Mouthwash and disinfectant ingredient linked to 'superbug'

Conclusion The authors show that Klebsiella pneumoniae strains are able to become more resistant to the widely used antiseptic chlorhexidine. They also show that in five of six strains, adaptation to chlorhexidine also led to resistance to colistin, a last-resort antibiotic. There is a potential risk that colistin resistance will emerge in Klebsiella pneumoniae as a result of exposure to chlorhexidine, given the wide range of products sold to the NHS that contain active concentrations of chlorhexidine. Klebsiella pneumoniae infections and outbreaks are becoming increasingly common in hospitals and can cause a range of diseases, including pneumonia, bloodstream infections, wound infections, surgical site infections, meningitis and urinary tract infections. While it is true that chlorhexidine is in a range of products, including mouthwash and wound dressings, the study did not specifically look at mouthwash or any other household products. There is no evidence that using these products is unsafe or has caused an increase in infections. As lead author, Dr Mark Sutton, concluded in a press release: "Chlorhexidine is a common ingredient in a number of disinfectants used widely in the home and in healthcare settings, where it is an important part of many infection control practices. "People should continue to practice good infection control, including the use of disinfectants, in order to prevent infections in the first place. "This is early research in a laborato...
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Abstract The soil-transmitted helminths (STHs), Ascaris lumbricoides, hookworm and Trichuris trichiura are common in areas with warm and moist climates with little access to adequate water, sanitation, and hygiene affecting the poorest populations. The current control strategy of the World Health Organization is preventive chemotherapy (PC), i.e., the administration of the two benzimidazoles (albendazole and mebendazole) using single, oral doses to at risk populations without prior diagnosis. The recent success of PC is threatened by anthelmintic drug resistance and the low efficacy of the drugs against hookw...
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In this study, the mechanism of caspase-1 activation and subsequent IL-1β secretion in macrophages infected with P. multocida was elucidated. The nucleotide-binding oligomerization domain-like receptor family, pyrin domain containing 3 (NLRP3) inflammasome was shown to be involved in inducing this cellular response. Compared with wild-type macrophages, Nlrp3-/- macrophages exhibited a clear decrease in caspase-1 activation and IL-1β secretion in response to P. multocida infection. Furthermore, spleen tyrosine kinase (Syk) was indicated to be involved in IL-1β secretion, possibly by regulating the NLRP3 infla...
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NIH study finds new cell composition may lead to less effective future response.
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[Govt of SA] On 07 January this year the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries confirmed and reported an outbreak of foot and mouth disease in the high surveillance area of the foot and mouth disease free zone in Limpopo, adjacent to the protection zone. Subsequently, South Africa lost its World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) recognised foot and mouth disease free zone without vaccination status.
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ConclusionsThe selection of empirical antibiotic therapy was quite accurate. An increase in HAIs by multiresistant microorganisms, such as ESBL Enterobacteria or multiresistant P. aeruginosa is being observed. The mortality risk increases with inadequate initial empirical antibiotic therapy or when the responsible microorganism is an ESBL enterobacteria.ResumenObjetivosEvaluar la idoneidad de la antibioterapia empírica en IRAS y los patrones de resistencia a antibióticos de los microorganismos responsables, así como la incidencia de mortalidad y factores de riesgo en relación con IRAS.M&eac...
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This study was performed to evaluate the effect of hyperoxygenation during colorectal surgery on the incidence of wound infection. METHODS: This study was a prospective double-blind case-control study. The main aim of the study was to evaluate the effect of hyperoxygenation during colorectal surgery on the incidence of SSI. Also, secondary outcomes, such as atelectasis, pneumonia, respiratory failure, length of hospital stay, and required hospitalization in the intensive care unit were evaluated. RESULTS: SSI was recorded in 2 patients (2 of 40, 5%) in the hyperoxygenation group (FiO2 80%) and 6 patients (6 of 40, ...
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Authors: Lee SH Abstract The current standard of care for treating patients with locally advanced rectal cancer includes preoperative chemoradiation therapy (PCRT) followed by a total mesorectal excision and postoperative adjuvant chemotherapy. A subset of these patients has achieved a pathologic complete response (pCR) and they have shown improved disease-free and overall survival compared to non-pCR patients. Thus, many efforts have been made to achieve a higher pCR through PCRT. In this review, results from various ongoing and recently completed clinical trials that are being or have been conducted with an aim t...
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Chemotherapy overdose may be avoided in obese patients with breast cancer using a tailored dosing strategy.Annals of Oncology
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[Premium Times] The confirmed cases from the Lassa fever outbreak in Nigeria has increased to 472 as 53 new cases were reported for week 10.
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The treatment of community-acquired pneumonia has become increasingly challenging due to antibiotic resistance, but the availability of new agents may offer more options.Current Opinion in Infectious Diseases
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