This Could Revolutionize Your Yoga

Mound your glutes Breathe wide into your side or lateral ribs Bring the weight into the front of your paw hover your heels above the earth Draw the energy up the back of your legs Bend your knees Make a soft gentle fist Open your mouth Keep your eyes horizon Not your yoga teacher's classical alignment cues, right? There's a new yoga kid in town. At least in my town; Copenhagen. The movement system Bowspring is slowly starting to influence some of the teachers of the yoga community here. New movements, new cues, new sensations. The Bowspring is said to work on our default dominance; the position our body slides unconsciously into daily as we sit and stand and move with limited awareness by systematically targeting the use of the posterior chain. It awakens the natural curves of the spine invigorating the system through an applied whole bodied tonus. The Bowspring always focuses on accountability, mindfulness and compassion. It was conceived by Desi Springer and collaborated on with John Friend (yes, you know, the Anusara John Friend). The practice came out of a series of movement ideas that had been inspiring Springer in her personal practice. "It encourages us to examine our movement patterns and increases our awareness. It is a dynamic vibrant practice that can be used by anyone and it is a posture that we could all use to garden, sit at our desk or stand at the sink to wash the dishes," says Christy Punnett, yogi of more than 20 years and founder of Livity Bowspr...
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