An association between the PPAR α-L162V polymorphism and nicotine dependency among patients with schizophrenia

Patients with schizophrenia are more likely to be smokers than the general population, which makes them an interesting group with which to study the etiology of nicotine dependency. We studied the prevalence of a gene variant of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor alpha (PPAR α) in schizophrenia, together with nicotine dependency, to investigate whether the PPARα-L162V polymorphism (rs1800206) influences nicotine dependency in schizophrenia. Given evidence suggesting that smoking influences the severity of schizophrenia, together with our recent data linking the PPARα -L162V polymorphism to clinical manifestations of schizophrenia (in the Croatian population), we hypothesized that interactions between the two (smoking and the PPARα-L162V polymorphism) might contribute to disease onset and scores for the Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale.
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Authors: Takeuchi T, Okumura Y, Ichikura K Abstract The use of alcohol or drug(s) prior to self-injury is a possible inducing factor for suicidal self-injuries among patients with adjustment disorder. We analyzed the cases of 175 individuals who were admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) of Tokyo Medical and Dental University Medical Hospital for suicidal self-injury to determine whether alcohol consumption or an excessive use of prescribed psychotropic medications prior to self-injury is more common in patients with adjustment disorder. During a 7-year period (July 2006 to June 2013) following their deliberate...
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Schizophrenia is a severe mental disorder with often a chronic course. Neuroimaging studies report brain abnormalities in both white and gray matter structures. However, the relationship between microstructural white matter differences and volumetric subcortical structures is not known. We investigated 30 long-term treated patients with schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder (mean age 51.1 ± 7.9 years, mean illness duration 27.6 ± 8.0 years) and 42 healthy controls (mean age 54.1 ± 9.1 years) using 3 T diffusion and structural magnetic resonance imaging. The free-water imaging method was used to mo...
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CONCLUSION: The criteria developed in this survey tended to be somewhat stricter than those used by other studies. The fundamental reason for this is that this survey focused on first-episode psychosis. A better understanding of each definition in first-episode psychosis is necessary to improve effective treatment outcomes. PMID: 32093460 [PubMed]
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Antipsychotic medications are a vital part of controlling psychosis in schizophrenic patients. However, when those patients live in nursing facilities, we are obligated by CMS to undertake gradual dose reductions of antipsychotic medication if possible. Sometimes, these efforts are successful and sometimes they fail. Antipsychotic medications have many side effects, including sedation, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, weight gain, motor rigidity, impaired gait, and falls. Monitoring of blood glucose, lipids, and extrapyramidal symptoms is mandatory.
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The objectives of this study are: (i) to assess the frequency of self-stigma in a multicentric nonselected psychiatric rehabilitation SMI and ASD sample; and (ii) to investigate the correlates of elevated self-stigma in different SMI conditions and in ASD. METHODS.: A total of 738 SMI or ASD outpatients were recruited from the French National Centers of Reference for Psychiatric Rehabilitation cohort (REHABase). Evaluations included sociodemographic data, illness characteristics, and standardized scales for clinical severity, quality of life, satisfaction with life, wellbeing, personal recovery, a large cognitive batte...
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CONCLUSIONS.: This study provided an atlas of genetic correlations between psychiatric disorders and plasma proteome, providing novel clues for pathogenetic and biomarkers, therapeutic studies of psychiatric disorders. PMID: 32093803 [PubMed - in process]
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CONCLUSIONS.: Despite sharing a lower IQ and a higher prevalence of psychiatric disorders, brain abnormalities in BDo appear less pronounced (but are not absent) than in SZo. Lower ICV in SZo implies that familial risk for schizophrenia has a stronger association with stunted early brain development than familial risk for bipolar disorder. PMID: 32093799 [PubMed - in process]
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Authors: Giralt-López M, Miret S, Soler J, Campanera S, Parellada M, Fañanás L, Fatjó-Vilas M Abstract BACKGROUND.: There is consistent evidence that theory of mind (ToM) is impaired in schizophrenia (SZ); however, it remains unclear whether such deficits are trait- or state-dependent. We evaluated ToM in patients with schizophrenia spectrum disorders (SSDs), their healthy first-degree relatives, and controls to test its suitability as an endophenotypic marker. We also studied the modifying effect of markers of clinical and genetic liability to SZ (schizotypy and genetic variability in t...
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Authors: Morris G, Maes M, Berk M, Carvalho AF, Puri BK Abstract Nutritional ketosis, induced via either the classical ketogenic diet or the use of emulsified medium-chain triglycerides, is an established treatment for pharmaceutical resistant epilepsy in children and more recently in adults. In addition, the use of oral ketogenic compounds, fractionated coconut oil, very low carbohydrate intake, or ketone monoester supplementation has been reported to be potentially helpful in mild cognitive impairment, Parkinson's disease, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and autistic spectrum disorder. In these and other neurode...
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Was working on our consult service and had an interesting case of substance-induced vs. first-break schizophrenia as the primary diagnosis, but during one of the interviews the patient happened to mention having the belief that his penis had been gradually retracting into his body for the past year. Further questioning seemed to be pretty spot-on with Koro as a diagnosis, but my attendings were mixed on whether this was an appropriate diagnosis because the patient was white and the culture... Koro! (and other "culture-bound" diagnoses)
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