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Inner Ear Regeneration: Hearing Loss, Tinnitus and Vertigo

Advanced Rejuvenation is using cutting edge therapies to stimulate hair cell (inner ear) regeneration through stem cell treatment, laser therapy and growth factor injections
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AbstractTransplantation-associated thrombotic microangiopathy (TA-TMA) is an uncommon but severe complication in patients undergoing allogeneic stem cell transplantation (allo-SCT). However, the mechanism is unclear. From 2011 to 2014, 20 patients with TA-TMA, 20 patients without, and 54 patients with various other complications, including veno occlusive disease (VOD), graft-versus-host disease (GVHD), and infection, were recruited in the study. Plasma vWF antigen (vWFAg), vWF activity (vWFAc), andADAMTS13 activity were determined in these patients by ELISAs and FRETS-vWF73 assay, respectively. Plasma C3b, sC5b-9, and CH50...
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Li Li, Chi C. Liu, Xueping Chen, Shisan Xu, Sinai Hernandez Cortes-Manno, Shuk H. Cheng
Source: Frontiers in Pharmacology - Category: Drugs & Pharmacology Source Type: research
Part of #ExplainAdultADHD.  A campaign to reduce the ignorance, misinformation, and stigma against adults with ADHD. ADHD Is My Super Power Not My Disability. “Just because some people think ADHD is a disability, doesn’t mean we all do! ADHD is my super power and my track record proves it. I accomplish a lot more than my peers professionally, in my personal life and in achieving my dreams because I have relentless motivation. Every super power has its kryptonite, so I have learned over the years how to choose where I give my energy, enjoy downtime more and revel in my accomplishments instead of just...
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Problems attracting people into learning disability nursing training have “come to a head” and there is now a risk there will be an insufficient number of new nurses working in this field in the future, the national workforce body has said.
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AbstractThe incidence of blast injury has increased recently. As the ear is the organ most sensitive to blast overpressure, the most frequent injuries seen after blast exposure are those affecting the ear. Blast overpressure affecting the ear results in sensorineural hearing loss, which is untreatable and often associated with a decline in the quality of life. Here, we review recent cases of blast-induced hearing dysfunction. The tympanic membrane is particularly sensitive to blast pressure waves, since such waves exert forces mainly at air –tissue interfaces within the body. However, treatment of tympanic membrane p...
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In conclusion, low oxygen condition causes changes in the cellular amounts of several proteins. Long‐term low oxygen tension increased a number of gene expressions, while elevated ACAN and COL2A1 expressions did not reveal changes at secretion levels during the 4‐week exposure period. Still, the low oxygen tension‐induced trend of the expression of ACAN and COL2A1 was consistent and, therefore, we suggest that 5% low oxygen condition could act as a supportive factor for the known chondrogenicity and/or extracellular matrix production enhancing factors, such as bone morphogenetic protein 4 or Rho‐kinase inhibitor Y‐27632.
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At least one group is running trials of stem cell transplants as a potential treatment for age-related frailty syndrome: the scope of the possible in the near term is to find way to incrementally improve the condition, not produce a sizable reversal, but that is an improvement over the current situation, given that there is no effective treatment. The closest thing to a standardized, proven, reliable class of stem cell therapies involves the use of mesenchymal stem cells, sourced from a patient, or from lines of cells grown and engineered for transplantation with minimal risk. The primary outcome of mesenchymal stem cell t...
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Authors: Detante O, Rome C, Papassin J Abstract Regenerative cell therapy is a promising therapeutic strategy in neurology, most notably to improve stroke recovery. Although tolerability and feasibility have apparently been validated, many questions remain as to what is the best type of cells to use, the best route and the post-stroke delay for administration. Two main strategies have currently emerged: intravenous injection of mesenchymal stem cells with systemic trophic support; and intracerebral grafting of neural stem cells with brain repair effects at the lesion site. Multicenter clinical trials have just begu...
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PDF Version (578 KB) About This Article Published: 17 October 2017 Note to readers with disabilities: EHP strives to ensure that all journal content is accessible to all readers. However, some figures and Supplemental Material published in EHP articles may not conform to 508 standards due to the complexity of the information being presented. If you need assistance accessing journal content, please contact ehponline@niehs.nih.gov. Our staff will work with you to assess and meet your accessibility needs within 3 working days. Related EHP Article Randomized Trial of Interventions ...
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While they might be fun for some, they actually serve a purpose to many.
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