'Tis the Season to Try to be Jolly

'Tis the season. The world is expecting everyone to be jolly. No surprise, you don't feel like the bubbles in a glass of champagne. More like flat ginger ale, you say? Forced gaiety is this season's curse. It takes a toll emotionally to be in pretense-land. What's a person to do when the only solution to feeling glum is to bring home your baby? How does one cope when Mars seems closer than your goal? Here is a grab bag of coping skills. Reach in. I'll bet at least one can bring relief. 1. Don't try to be jolly. Allow realness. Let 'er rip. Tears are therapeutic. By the way, sonogram has shown that a caterpillar, once in its cocoon, completely melts down, parts rearrange, and presto--out comes a butterfly. Have a meltdown--as needed. 2. Give vent to your feelings. Capture them and put them out--to a loved one, a trusted friend or relative, or on paper (and then ceremoniously burn or rip and scatter as confetti). If all else fails, scream into a pillow or on a rooftop. You won't go down the drain. You will drain the frustration. 3. Alternatively, fake it 'til you make it. Buck up and participate. You may have a good time. It would be normal to collapse in a heap afterwards because you can't and shouldn't fake it to yourself. Make sure your phone is handy. Someone needs to come and pick you up. 4. Connect with those who will validate your feelings. Isolation can be deadly. Who can you melt into for solace? Hopefully your partner. (If there's a glitch in that department, know t...
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Infertility is known to decrease quality of life among adults. In some cases, infertility is caused by medical conditions and/or treatments prescribed in childhood, and using methods to protect or preserve fertility may expand future reproductive possibilities. Structured programs to offer counseling about infertility risk and fertility preservation options are essential in the care of pediatric patients facing fertility-threatening conditions or treatments, yet multiple barriers to program development exist.
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Endometriosis, particularly ovarian endometriosis, is a disease detrimental to fertility. The exact pathophysiology of endometrioma-related infertility is still a source of debate, however, and a number of mechanisms have been suggested. It has been postulated that it distorts the tubo-ovarian anatomy or induces an inflammatory reaction followed by the so-called burn-out effect, which impacts the follicle reserve (1) and causes oxidative stress (2) resulting in poorer quality oocytes. Indeed, toxic content from an endometrioma may result in local inflammation, elevated oxidative stress levels, increased fibrosis, loss of c...
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The most important ingredient when selecting an IVF clinic is actually an intangible one. It's not how posh the clinic is ; or how big their team of doctors ; or what their success rates are ; or how many ads they pay for in newspapers . It's actually a question of trust in the doctor - does the IVF doctor inspire trust or not?This depends on intuition and gut feel, and the chemistry between the doctor and patient varies from patient to patient, which is why not all patients are happy with one particular doctor. As a patient, you need to spend time finding the one who is right for you.The traditional of building trust depe...
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Hair relaxers (straighteners) are used by millions of women, often for long periods of time. Hair relaxers can cause burns and lesions in the scalp, facilitating entry of chemical constituents into the body; dermal absorption and inhalation are also routes of exposure. Hair relaxers may contain sodium or calcium hydroxide, guanidine carbonate, thioglycolic salts, and hormonally-active compounds such as phthalates, which have been associated with infertility in some studies. We investigated prospectively the association between hair relaxer use and fecundability.
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Reduced intensity conditioning (RIC) is increasingly used for hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HCT). Risk of infertility and primary gonadal insufficiency secondary to standard myeloablative (MAC) HCT is high, but little is known of these complications following use of RIC HCT.
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A patient sent me this emailWhy are you more expensive than other IVF clinics ?This is a perfectly reasonable question, because IVF treatment is expensive, and patients need to keep an eye on their expenses. Because they naively believe that all IVF clinics are created equal, they often prefer going to the cheapest one - or the one nearest their house.This is why so many IVF clinics have sprung up all over the country. Most of these don't have the requisite experience and expertise which established IVF clinics do, but they are able to lure patients in by extensive advertising - many of these clinics plaster small towns wi...
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Background: Reduced intensity conditioning (RIC) is increasingly used for hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HCT). Risk of infertility and primary gonadal insufficiency secondary to standard myeloablative (MAC) HCT is high, but little is known of these complications following use of RIC HCT.
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Authors: Mathur P, Jha S, Ramteke S, Jain NK Abstract Silver nanoparticles are particles in the size ranging between 1 and 100 nm. The two major methods used for synthesis of silver nanoparticle are the physical and chemical methods with the disadvantage that they are expensive and can also have toxicity. Biological method is being used as an expedient alternative, as this approach is environment-friendly and less toxic and it includes plant extracts, microorganism, fungi, etc. The major applications of silver nanoparticles in the medical field include diagnostic applications and therapeutic applications, ap...
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Conclusion: To address the many challenges posed by EDCs, we argue that Africans should take the lead in prioritization and evaluation of environmental hazards, including EDCs. We recommend the institution of education and training programs for chemical users, adoption of the precautionary principle, establishment of biomonitoring programs, and funding of community-based epidemiology and wildlife research programs led and funded by African institutes and private companies. https://doi.org/10.1289/EHP1774 Received: 16 February 2017 Revised: 22 May 2017 Accepted: 24 May 2017 Published: 22 August 2017 Address correspond...
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Endometriosis currently affects ~5.5 million reproductive-aged women in the U.S. with symptoms such as painful periods (dysmenorrhea), chronic pelvic pain, pain with intercourse (dyspareunia), and infertility. It is defined as the presence of endometrial tissue outside the uterine cavity and is found predominately attached to sites within the peritoneal cavity. Diagnosis for endometriosis is solely made through surgery as no consistent biomarkers for disease diagnosis exist. There is no cure for endometriosis and treatments only target symptoms and not the underlying mechanism(s) of disease. The nature of individual predis...
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