What Three Decades Of Pandemic Threats Can Teach Us About The Future

Editor’s Note: This post reflects on a speech on pandemic preparedness Dr. Fauci gave on January 10, 2017 in Washington, DC, hosted by  The Center for Global Health Science and Security at Georgetown University Medical Center, the Harvard Global Health Institute, and Health Affairs. One of the most important challenges facing the new Administration is preparedness for the pandemic outbreak of an infectious disease. Infectious diseases will continue to pose a significant threat to public health and the economies of countries worldwide. The U.S. government will need to continue its investment to combat these diseases wherever they emerge, and to conduct crucial research and development of medical countermeasures in the form of vaccines, treatments, and diagnostics to rapidly respond to emerging infectious disease threats. In the 1960s, many notable physicians and scientists expressed the belief that the availability of antibiotics and vaccines meant that infectious diseases would not pose a serious threat in the future. However, these individuals failed to look beyond the borders of resource-rich countries or to recognize that new diseases would continue to emerge, and diseases would re-emerge in new locations and geographic areas where they had been previously eliminated. Today, infectious diseases cause approximately 15 percent of all deaths around the world, accounting for approximately 8.4 million deaths in 2015. In 1984, I became the director of the Nationa...
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This article describes structural, procedural, and functional changes developed in a pediatric ED to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. The discussion also includes case studies to illustrate the changes made.
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An advisory panel to the F.D.A. will consider Pfizer ’s application for those ages 5-to-11 on Tuesday.
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Discussion Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder with an intense fear of being overweight (i.e. distorted body image), and self-starvation and excessive weight loss. It is more common in women (1.2%) than men (0.2%) but can be seen in both genders. Risk factors include high-intelligence, perfectionism/inflexibility, anxiety, activities where thinner body types are expected (e.g. dancer, diver, gymnast, long-distance runner, volleyball player, etc.) Other eating disorders include bulimia nervosa (i.e. cycles of binge eating and then purging), binge eating disorder (i.e. purging), orthorexia (i.e. obsessions with healthful ...
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Given the urgent need for coronavirus disease 2019 therapeutics, early in the pandemic the Accelerating Coronavirus Disease 2019 Therapeutic Interventions and Vaccines (ACTIV) public-private partnership rapidly designed a unique therapeutic agent intake and assessment process for candidate treatments of coronavirus disease 2019. These treatments included antivirals, immune modulators, severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 neutralizing antibodies, and organ-supportive treatments at both the preclinical and clinical stages of development. The ACTIV Therapeutics-Clinical Working Group Agent Prioritization subgroup e...
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CONCLUSIONS: Endothelial dysfunction is associated with severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2–related multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children with shock and may constitute one of the underlying mechanisms.
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While the WHO has so far approved Covid-19 vaccines of Pfizer-BioNTech, AstraZeneca-SK Bio/Serum Institute of India, Johnson&Johnson-Janssen, Moderna, and Sinopharm for emergency use, Covaxin's approval is awaited.
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This article aims at reviewing the challenges and effects of COVID-19 on the practice of dermatopathology in view of the current guidelines.
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Salt Lake County, Utah, which includes in it Utah ’s capital, Salt Lake City, decided to report some pretty unscientific, albeit, amusing, data on Covid-19 vaccination rates.
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Home to almost 1.4 billion people, this means that nearly 75% of the population has received atleast one dose of the vaccine.
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The findings could add momentum for F.D.A. authorization of the pediatric dose, perhaps as early as next week, a long-awaited development that would affect 28 million children.
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