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B cells produce antibodies 'when danger calls, but not when it whispers,' scientists report

The immune system’s B cells protect us from disease by producing antibodies, or "smart bullets," that specifically target invaders such as pathogens and viruses while leaving harmless molecules alone. But how do B cells determine whether a threat is real and whether to start producing these weapons? An international team of life scientists shows in the May 16 issue of the journal Science how and why these cells respond only to true threats. "It is critical for B cells to respond either fully or not at all. Anything in between causes disease," said the study’s senior author, Alexander Hoffmann, a professor of microbiology, immunology and molecular genetics in the UCLA College of Letters and Science. "If B cells respond wimpily when there is a real pathogen, you have immune deficiency, and if they respond inappropriately to something that is not a true pathogen, then you have autoimmune disease." The antibodies produced by B cells attack antigens — molecules associated with pathogens, microbes and viruses. A sensor on the cell’s surface is meant to recognize a specific antigen, and when the sensor encounters that antigen, it sends a signal that enables the body’s army of B cells to respond rapidly. However, there may be similar molecules nearby that are harmless. The B cells should ignore their signals — something they fail to do in autoimmune diseases. So how do the B cells decide whether to start pro...
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Earlier in the day, McCain's daughter, Meghan, tearfully interviewed former Vice President Joe Biden, whose son Beau died from the same cancer, glioblastoma
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A new type of ultrasound scan is being tested to see if it's as effective as mammograms in detecting breast cancer, especially in women with dense breast tissue. CBS News' Danielle Nottingham reports.
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BOSTON (CBS) – Doctors may soon have a new option to treat kids with multiple food allergies. Researchers at Stanford University studied 48 children between the ages of 4 and 15 who have allergies to more than one food. They found that more than 80% of those treated with a combination of an asthma drug, Xolair, and an oral medication which helps block the body’s immune response, were able to eat at least two grams of two or more foods to which they were allergic. The allergies included milk, eggs, wheat, soy, peanuts and tree nuts. About 30% percent of people with food allergies are allergic to more than on...
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Authors: Copur MS, Wurdeman JM, Nelson D, Ramaekers R, Gauchan D, Crockett D Abstract Solid tumors involving glandular organs express mucin glycoprotein which is eventually shed into the circulation. As aresult these proteins can easily be measured in the serum and be used as potential tumor markers. The most commonly used tumor markers for breast cancer are CA 27-29 and CA 15-3, which both measure the glycoprotein product of the mucin-1 (MUC1) gene. CA 27-29 has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for monitoring disease activity in breast cancer patients. Most oncology clinical practice guidelines...
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CONCLUSIONS: Radical radiotherapy is effective and well-tolerated in NSCLC patients with postoperative locoregional recurrence. High BED is a predictor for long LRFS, and the presence of wild-type EGFR is a predictor for long DMFS. PMID: 29228994 [PubMed - in process]
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If proven to be effective, the new type of scans could eventually be used in addition to annual mammograms
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An arrest warrant has been issued for a New York couple who fraudulently pocketed thousands of dollars in donations for a 5-year-old boy with cancer and then missed a court sentencing
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The common spice, found in many Indian dishes, has properties that can help fight cancer and inflammation, researchers say.
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Conclusion Recent evidence shows changes in frequency and function of Th22 and its cytokine IL-22 in patients with MS, which suggests a potential relationship between Th22 cells, IL-22 levels, and the development and disease course of MS and its response to treatment. How Th22 cells and IL-22 levels affect the disease course of MS requires further elucidation. Additional studies on the immunopathogenesis of MS, specifically the roles Th22 cells and IL-22 cytokines may play in disease progression, are warranted and may lead to the development of new therapeutic strategies for treating neuro-inflammatory diseases, such as MS...
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Conclusion A growing number of today’s children suffer from vaccine damage. Most individuals do not make the connection between health problems and vaccines. When asked about the cause of autoimmune disorders, asthma, allergies, diabetes, learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, autism, and other common childhood diseases and illness, the majority of health care providers advise patients that the causes are unknown. Doctors, including most integrative physicians, fail to make the connection to vaccines. It takes one moment to permanently damage the health of an adult or child, but t...
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