Antimicrobial-Resistant Shigella Infection Risk Among MSM Antimicrobial-Resistant Shigella Infection Risk Among MSM

Shigella infection is becoming increasingly resistant to certain antimicrobial agents. What's the best course of action for this high-risk population?Emerging Infectious Diseases
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Publication date: Available online 23 March 2019Source: Trends in Food Science &TechnologyAuthor(s): Katarzyna SamborskaAbstractBackgroundHoney powder is an attractive substitute for liquid honey, which application in food and pharmaceutical industry is limited due to high density and viscosity. However, the manufacturing of powdered honey is still a challenge both for industry as well as researchers. It results from the chemical composition of this unique product, mainly from high content of sugars and organic acids. Honey powder preparation involves the application of appropriate carrier, drying aid and/or enriching ...
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ConclusionIn conclusion, we have found, despite persistent improvement in sanitary conditions over the recent years in northern part of Iran, IPIs are still among the main public health problems in this area. Moreover, helminths infection in our study were considerable. Thus, effective control programs are essential to reduce the incidence of IPIs.
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LITFL • Life in the Fast Lane Medical Blog LITFL • Life in the Fast Lane Medical Blog - Emergency medicine and critical care medical education blog aka Tropical Travel Trouble 009 The diagnosis of HIV is no longer fatal and the term AIDS is becoming less frequent. In many countries, people with HIV are living longer than those with diabetes. This post will hopefully teach the basics of a complex disease and demystify some of the potential diseases you need to consider in those who are severely immunosuppressed. While trying to be comprehensive this post can not be exhaustive (as you can imagine any patient with ...
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Publication date: December 2017 Source:The Lancet Global Health, Volume 5, Issue 12 Author(s): Kirkby D Tickell, Rebecca L Brander, Hannah E Atlas, Jeffrey M Pernica, Judd L Walson, Patricia B Pavlinac Background Shigella infections are a leading cause of diarrhoeal death among children in low-income and middle-income countries. WHO guidelines reserve antibiotics for treating children with dysentery. Reliance on dysentery for identification and management of Shigella infection might miss an opportunity to reduce Shigella-associated morbidity and mortality. We aimed to systematically review and evaluate Shigella-associated...
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A new report of shigellosis cases in New York City provides insight into the increasing resistance to antibiotics commonly prescribed to treat the infection.Emerging Infectious Diseases
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Shigella flexneri is an emerging pathogen in men who have sex with men (MSM); recent outbreaks related to sexual practices have been noted in this population in the UK and other developed countries. While the majority of cases of shigellosis present with gastroenteritis, some vulnerable patients with underlying immunosuppression can develop complications like bacteraemia and may present atypically as an acute surgical emergency. This case report highlights such a case of S. flexneri bacteraemia in a man who had sex with men.
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Conclusions HIV-positive MSM infected with S flexneri 3a used social media to meet sexual partners for unprotected sex mainly at sex parties. The potential for the transmission of S flexneri, HIV and other infections is clear. MSM need to be aware of the effect that chemsex drugs have on their health.
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