Pneumoperitoneum in the Setting of Pneumatosis Intestinalis in Children: Is Surgery Always Indicated?

Conclusion Free air in the setting of PI may represent rupture of the gas cysts and not always transmural perforation. Surgery may not always be indicated and conservative management may suffice. A CT scan can be useful for excluding other intra-abdominal pathological findings and continued clinical assessment is essential. [...] Georg Thieme Verlag KG Stuttgart · New YorkArticle in Thieme eJournals: Table of contents  |  Abstract  |  Full text
Source: European Journal of Pediatric Surgery - Category: Surgery Authors: Tags: Original Article Source Type: research

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Subject-specific features can contribute to the susceptibility of an individual to stress fracture. Here, we incorporated tibial morphology and material properties into a standard musculoskeletal finite-element (M/FE) model and investigated how load carriage influences joint kinetics and tibial mechanics in women. We obtained the morphology and material properties of the tibia from computed tomography images for women of three distinctly different heights, 1.51 m (short), 1.63 m (medium), and 1.75 m (tall), and developed individualized M/FE models for each. Then, we calculated joint and muscle forces, and subsequently, tib...
Source: IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering - Category: Biomedical Engineering Source Type: research
Objective: Aneurysm rupture risk can be assessed by its morphologic and hemodynamics features extracted based on angiographic images. Feature extraction entails aneurysm isolation, typically by manually positioning a cutting plane (MCP). To eliminate intra- and inter-rater variabilities, we propose automatic cutting plane (ACP) positioning based on the analysis of vascular surface mesh. Methods: Innovative Hough-like and multi-hypothesis-based detection of aneurysm center, parent vessel inlets, and centerlines were proposed. These were used for initialization and iterative ACP positioning by geometry-inspired cost function...
Source: IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering - Category: Biomedical Engineering Source Type: research
In this study, we first designed and prepared a novel multi-functional photoluminescence form-stable phase change materials (FSPCMs) using photoluminescence side chain liquid crystalline polymers with different flexible spacers length as gelators, and using paraffin as phase change materials. The properties, and the effect of flexible spacer length on the properties of photoluminescence FSPCMs were studied in detail by “tube test” method, differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), thermogravimetric analysis (TGA), fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR), polarized optical microscopy (POM), rheometry test,...
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Source: Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health Care - Category: Primary Care Authors: Source Type: research
ConclusionOur findings argue against a co-selection mechanism of antimicrobial drug-resistance and zinc tolerance after dietary zinc supplementation in weaning piglets. An explanation for an increase in multi-drug resistant isolates from piglets with high zinc dietary feeding could be that resistant bacteria to antimicrobial agents are more persistent to stresses such as zinc or copper exposure.
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Mycobacteria are unique in many aspects of their biology. The development of genetic tools to identify genes critical for their growth by forward genetic analysis holds great promises to advance our understanding of their cellular, physiological and biochemical processes. Here we report the development of a novel transposon, MycoTetOP2, to aid the identification of such genes by direct transposon mutagenesis. This mariner-based transposon contains nested anhydrotetracycline (ATc)-inducible promoters to drive transcription outward from both of its ends. In addition, it includes the Escherichia coli R6Kγ origin to faci...
Source: Frontiers in Microbiology - Category: Microbiology Source Type: research
In conclusion, the detection of two different NDM-5 E. coli strains from a pediatric patient with a history of travel to the Far East countries strongly highlight an increasing trend and risk of importation from such areas.
Source: Frontiers in Microbiology - Category: Microbiology Source Type: research
This study sheds light on the virulence and AMR potential of E. coli ST302 strains and informs AMR genomic surveillance.
Source: Frontiers in Microbiology - Category: Microbiology Source Type: research
In its native environment of rotting vegetation, the soil nematode Caenorhabditis elegans encounters a range of bacteria. This includes species from the ESKAPE group of pathogens that pose a clinical problem in acquired hospital infections. Here, we investigated three Gram-negative members of the ESKAPE group, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Klebsiella pneumoniae, and Acinetobacter baumannii. Pathogenicity profiles as measured by time to kill adult C. elegans showed that P. aeruginosa was the most pathogenic, followed by K. pneumoniae, while C. elegans cultured on A. baumannii exhibited the same survival as those on the standard l...
Source: Frontiers in Microbiology - Category: Microbiology Source Type: research
Hanks-type kinases encoding genes are present in most cyanobacterial genomes. Despite their widespread pattern of conservation, little is known so far about their role because their substrates and the conditions triggering their activation are poorly known. Here we report that under diazotrophic conditions, normal heterocyst differentiation and growth of the filamentous cyanobacterium Nostoc PCC 7120 require the presence of the Pkn22 kinase, which is induced under combined nitrogen starvation conditions. By analyzing the phenotype of pkn22 mutant overexpressing genes belonging to the regulatory cascade initiating the devel...
Source: Frontiers in Microbiology - Category: Microbiology Source Type: research
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