Why Is An Obscure Study About Lyme Disease-Causing Bacteria So Popular Online?

"Who knew there would be so much interest in a biomechanics paper??!!" Those are the words--and the multiple exclamation points--of Tara Moriarty, proprietor of the Moriarty Lab, an infectious diseases research lab that studies primarily Borrelia burgdorferi (Bb) the bacterium that causes Lyme disease. Moriarty is the principal investigator of a new academic paper from the University of Toronto that details the mechanism by which Bb "crawl" through the body. Scientific American is among the many mainstream outlets that discussed the findings, which may represent a major step in making the ever-gray world of Lyme disease science more black and white. Understanding the movement of an infectious disease agent may seem unnecessarily technical to many people, but Lyme disease patients and specialists see hope in this would-be obscure study--and despite Moriarty's surprise over the popularity of her paper (now among the top three percent of all papers ever tracked by Altmetric, a service that analyzes online activity surrounding scholarly research publications), she knows it's not because of a latent popular interest in the mechanics of disease-causing microbes. "All of the interest," Moriarty says, "is because it's [about] Lyme disease, and although there are some biomechanics folks following it, all other followers are biologists (mainly microbiologists), and hugely, members of the Lyme disease advocacy and support c...
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AbstractPhotobiomodulation (PBM) has been used to modulate the inflammatory and immune responses, pain relief, and to promote wound healing. PBM is widely used in dental practice and its cellular effects should be investigated. The aim was to evaluate if PBM changes proteins cell death –related, such as caspase-6 and Bcl-2, in periodontal ligament cells. Eighteen mice were divided in three groups (n = 6), i.e., (I) control, (II) 3 J cm−2, and (III) 30 J cm−2. Low power infrared laser (830 nm) parameters were power at 10 mW, energy densities at 3 and 30 J cm−2 in continuous emission mode, exposure ti...
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Patellar instability and associated patellar dislocation can result in significant pain, disability, and associated injuries in young athletes. The patellofemoral joint is a complex articulation with stabilizing restraints, both medially and laterally, tha...
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When will we go back to dinners and drinks with reps, thought leader "focus groups," Instagram whoring, etc?
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Publication date: Available online 21 September 2020Source: International Journal of Nursing SciencesAuthor(s): Xuelian Liu, Li Li, Lingxiao Wang, Keela Herr, Qiuchan Chen
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Abstract OBJECTIVE To compare the intensity of pain, the healing process and women ’ s satisfaction with the repair of perineal trauma during vaginal delivery using surgical glue or suture. METHOD Cross-sectional study aligned with a clinical trial conducted at a maternity in Itapecerica da Serra, S ão Paulo. The sample consisted of women who were evaluated between 10 and 20 days after delivery. The outcomes were analyzed according to the distribution of women in the experimental group (EG: perineal repair with Glubran-2® surgical glue; n=55) and in the control group (CG: perineal repair with Vicryl® s...
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The new guidance, published only on Friday, had acknowledged that fine particles floating in air may spread the virus.
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SUMMARY The emergence of a new form of Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) exposed weaknesses of health services in several countries, with overcrowding of hospitals, and lack of supplies and professionals in combating the disease, which sometimes contributed to the installation of social, political, and economic chaos. The critical situation experienced made the subject widely publicized so that the current pandemic also deals with an information epidemic. However, the data received and transmitted require prior critical analysis of its content, although not everyone is able to make the necessary judgment before using or sharing inf...
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The objective of this work is to reflect, from the point of view of medical ethics, on the basic principles of the choices made by the health teams, during the COVID-19 pandemic, whose resources are scarce and decisions cause anguish and restlessness. The ethical values for the rationing of health resources in an epidemic must converge to some proposals based on fundamental values such as maximizing the benefits produced by scarce resources, treating people equally, promoting and recommending instrumental values, giving priority to critical situations. Naturally, different judgments will occur in different circumstances, b...
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CONCLUSION A significant increase in the incidence of Kawasaki-type diseases after the onset of the epidemic has been reported, suggesting an association between the COVID-19 epidemic and the high incidence of a severe form of KD. However, further studies are needed to conduct an investigation of the association between these two diseases.RESUMO OBJETIVO Apresentar evid ências científicas com base em revisão sistemática da literatura (Prisma) avaliando a associação da Doença de Kawasaki (DK) e COVID-19 em crianças. MÉTODOS Para a seleção dos estudo...
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DR MARTIN SCURR: Hernias are very common and occur when part of an organ becomes displaced and pushes through the structures that contain it, creating a bulge through the skin.
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