Featured Review: Xylitol sugar supplement for preventing middle ear infection in children

This study shows that there is e vidence for the use of xylitol in preventing middle ear infections. We hope that future studies will widen their sample, determine the ideal dosage of xylitol and, the ideal mode of delivery.”Read the full Cochrane ReviewVisit the Cochrane Acute Respiratory Infections websiteRelated Resources:Featured Review: Influenza vaccines for preventing acute otitis media in infants and childrenPress Release: Doctors and patients making decisions together could reduce the number of antibiotics prescribed for acute respiratory infectionsFeatured Review: Water precautions for prevention of infection in children with ventilation tubes (grommets)Press Release: Effect of natural sweetener Xylitol in preventing tooth decay still unprovenWednesday, August 10, 2016
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Data from a federal program designed to compensate people harmed by vaccines shows how rare it is for someone to claim they were hurt after getting vaccinated.
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Publication date: Available online 16 June 2019Source: Journal of Food Composition and AnalysisAuthor(s): Mª de Lourdes Samaniego-Vaesken, Teresa Partearroyo, Andrea Cano, Rafael Urrialde, Gregorio Varela-MoreirasAbstractAdded sugars encompass a number of ingredients used to improve flavour, texture and many characteristics from food products. Their increased intake from foods and beverages has been described by several studies and public health authorities recommend reducing their consumption. The use of low and no-calorie sweeteners (LNCS) has acquired a central role as partial or total substitutes for these controv...
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T, Viñas I Abstract The risk posed by outbreaks associated with strawberries together with the safety issues of by-products from chlorine disinfection in the fruit industry has led to a search for alternative sanitizers. The disinfection capacity of peracetic acid (PA) at three concentrations (20, 40 and 80 ppm) and washing times (1 and 2 min) was compared to sodium hypochlorite (200 ppm) (NaClO) treatments and a water control, and its influence on the physico-chemical, biochemical and nutritional quality of strawberries was also studied. Counts on total aerobic mesophilic microorganisms were comparab...
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In this study, we performed 2D-DIGE and MALDI-TOF/TOF MS to analyze differentially expressed proteins between HeLa and invasive HeLa-I5 cells..Key findingsAccording to our proteomics data, 68 differentially expressed proteins between the HeLa and HeLa-I5 cells were identified. One of these differentially expressed proteins, Progesterone receptor membrane component 1 (PGRMC1), was selected as a candidate for further studies. To correlate the role of PGRMC1 with cellular migration and cancer progression, small interfering RNA (siRNA) was used to knockdown the expression of PGRMC1. Similar function of PGRMC1 was also observed...
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In this study, groups of chickens were vaccinated twice intramuscularly at 14-day interval either with plasmid DNA encoding F protein gene of NDV or with recombinant F protein alone or with plasmid DNA and boosted with the recombinant F protein and compared with birds that were vaccinated with live NDV vaccine. The immune response was evaluated by indirect ELISA, lymphocyte transformation test, virus neutralization test, cytokine analysis, immunophenotyping of peripheral blood mononuclear cells, and protective efficacy study against virulent NDV challenge virus infection. Chickens in prime-boost group developed a higher le...
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Cytokines and chemokines are key signaling molecules of the immune system. Recent technological advances enable measurement of multiplexed cytokine profiles in biological samples. These profiles can then be used to identify potential biomarkers of a variety of clinical phenotypes. However, testing for such associations for each cytokine separately ignores the high context-dependent covariation in cytokine secretion and decreases statistical power to detect associations due to multiple hypothesis testing. Here we present CytoMod - a novel data-driven approach for analysis of cytokine profiles that uses unsupervised clusteri...
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Pigs are important livestock and comprehensive understanding of their immune responses in infections is critical to improve vaccines and therapies. Moreover, similarities between human and swine physiology suggest that pigs are a superior animal model for immunological studies. However, paucity of experimental tools for a systematic analysis of the immune responses in pigs represent a major disadvantage. To evaluate the pig as a biomedical model and additionally expand the knowledge of rare immune cell populations in swine, we established a multicolor flow cytometry analysis platform of surface marker expression and cellul...
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