
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ConclusionsExercise days had more physical activity energy expenditure, but because of reductions in other activities, only about half of the energy expended during exercise was added to total daily physical activity energy expenditure. Prolonged TV viewing days had less physical activity energy expenditure and less moderate–vigorous activity. These findings provide new insights into possible compensation associated with exercise, and suggest a strong link between TV viewing and physical inactivity.
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ConclusionsThe clinical and histological features evidenced could result helpful in the differentiation of a lipomatous mass of the femoral fossa from a genuine femoral hernia.
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The company is about to grow with an influx of new money and potential initial public offering on the horizon.
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Publication date: Available online 19 July 2018Source: Respiratory Physiology &NeurobiologyAuthor(s): Isato Fukushi, Shigefumi Yokota, Yasumasa OkadaAbstractThe hypothalamus is a higher center of the autonomic nervous system and maintains essential body homeostasis including respiration. The paraventricular nucleus, perifornical area, dorsomedial hypothalamus, and lateral and posterior hypothalamus are the primary nuclei of the hypothalamus critically involved in respiratory control. These hypothalamic nuclei are interconnected with respiratory nuclei located in the midbrain, pons, medulla and spinal cord. We provide a...
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Conclusions: The confounding factors present in the triad of OSAS, COPD, and obesity prevented the perception of increased daytime sleepiness and high risk for OSAS. We observed no worsening of dyspnea perception or quality of life.RESUMO Objetivo: Avaliar se a presen ça de síndrome da apneia obstrutiva do sono (SAOS) modifica a percepção de queixas respiratórias e de qualidade de vida em pacientes com DPOC por meio de questionários específicos, além de verificar se escalas de sonolência diurna e de rastreamento para SAOS podem ser empregadas na tríade SA...
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ABSTRACT Objective: To assess COPD Assessment Test (CAT) scores in adults with and without COPD, as well as to compare the CAT scores for nonsmokers, former smokers, and smokers without COPD with those for patients with COPD. Methods: This was a cross-sectional population-based study (the Respira Floripa study). The study included adults ≥ 40 years of age residing in the city of Florian ópolis, Brazil. A total of 846 households were surveyed. In addition to completing the Respira Floripa questionnaire and the CAT, participants underwent pulmonary function testing. Results: We analyzed data on 1,057 participants (...
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