Just a small cut in saturated fats 'reduces heart disease risk'

Conclusion This study shows an association between increased intake of individual saturated fats and increased risk of coronary heart disease. It also shows a link between the replacement of these fatty acids with other types of fat, plant protein, or wholegrain carbohydrates and a reduction in coronary heart disease risk. The strengths of this study are the large sample size and long follow-up period that looked at repeated measures such as diet, lifestyle and health outcomes. It also provides clear support for dietary guidelines that recommend replacing dietary energy from saturated fats with polyunsaturated fats as well as wholegrain carbohydrates and plant source proteins. However, there are a number of limitations to the study: Although the study adjusted for confounding variables, there may be other factors that were not accounted for. For example, stress and life events might be contributors to coronary heart disease, but were not measured. The analysis was based on self-reported dietary intake and therefore may be subject to recall bias. The study populations were comprised of health professionals who might have very similar lifestyles to one another; therefore the results may not be representative of other populations. Finally, most people did not just eat only one type of saturated fat, so it is hard to disentangle which have more association with coronary heart disease. Also, the study did not consider other types of fatty acids, such as those found in da...
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Conclusion The index might be a useful tool for assessing the nutritional quality of meals and for monitoring and comparing groups.RESUMO Objetivo Avaliar a validade interna e a confiabilidade do índice de qualidade das principais refeições. Métodos O indicador, Índice de Qualidade de Refeição, inclui dez componentes, com pontuação final que varia de 0 a 100 pontos. Estratégias de avaliação do desempenho do indicador incluíram: avaliação da validade de conteúdo, validade de construto, validade discriminante e con...
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Conclusion: In the period studied, financial abuse increased in its magnitude when compared with other types of violence, a fact that justifies researching the theme in order to prevent it.RESUMEN Objetivo: Analizar los casos de violencia econ ómica, financiera y patrimonial contra la persona mayor registrados en la Comisaría de Seguridad y Protección al Anciano de una capital del Nordeste brasileño. Método: Estudio transversal, cuyos datos fueron extraídos de Atestados Policiales e investigaciones registrados en la mencionada Com isaría. Se llevó a cabo la estad&iacu...
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Conclusion: In post-menopausal women, lower HRV was associated with a modestly higher, but statistically significant, risk for incident cardiovascular events, including fatal and non-fatal myocardial infarction. Factors associated with lower HRV and cardiac autonomic impairment may be candidates for reducing CHD risk, such as better glycemic control and improved physical activity.
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Conclusion This large pooled cohort study seems to demonstrate an association between a healthy plant-based diet and reduced risk of coronary heart disease, and an increased risk of heart disease with an unhealthy plant-based diet. This adds to the evidence base supporting the possible benefits of healthy plant-based diets in protecting against certain illnesses. However there are some limitations to the research: The cohort included only health professionals from the US so might not be representative of wider populations in the UK or elsewhere. The study can't provide information on the benefits or otherwise of this d...
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Conclusion This study has found that while overall gluten consumption in people without coeliac disease may not be related to heart disease risk, avoiding whole grains (wheat, barley and rye) in order to avoid gluten may be associated with increased heart disease risk. This study has several strengths, including its large size, the fact that data was collected prospectively and diet assessed at several time-points, the long period of follow up, and that it took into account a wide range of potential confounders. As with all studies of this type, it is possible that other factors may affect the results. However, the researc...
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