Researchers develop nanodiscs to deliver personalized cancer therapy

Researchers from the University of Michigan have developed nanodiscs that deliver a customized therapeutic vaccine to treat colon and melanoma cancer in mice. The team’s work was published in Nature Materials. “We are basically educating the immune system with these nanodiscs so that immune cells can attack cancer cells in a personalized manner,” senior author James Moon said in prepared remarks. Get the full story at our sister site, Drug Delivery Business News. The post Researchers develop nanodiscs to deliver personalized cancer therapy appeared first on MassDevice.
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ssier Al-Omar A new series of 5-(3,5-dinitrophenyl)-1,3,4-thiadiazole derivatives were prepared and evaluated for their in vitro antimicrobial, antitumor, and DHFR inhibition activity. Compounds 9, 10, 13, and 16 showed strong and broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity comparable to Amoxicillin and Fluconazole as positive antibiotic and antifungal controls, respectively. Compounds 6, 14, and 15 exhibited antitumor activity against four human cancer cell lines, CCRF-CEM leukemia, HCT-15 colon, PC-3 prostate, and UACC-257 melanoma cell lines using Doxorubicin as a reference drug. Compounds 10, 13, 14, and 15 proved to ...
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Authors: Li T, Cao C, Xiong Q, Liu D Abstract Altered expression of flotillin-2 (FLOT2) has been identified in certain types of cancer, including breast cancer and melanoma; however, to the best of our knowledge, the association between the FLOT2 expression level and colorectal cancer (CRC) remains to be determined. The aim of the present study was to investigate the clinical and prognostic significance of FLOT2 in CRC. The expression of FLOT2 was determined in seven CRC cell lines and one normal colon cell line, and it was identified that FLOT2 was increased in CRC cell lines, suggesting that FLOT2 exhibited an as...
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Conclusions: These studies provide the first evidence that inhibition of the KLRG1 pathway enhances immune control of cancer in murine models, and provide target validation for KLRG1 targeting of human cancer. The mechanism of efficacy of KLRG1 blockade in murine models remains to be determined. PMID: 30858925 [PubMed]
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ConclusionsCompounds 1–10, 12 and 14–15 were isolated for the first time from the P. heterophylla. This result enriches the previous studies on the chemical constituents of P. heterophylla. Compounds 1 and 15 were reported for the first time have cytotoxic activities against tumor cells. Compounds 1, 5, 6, 7, 12, 15 showed cytotoxic activities against tumor cells. This result reveals that the active ingredient of P. heterophylla are composed of phenylpropanoids, iridoid and coumarin. This study provides some theoretical basis for the anti-tumor research of P. heterophylla.Graphical abstract
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This study seeks to ascertain whether different primary tumor types have a propensity for brain metastases (BMs) in different cerebral vascular territories and cerebral edema.MethodsConsecutive adult patients who underwent surgical resection of a BM at a tertiary care institution between 2001 and 2011 were retrospectively reviewed. Only patients with the most common primary cancers (lung, breast, skin-melanoma, colon, and kidney) were included. Preoperative MRIs were reviewed to classify all tumors by cerebral vascular territory (anterior cerebral artery-ACA, lenticulostriate, middle cerebral artery-MCA, posterior cerebral...
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ConclusionsThe lower diagnostic verification of cancer at the highest ages suggests a lower diagnostic activity among the oldest-old. However, the proportion of suspected but not verified cancers did not increase with age, possibly partially due to lack of registration. The declining cancer incidence at oldest ages is probably partly due to lower diagnostic activity.
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Conclusion The most common benign salivary tumour in our study was Warthin’s tumour and the majority of these patients had a primary lung carcinoma. Given that the main predisposing factor for both pathologies is smoking, potentially this suggests an association between the incidence of primary lung carcinoma and Warthin’s tumour. Ten (14%) patients in our study had a standardized uptake value of below 3.2 (using the VUE Point HD algorithm). These patients had either no identifiable lesion on ultrasound or no malignant features on histology; therefore, we propose that a cut-off of 3.2 on PET/CT could be used ...
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n Natural and synthetic small molecules from the NCI Developmental Therapeutics Program (DTP) were employed in molecular dynamics-based docking with DNA repair proteins whose RNA-Seq based expression was associated with overall cancer survival (OS) after adjustment for the PCNA metagene. The compounds employed were required to elicit a sensitive response (vs. resistance) in more than half of the cell lines tested for each cancer. Methodological approaches included peptide sequence alignments and homology modeling for 3D protein structure determination, ligand preparation, docking, toxicity and ADME prediction. Docking ...
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CONCLUSIONS: The NCDB coverage of U.S. cancer cases has remained relatively high (72%), but differences remain by cancer site and other factors that should be taken into account by users of the NCDB data. PMID: 30737668 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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Publication date: April 2019Source: European Polymer Journal, Volume 113Author(s): Dorota Lachowicz, Alicja Karabasz, Monika Bzowska, Michał Szuwarzyński, Anna Karewicz, Maria NowakowskaAbstractThe bioconjugate of alginate and curcumin (AA-CUR) was synthesized in a simple, one-step process and used to prepare the stable calcium cross-linked spherical micelles serving as a delivery vehicle for curcumin. Above its critical micelle concentration (0.6 mg/ml) AA-CUR forms colloidally stable micelles of ca. 200 nm. Prolonged, well controlled release of curcumin was observed from the AA-CUR micelles cross-linked with calciu...
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