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The Laser Probe, The iKnife and The Cutting Edge of Surgery

If the thought of going under the knife fills you with fear, be reassured. No longer is surgery the brutal and hazardous experience faced by our ancestors. Thanks to wonders such as laparoscopy, robotic solutions, and, more recently, the iKnife and the laser probe, surgical intervention is getting safer all the time. Archaeologists believe that people have been carrying out surgery for up to 11,000 years. Cranial surgery, known as trephination, probably dates back to the Neolithic era. It involved drilling a hole in the skull of a living person. Speculation suggests it was done to cure disorders such as convulsions, fractures, headaches, and infections. The Ancient Egyptians used the same operation for "letting out" headaches and migraine. From 1812 onward, the New England Journal of Medicine offers accounts of procedures that would now be considered gruesome, such as passing a hook through a man's pupil during the removal of a cataract, and using leeches for bloodletting. Pioneers of their time, both surgeons and patients displayed remarkable courage. Leap from there to the present, and you have minimally invasive surgery where even a heart transplant is now relatively routine. From January 1988 to July 2016, 64,055 cardiac transplants have taken place in the United States, according to the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS). Advances in minimally invasive surgery In 1987, a French gynecologist performed the first recognized laparoscopic surgery to re...
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Authors: Yılmaz Susluer S, Kayabasi C, Ozmen Yelken B, Asik A, Celik D, Balci Okcanoglu T, Serin Senger S, Biray Avci C, Kose S, Gunduz C Abstract Long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) have been implicated in numerous biological processes, including epigenetic regulation, cell-cycle control, and transcriptional/translational regulation of gene expression. Differential expression of lncRNAs and disruption of the regulatory processes are recognized as critical steps in cancer development. The role of lncRNAs in hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection is not well understood. Here we analyzed the expression of 135 lncRNAs in plasm...
Source: Bosnian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences - Category: General Medicine Tags: Bosn J Basic Med Sci Source Type: research
Abstract Objective: Fecal immunochemical tests (FITs) for hemoglobin in stool are increasingly used for colorectal cancer screening. Reported sensitivities and specificities have strongly varied between studies, but it is unclear to what extent such variation reflects differences between tests or between study population characteristics. We aimed to evaluate the key parameters of FIT performance for detecting advanced neoplasia (AN) according to sex and age. Methods: Sex- and age-specific sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive values (PPVs) and negative predictive values (NPVs) for detecting AN of a qu...
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With great interest, we read the article “Transcatheter Arterial Embolization for Gastrointestinal Bleeding Associated with Gastric Carcinoma: Prognostic Factors Predicting Successful Hemostasis and Survival” by Sangik Park et al (1). In their study, Park et al constructed a multivariate Cox model to identify predictors of successful transcatheter arterial embolization and 30-day survival after transcatheter arterial embolization.
Source: Journal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology : JVIR - Category: Radiology Authors: Tags: Letter to the Editor Source Type: research
First of all, we express our deep appreciation for your taking the time to read our article and commenting on it.
Source: Journal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology : JVIR - Category: Radiology Authors: Tags: Letter to the Editor Source Type: research
CONCLUSION: TACE combined with partial hepatic segment thermal ablation is a safe and effective treatment for liver cancer patients, especially for those with more advanced disease. PMID: 29671661 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
Source: Minimally Invasive Therapy and Allied Technologies - Category: Surgery Tags: Minim Invasive Ther Allied Technol Source Type: research
Applied this cycle and got rejected by every school. I had 3 interviews. Major: Neuroscience Minor: Chemistry, Public Health Country/state of residence: NC Cumulative GPA: 3.66 (currently 3.71) Science GPA: 3.49- got a C freshman year in math class (currently 3.51) Upward grade trend: 3.4 freshman year -> 3.95 senior year MCAT Scores: 130/129/130/128 Total: 517 Employment: TA for biochemistry- 10 hours a week Research: Research in cancer biology lab (paid)- 500 hours no publications or... What to do during a Gap Year
Source: Student Doctor Network - Category: Universities & Medical Training Authors: Source Type: forums
CONCLUSIONS: Accidental rectus muscle disinsertion after pterygium excision surgery is a serious but rare postoperative complication of pterygium surgery. Great care should be taken intraoperatively to avoid this complication. Reattachment of the disinserted medial rectus will produce a satisfactory resolution of the problem. PMID: 29672190 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
Source: Strabismus - Category: Research Tags: Strabismus Source Type: research
Authors: Akatsuka S, Li GH, Toyokuni S Abstract Evolution of the species and carcinogenesis are similar in that genomic alterations are the key events. Oxidative stress derived from various etiologies is one of the major causes of carcinogenesis by inducing mutations in the genome. Persistent oxidative stress in the renal proximal tubules through Fenton reaction catalyzed by ferric nitrilotriacetate (Fe-NTA) generates renal cell carcinoma (RCC) in mice and rats. Here, in order to observe the species difference in oxidative stress-induced carcinogenesis and to obtain an insight regarding the characteristics of each ...
Source: Free Radical Research - Category: Research Tags: Free Radic Res Source Type: research
Authors: Jasiewicz B, Sierakowska A, Jankowski W, Hoffmann M, Piorońska W, Górnicka A, Bielawska A, Bielawski K, Mrówczyńska L Abstract A series of new di- and polyamine-caffeine analogues were synthesized and characterized by NMR, FT-IR and MS spectroscopic methods. To access stability of the investigated caffeine analogues Molecular Dynamic simulations were performed in NAMD 2.9 assuming CHARMM36 force field. To evaluate the antioxidant capacity of new compounds, three different antioxidant assays were used, namely 1,1-diphenyl-2-picryl-hydrazyl free radical (DPPH•) scavenging activity, ferro...
Source: Free Radical Research - Category: Research Tags: Free Radic Res Source Type: research
Authors: Kwak KA, Cho HJ, Yang JY, Park YS Abstract Liver cirrhosis is a major cause of mortality and a common end of various progressive liver diseases. Since the effective treatment is currently limited to liver transplantation, stem cell-based therapy as an alternative has attracted interest due to promising results from preclinical and clinical studies. However, there is still much to be understood regarding the precise mechanisms of action. A number of stem cells from different origins have been employed for hepatic regeneration with different degrees of success. The present review presents a synopsis of stem ...
Source: Canadian Journal of Gastroenterology - Category: Gastroenterology Tags: Can J Gastroenterol Hepatol Source Type: research
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