The Clinical Social Work Role in Interprofessional Practice with Nurses in Palliative Care and Hospice

By Vickie LeffSusan Blacker, provided an excellent article “Advancing Hospice and Palliative Care Social Work Leadership in Interprofessional Education and Practice.” 1 The authors describe the importance of interprofessional collaboration in palliative care, and strategies to address barriers. Increasing curriculum and practice presence are essential to improving this effort.I would like to add and highlight a practical example of interprofessional practice that can:1. help build resilience for nurses2. serve as a model for clinical social work perspective and problem solving3. increase the understanding of roles between CSW and nursing.Implementing this suggested strategy can have an immediate, long-lasting impact.As a palliative care clinician, I work with providers across the acute care system. I ’m happy to see that there are more and more programs and efforts being made to help house staff and other physicians manage the emotional impact of our work2.I spend a good portion of my day talking with nurses about our patients, teams, impact of care, ethical decisions, and more. Nurses at the bedside spend many hours with patients and families.They often become the most trusted partner in care, witnessing a variety of difficulties both physical and emotional3. There is, however, surprisingly little emotional or educational support for processing this emotional impact of this charged work – aside from brief lunchtime banter.We know from resea...
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PANCREATIC cancer symptoms and signs are caused by changes in the pancreas. Cells start to divide abnormally and uncontrollably, possibly forming a tumour. Watch out for these warning signs of the cancer.
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AbstractAn important series of papers have been published in theLancet. These papers provide a comprehensive update for the major global problem of low back pain, and the challenges that low back pain presents to healthcare practitioners and policy makers. Chiropractors are well placed to reduce the burden of low back pain, but not all that chiropractors do is supported by robust, contemporary evidence. This commentary summarises theLancet articles. We also make suggestions for how the chiropractic profession should most effectively help people with low back pain by implementing practices supported by high quality evidence.
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I’ve recently completed two posts on assessing sleep problems in people experiencing persistent pain, and today I turn my attention to strategies for managing sleep problems – without medication. Why without medication? Because to date there are no medications for insomnia that don’t require a ‘weaning off’ period, during which time people often find their original sleep problems emerge once again… I’m not completely against medications for sleep or pain – but I think they need to be used with care and full disclosure about the effects, side-effects, and the need to eventual...
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Authors: Sirikurnpiboon S, Siripattanakul A Abstract Background: Hemorrhoidectomy is a common procedure in clinical practice. Most operations are performed on an inpatient basis using general or regional anesthesia, and the use of local anesthesia is still limited due to concerns about postoperative care. Objective: To compare perioperative results including pain, urinary retention, bleeding and other complications after hemorrhoidectomy performed using local anesthesia (LA) on an out-patient basis with those achieved after spinal anesthesia (SA) on in-patient cases. Material and Method: This was a retrospe...
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(Natural News) Dealing with pantry pests – or any pest for that matter – can often be a pain for everyone. There are even times when they seem to just reappear a couple of days after you have cleaned your pantry. The truth is, pests will always find their way back to your food storage....
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My next blog post will be entitled " The Lie of Precision Medicine "— sarcastic_f (@sarcastic_f)June 23, 2018This post will be my own personalized rant about the false promises of personalized medicine. It will not be about neurological or psychiatric diseases, the typical topics for this blog. It will be about oncology, for very personal reasons: misery, frustration, and grief. After seven months of research on immunotherapy clinical trials, I couldn't find a single [acceptable] one1 in either Canada or the US that would enroll my partner with stage 4 cancer. For arbitrary reasons, for financial reaso...
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This study includes a sample of 48 women with CPP recruited from the Gynecology Service of Virgen de las Nieves and San Cecilio Hospitals in Granada (Spain) and 48 healthy control women matched with respect to age and anthropometric characteristics. Outcome variables collected included: balance ability (Mini-Balance Evaluation Systems Test and Timed Up an Go Test) and posture (photogrammetry and Spinal Mouse). Results: Significant differences were found in all Mini Best Test subscales: total (P 
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Background and Objectives Potentially broadened indications for spinal anesthesia require increased understanding of the risk factors and prevention measures associated with postdural puncture headache (PDPH). This review is designed to examine the association between spinal needle characteristics and incidence of PDPH. Methods Meta-analysis and metaregression was performed on randomized controlled trials to determine the effect of needle design and gauge on the incidence of PDPH after controlling for patient confounders such as age, sex, and year of publication. Results Fifty-seven randomized controlled trials (n ...
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Background and Objectives Astrocyte activation has been implicated in the pathogenesis of neuropathic pain, but the involvement of kindlin-1 in astrocyte activation and neuropathic pain has not yet been illustrated. Using a chronic constriction injury (CCI) rat model of neuropathic pain, we investigated the expression levels of kindlin-1 during neuropathic pain and the influences of kindlin-1 on regulating pain sensitivity. Methods Neuropathic pain was induced in rats by CCI of the sciatic nerve. Rats were randomly assigned to 4 groups: sham operation, CCI, CCI + kindlin-1 short hairpin RNA (shRNA), and CCI + kindlin-...
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