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Ebola stayed in the semen of one man for 565 days

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned late Tuesday that Ebola lingers in semen much longer than previously believed, underscoring how much we still don't understand about the virus. Researchers initially thought that once people survived Ebola they were immune and could no longer get sick and transmit the virus to others, as is the case with many other infectious diseases we're […]Related:These futuristic contact lenses dispense drugs while you wear themMore parents believe vaccines are ‘unnecessary,’ while a mumps outbreak growsSingapore Zika cases rise to 56 at one construction site; Malaysia starts border screening
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A Midwestern hospital introduced a policy mandating the flu vaccine for its employees. Daily Mail Online spoke to Sharon Beaulieu, who refused the shot on principle and was fired.
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Abstract Cholera remains a feared, aggressive, infectious and lethal disease today, despite several decades of intense research, concerted public health modalities designed to prevent, and to control outbreaks, availability of efficacious vaccines aimed at containing its contagious spread, and effective patient-centered medical interventions for reducing morbidity and mortality. Despite these advances, cholera still strikes communities around the world, especially in countries and regions of the globe where medical and nursing care cannot be as effectively proffered to the population at risk as in First World econ...
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Abstract Gene network analysis was performed based on published literature describing genes that are possibly interconnected with cholera vaccine responses in vitro in cell culture and in vivo in human patient punch biopsies as well as DNA extracted from blood. These studies produced divergent results. The differences should be replicated and studied further. Included in such studies, patient ethnicities, states of stress, nutrition, and health, as well as the precise characteristics of the various cholera vaccines and modes of delivery need to be considered as well. PMID: 29162968 [PubMed]
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Women want more support and advice from health professionals about flu and whooping cough vaccination in pregnancy, according to a new survey of recent mothers and pregnant women.
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Researchers here demonstrate that mice with lower levels of PPAR-γ exhibited reduced atrophy of the thymus with age, and as a consequence also exhibit improved measures of immune function. The thymus is where T cells mature in the final stages of their creation before being released to duties in the body. Unfortunately it has evolved to atrophy, its active tissue replaced with fat tissue. This initially occurs immediately following childhood in a process called thymic involution, and then the remaining functional thymic tissue steadily declines over the course of later life. This places an ever-lower limit on the sup...
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[The Conversation Africa] HIV remains one of the continent's most intractable health challenges. Tremendous progress is being made to understand the virus, the immune mechanisms that contribute to its control and for new antiretroviral drugs and vaccines to be developed to treat and prevent HIV.
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CIUDAD GUAYANA, Venezuela (Reuters) - On a recent morning in Venezuela's southern jungle state of Bolivar, Amanda Santamaria, her two sons, one daughter-in-law, and a granddaughter lined up in front of a shabby community health center in the hope of receiving treatment for malaria.
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When the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was passed a little over six years ago, it brought with it the promise of health insurance for all Americans. It also sought to begin to shift the paradigm for health care in this country, emphasizing value over volume, and recognizing the importance of prevention coupled with appropriate access to care. By now, it is well known that repealing the ACA could leave nearly 20 million Americans uninsured and simultaneously result in millions of job losses across the country. An associated cost that has been less discussed, but no less relevant, is what repeal could mean for the nation’s...
Source: Health Affairs Blog - Category: Health Management Authors: Tags: Costs and Spending Following the ACA Public Health Big Cities Health Coalition Community Health Prevention and Public Health Fund. Source Type: blogs
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