Everything You Need to Know About Depakote

Facts about Depakote - generic divalproex sodium or sodium valproate - which is a mood stabilizer for bipolar disorder (also for epilepsy and migraine).
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Valproic acid (VPA) is a commonly prescribed anti-epileptic used therapeutically for a range of conditions including bipolar disorder and migraines. It is a small molecule with a low volume of distribution (0.22  L/kg). At therapeutic levels, protein binding of valproic acid is high (90 to 95%) [1]. However, in overdose protein binding becomes saturated and the percentage of free valproic acid increases substantially. At valproic acid levels of 1000 mg/L, protein binding has been shown to decrease to 15 %.
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Valproate is a drug widely used to treat epilepsy, bipolar disorder, and occasionally to prevent migraine headache. Despite its clinical efficacy, prenatal exposure to valproate is associated with neurodevelopmental impairments and its use in children and adults was associated with rare cases of reversible brain atrophy and ventricular enlargement. To determine whether valproate use is related with structural brain changes we examined through a cross-sectional study cortical and subcortical structures in a group of 152 people with epilepsy and a normal clinical brain MRI. Patients were grouped into those currently using va...
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Verapamil is a phenylalkylamine class calcium channel blocker that for half a century has been used for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Nowadays, verapamil is also considered as a drug option for the treatment of several neurological and psychiatric disorders, such as cluster headache, bipolar disorders, epilepsy, and neurodegenerative diseases. Here, we review insights into the potential preventive and therapeutic role of verapamil on Alzheimer’s disease (AD) based on limited experimental and clinical data. Pharmacological studies have shown that verapamil has a wide therapeutic spectrum, including antihyp...
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AbstractIdiopathic basal ganglia calcification (IBGC) or primary familial brain calcification is a rare genetic condition characterized by an autosomal dominant inheritance pattern and the presence of bilateral calcifications in the basal ganglia, thalami, cerebellum and cerebral subcortical white matter. The syndrome is genetically and phenotypically heterogeneous. Causal mutations have been identified in four genes:SLC20A2,PDGFRB,PDGFB andXPR1. A variety of progressive neurological and psychiatric symptoms have been described, including cognitive impairment, movement disorders, bipolar disorder, chronic headaches and mig...
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This study aimed to investigate the risk of self-harm following diagnosis of different psychiatric disorders in an Asian population, through a review of inpatient records retrieved from the Hong Kong Clinical Data Analysis and Reporting System (CDARS).MethodsFor this nested case-control study, the inpatient data of people admitted for any reason to Hong Kong public hospitals, between Jan 1, 2000, and Dec 31, 2010, were extracted from CDARS. Cases were people aged 10 years or older who had been admitted to inpatient care with a first-listed record of psychiatric disorder during the study period. The seven psychiatric disord...
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(Georgetown University Medical Center) Adding a medication used to treat epilepsy, bipolar disorder and migraines to a blood pressure medicine reversed some aspects of breast cancer in the offspring of mice at high risk of the disease because of the high fat diet fed to their mothers during pregnancy. Conversely, this treatment combination increased breast cancer development in the offspring whose mothers had not been fed a high fat diet during pregnancy.
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This study seeks to investigate whether paternal VPA exposure in rodents triggers behavioral and epigenetic alterations in offspring. The results show that paternal VPA exposure impairs object cognitive memory, suppresses the hyperactivity evoked by an NMDA receptor antagonist in male and female offspring, and disturbs sensorimotor gating in only females. In addition, since VPA is well known as an inhibitor of histone deacetylases, we examined the levels of acetylated histone H3 in the frontal cortex and hippocampus in the offspring of VPA-exposed sires. Interestingly, paternal VPA exposure down-regulates the levels of ace...
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We report the case of a 42-year-old female, diagnosed with major depressive disorder (recurrent) and psychogenic non epileptic seizures (PNES), who showed TEAS with intermittent theta burst stimulation (iTBS). She presented with an episode of low mood, vague pain symptoms such as headache, reduced interest, easy fatigability, disturbed sleep and impaired activities of daily living for one month.
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Elena Lorenzi1, Alessandra Pross1, Orsola Rosa-Salva1, Elisabetta Versace1,2, Paola Sgadò1*† and Giorgio Vallortigara1*† 1Center for Mind/Brain Sciences, University of Trento, Rovereto, Italy 2Department of Biological and Experimental Psychology, School of Biological and Chemical Sciences, Queen Mary University of London, London, United Kingdom Early predispositions to preferentially orient toward cues associated with social partners have been documented in several vertebrate species including human neonates and domestic chicks. Human newborns at high familiar risk of Autism Spectrum Disorde...
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Conclusion: Our results indicate similar prevalence rates of comorbid psychiatric symptoms to studies carried out in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and relatively high attendance and referral rates to psychiatric services.Implications: The results shed light on the clinical profile of patients in this region and support the need for integrated collaborative medical services. Moreover, findings have important implications for health care policies pertaining to resource distribution and funding.IntroductionMedical care has traditionally been dominated by a separation between disciplines catering to physiologi...
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