NHS precribed heartburn medicins could be making men infertile

Last year, in England alone, there were 55million prescriptions for proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) – drugs that reduce the amount of acid made in the stomach that causes heartburn.
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Conditions:   Female Infertility;   Gene Deregulation Intervention:   Sponsors:   Infertility Treatment Center Dortmund;   University of Wuerzburg Not yet recruiting
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[IPS] Chicago -Fertility health is an incredibly personal - and often vulnerable - topic. Fertility, infertility, and fertility preservation have gained increased public interest over the past few years. Infertility is formally defined as the inability to achieve pregnancy after one year of unprotected intercourse.
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[This Day] While one in every four Nigerian couples experience delay in achieving conception, experts say with multiple IVF the challenge can be addressed. Martins Ifijeh chronicles the lives of couples who through the assisted reproductive technology are now proud parents.
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ConclusionsOur results showed that primary LSG is a durable primary bariatric procedure with sustained weight loss and a high resolution of comorbidities at 10  years, but about half the patients had de novo GERD. The need for conversion to RYGB was 16.9% at 10 years.
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Conclusion Moderate-to-severe endometriosis was more common in women with East or South East Asian ethnicity in our tertiary referral center. This could be explained by East/South East Asians with minimal-mild disease being less likely to seek care, or genetic/environmental differences that increase the risk of more severe disease amongst East/South East Asians.
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Conclusions A personalised choice of the best treatment for PPI-resistant GORD should be based on the results of an upper endoscopy and pH/MII monitoring. For patients in situations where the first line of treatment fails, we encourage the execution of trials for testing double doses of PPIs against alternative medicaments.
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I often see lots of infertile patients who could get pregnant if they did IVF treatment. Unfortunately, they just cannot afford to do an IVF cycle for financial reasons, and they end up without a baby. It fair to say  that  this causes them a significant amount of  frustration and heartburn when you know that IVF can help you get pregnant; but you can ’t, because you just can’t afford the treatment.Can this be changed? But it ’s not just the patients who are affected; IVF specialists also go through a lot of anguish when this happens. It’s very difficult to come to terms with the...
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IVF is seen to be a modern medical marvel  of scientific technology, and while it has allowed us to delight millions of infertile couples, the truth is also that there's lots about the IVF process which we cannot control, because we don't understand it very well.Patients need to understand the limitations of IVF, so that they have realistic expectations of what we can do for them. Otherwise, every IVF cycle which fails causes needless heartburn,Thus, we still cannot predict- how a patient will respond to superovulation- which egg will fertilise- which embryo will cleave normally , and which will arrest;or- which embry...
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Most infertile patients are unhappy and stressed out. They're depressed , because they're unable to perform the basic biological function every woman is designed for - to have a baby . For some of them, their whole life seems to revolve around this inability to have a child.Having kids is a basic biological urge which is hard wired into us. It's something which we all take for granted.  No one ever anticipates they'll ever have a problem with their own fertility , and when they do find out that they're having difficulty conceiving , this comes as a rude shock.Usually one hopes that it's going to be a simple problem - ...
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Conclusions This review suggests that TKM could be an effective option for infertile women. Further rigorously designed studies are needed to confirm the effectiveness and safety of TKM treatment in infertile women.
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