"Hemodynamically Benign" RSI

Hi. IM/CCM here. I thought about posting this in CCM but wanted an anesthesiology opinion (or a few): called in the middle of the night to see a (strong/hearty) 82 y/o man with 1.5 liters of coffee ground liquid in his newly placed NG tube. HR 70s (but on Coreg), 80s/50s, mildly tachypneic, 7.34/48/62/17 with a lactate of 8. Bolus 1 liter of LR and 2 units prbc with BP to 122/70. He was struggling to I decided to intubate urgently in anticipation of EGD. RSI with 1 mg versed, 100 mg ketamine... "Hemodynamically Benign" RSI
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